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The Tragedy of the Classroom and Gun Controls

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

April 02, 2013

It would seem that gun control has become the central issue of the hour for the Obama administration, with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, being the tragedy used to spur on the government’s argument for gun controls, and to further its political agenda. However, this flies in the face of the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution, which protects the rights of the citizen to own and bear arms for one’s own protection.

Each side of the argument claims it has the best answer to the solution of preventing any more tragedies, with those in favor of fewer gun controls, having the law on their side. The Obama administration is pushing to ignore the 2nd amendment and to create new laws to suit its agenda.

Does Obama, in fact, have any solution at all for the problem? Of course the answer to the question is “No”, a resounding “No!” One only has to know the details surrounding the life of the shooter, Adam Lanza, to see where the real problem lies, which led to the events of the tragedy. He was an extremely disturbed, young man – the victim of today’s average family – the broken family, in which there is marginal influence of the father in the children’s lives.

Women struggle, alone, to keep up the family and the home, while holding down jobs so they can afford the material things of this life, with family relationships suffering. Adam Lanza lived in a lovely house of substantial size, compared to the average house today, and, as a young man of 20 years of age, he had a car at his disposal. What was not normal about his situation was the fact that he lived out his life in a windowless basement, with an enormous stash of guns, playing violent video games, such as “Call of Duty”, all based on gun warfare and killing to win.

When he emerged from the basement, he appeared to be sullen and silent with no personal relationship skills. Apparently, his mother did most of the talking for him. His basement walls were covered with military-weaponry posters, one of which showed every piece of military equipment the U.S. ever made, according to the Lanza plumber, Peter Wlasuk, and as reported by the Sun Newspaper of Britain.

His former barber, Bob Skuba, said the boy would not even look at him, according to information he related to CNN. If he were to ask the boy a question, his mother would answer for him, while his eyes would remain downcast on the tiles the entire time. He suffered from a form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome, which is not normally associated with violence. He was uncomfortable socializing, and had very few, if any, friends in school, although he was considered to be quite intelligent. His mental disorder was more a brain-related, developmental problem and is not considered to be a mental illness.

One friend of the family, Rich Collins, said that it was hard enough trying to raise an autistic child, but it would be really difficult for a single mother to attempt to do so. He felt this was an important part of the whole story, which needed to get out; Lanza’s mother was in need of more support, he concluded. In the bigger picture, this was a tragedy waiting to happen with all the signs evident to those close to the scene and to the family. There was nothing normal about a boy, with no social skills at all, spending hours on end closed into a basement with no windows, studying photos of guns, obliterating virtual victims in violent video games until the virtual became the reality (reference: Post Wire Sun, posted 12:30 A.M., December 19, 2012 by Tara Palerini, Dan MacLeod and Laura Italiano).

We must look at the problem facing all youths today, and not just the disturbed suffering from personality disorders. They are virtually becoming video zombies as a result of being glued to computers and to playing violent, video games. If they are not doing this, then they are probably becoming couch potatoes, glued to the television set, watching one, violent, gun-shooting movie after another, where the criminal mind is glamorized and the heroes are pistol-packing, gun-shooting ‘Rambos’. And, if it is not to the television to which they are glued, then they are quite likely to be in movie theaters, where more of the same surrounds them in loud cinemascope.

And the actors and actresses who play these roles are the first of Hollywood to join with the President’s agenda, while their gun-toting bodyguards watch over them. Many of the Hollywood, brainless, gum-chewing types love to jump on the liberal bandwagon as they stash away their fortunes made from the money off the liberal back that keeps perpetuating the very thing they attack. Jim Carrey has become the latest dumb, if not dumber, hypocrite of the Hollywood group, playing into the well-greased-hands of Obama, hoping to sway the public towards gun control – but, do not forget – the agenda they purport does not apply to either Carrey or Obama, who have whatever guns are needed to protect them.

It is not, never was and never will be, about strict gun control laws that will bring about a safer society in which to live. It is all about what we do with the Bible, the Book of God’s truth and whether or not it will be returned to our children to grow up a generation in the love and fear of the Lord. It is all about what we do with marriage and whether or not we destroy the family, the bedrock unit of civilization and of America, which was once a peace-loving country, where children and parents moved about freely in society, unafraid of violent behavior in the streets, homes or schools.

I grew up in such a society where the Bible was very much a part of every school child’s day. Destitute people were brought into our home and fed without fear of some sort of reprisal or criminal activity. My father and brothers had guns for hunting partridge, yet I never remember seeing those same guns in our home, nor was there any danger from them on the streets. Our indoor games consisted of bridge, checkers, parcheesi, fish, and mahjong, while outdoors, we played hide and seek, skated, bicycled, swam and played tennis and golf, to name a few.

Violence and guns were not any part of our everyday life unless there were a few young boys around who liked playing cowboys and Indians. The old westerns, where the good guys always got their man, were about as violent as movies would get. Crime did not pay then, as it does today. Family life was strong and I knew no one in my small Canadian town who was a victim of a broken family. Mothers stayed at home and were there waiting for the family to return home, where she supervised the events of the day and prepared meals for all to share together. There was social interaction among family members, no matter how good or bad, but one was part of a two-parent family, bar the disaster of one parent’s death. Always, the Bible supplied the basis for the moral standards of our society and ‘thanks’ was offered to God for the food we ate and the blessings we received from above.

Yes, times change but the Bible does not. The family has existed from the beginning of time so that the fruitfulness of man would produce sons and daughters for God. When all things were created good and understood to be such, surely one can see that violence, guns and warfare come from Satan and have no place with God.

Liberal governments are trying to create a school system of indoctrination that teaches otherwise today. We can see what it is that is really producing the more than anti-social, gun-loving Adam Lanzas who strike back at the classrooms, which are creating them. He was not stupid; he merely was crying out to society to turn back the clock to a better time when the classroom would not lead to his suicide and the killing of his mother who brought him into a world of violence and love for guns and violent video games, more than a love for life, the very thing God wants to provide for His children.

The choice has always been ours, and, presently, we are choosing to provide classrooms, which are raising shooters and murderers for Satan, rather than raising children for God, who can live together in peace. We are offering our children a culture of death, both in the homes and in the schoolrooms, instead of giving them a culture of life.

You can introduce gun controls to limit the shooters, but the Adam Lanzas will still be churned out from the classrooms until we change the root of the tree and give them back the Bible, which is the problem at the very heart of the ever-growing number of school massacres.