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Why the Unpopularity of Israel and America?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 02, 2013

God created Israel to be His marriage partner and bride who, in the consummation of her marriage covenant, would bear the spiritual fruit of the God of truth. He would pour out His Spirit upon her so that the house of Israel and the house of God would become one in the fruit of their union. Israel was to be the repository of divine truth and, as such, the Word of God would be written in scriptural form in the spirit of prophecy as given by God to His bride – a God who knows the beginning from the end. 

His voice came to the prophets responsible for recording the truth in written form and responsible for providing the world with the Old Testament of the Bible. The nation was to be a lamp unto the world of God’s liberty in truth, after having come out from under the controls of the empires of the gentiles. She was to be a beacon of light to a dark world struggling in its own blood and the religion that was holding it captive under the rule of Satan, the author of lies and religion.

This is where the antichrist spirit begins – with a hatred for God’s truth by a devil who seeks to kill and destroy all people. Herein lies the source of the anti-Semitic spirit with Satan’s hatred, driven by the power of his enormous, demonic spirit of pride, jealousy and a desire to be worshiped like the Most High God. As such, there is only a burning hatred for the scriptural contribution of the nation Israel and of the spiritual nation, founded with the creation of His true apostolic church.

Because Jesus is the only begotten Son of God who has come out of the nation, Israel, His church falls under the same hatred of Satan and the same demonic attack, redirected between Israel and America, the two nations under God’s rule. America is the homeland of the God of truth and of His reviving apostolic church, which witnesses only to the gospels of truth as commanded by Jesus. He never commanded her to be a religious entity.

Ezekiel, the prophet, so beautifully described the birth of the nation, Israel, and God’s love for her in chapter 16. He then goes on to describe her falling away from God into harlotry by using the beautiful garments given to her by God to adorn the multi-colored high places of demonic, religious worship. But all the children of the world are brothers and sisters within God’s creation. Spiritually, He wants to reclaim them all back from Satan by making atonement for the sin of mankind. To do so, God will bring forth, from out of Israel, a Son of David as atonement for this sin.

In so doing, Jesus opened up the gates of the house of Israel to be a spiritual house, no longer limited to His harlot nation, which He exiled from the Land and dispersed throughout the gentile nations. Anyone who believes upon Jesus can be saved and enter into the coming kingdom of God on earth. But those who believe and receive the Spirit of life in a spiritual rebirth can inherit the kingdom and become very much a part of the house of Israel and the family of God.

Surely we can see why the major religions are closing in on that tiny piece of property today, which is called Israel. However, it is no longer the Israel of God – it has become a habitation for evil, religious spirits, established by the United Nations, and not by God, forming a congregation of peoples from many nations and religions of the world.

By peoples of many nations coming together to form America, a nation under God was created to be the custodian of the Bible and of His truth. She, like Israel, struggled in her own blood in the wilderness to become the beautiful partner of God’s creation and the lamp of spiritual Israel to the world, a nation alive in truth and liberty as opposed to being dead in the controls of religion, like the rest of the empire-building nations of the world.

Of course, the two, great, religious powers of the rest of the world are uniting to come against Israel and America, in order to allow Satan to form His One World Order of religion. Islam and Communism have the common desire to control the world and rid it of any claim of God’s people to His truth. In Revelation we see a division of the enemy of Israel being referred to as the North and the South, with both coming against Israel, which is located between the two. Eventually, their opposing ideologies will cause them to come against each other.

There will be a move toward a seven-year peace treaty but, in fact, it will only serve to bring the world to the brink of war and the great battle in the land of Israel called Armageddon, causing blood to flow from one end of the country to the other. At this point, Jesus will return with His 144,000 witnesses to the truth, those who have the mark of God on them, having refused to take the mark of the beast. He will put an end to the reign of Satan in the world, for He is coming soon to set up His kingdom here on earth and establish His rule in truth, in order to replace the rule of religions under Satan.

Neither Communism (king of the North) nor Islam (king of the South) will have any power, whatsoever, over the earth any longer. That great harlot, Babylon, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth, has been sitting upon the spiritual river waters of religion, as prophesied as far back as the time of creation, when man said “No” to the Spirit of life and “Yes” to the spirit of death. But her time has come, and in the space of one hour, her great riches will go up in smoke; and after the dust or her burning settles, there will be nothing but ash left everywhere, just as we saw in that great city of New York on September 11, 2001 (see Revelation 18:1-19).

The hatred of the world for Israel and America has always been about the truth of God and His people, and the religion of Satan and his people. Jesus atoned for your sin caused by rebelling against God and His truth. It is now time for you to accept the atonement and join with the side of truth and life, for life is found in no other place, except where truth rules.

There is no hope for the nation, Israel, but there still is time for America to turn back the clock to her glory days, when she rejected the religious controls of the world to be a beacon of light in liberty and truth. Only then will the violence and terror depart from her shores, with the peace of God being restored.