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There is a Way that is Right for Man

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 16, 2013

There is a Way, established by God, which is right for man. It is the way of liberty in His Law, which sets men free from the controls of other men.

At creation, it was established that the God of truth was to rule over men in truth, and man would partner with Him by ruling over the beast and keeping and tilling the earth. Adam became the co-provider of both the natural and spiritual food. He could eat the spiritual fruit of the tree of life, but he was forbidden from eating the spiritual fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. To do so, would introduce the lie, liberalism from God and the first, religious belief system, which had the appearance of truth, but was not truth. It would lead to death.

When one switches a road sign, which gives the direction you are to go to reach your destination, you are re-directed in another direction, which means you will take a detour along the wrong road, and you will not reach your destination. At that moment of being incorrectly led, you become lost in the same way as Adam and Eve allowed themselves to become lost when the serpent re-directed them onto the road that led to death instead of life.

On the Way established by God, the Law of the Way applies to all men, just as the laws of the road apply to all drivers. For instance, one is required to drive on the right side of the road and not on the left. Without such a law, there would be chaos and road rage. There are center lines, which determine the rules for cars to pass other cars. If they were not obeyed, deadly, head-on collisions would ensue.

There will be exactly the same result when men choose to disobey the Laws of God to embrace liberalism, which will ultimately end in disaster. Lives become full of violence, rage and terror without a moral compass. The stronger will adopt a position of lording it over the weaker.

America was established on the Way of God with His Law becoming the moral compass and rule for a peaceful nation free of violence and terror. But one day we woke up to discover that the liberalism we had accepted, little by little, had grown like yeast to puff up and fill the entire nation. The Law of God, with its moral code, had been slowly eroded from the schoolroom, the courtroom and, finally, from the government. The rulers in the land who carried Bibles in the name of ‘Christian’, swore on them as being the truth, but refused to apply the same truth when governing the people.

The Bible tells us that God knows the child in the womb. In fact, if God sent an angel to announce that a virgin would conceive by the Spirit, I can only conclude, by any sense of logical thought, that God knows us even before we have been conceived. However, our liberal leaders who carry their Bibles in one hand and swear on them with the other, refuse to apply God’s truth, where the abortion of babies is concerned.

Our liberal, political leaders have accepted the lie from Satan that the abortion of a child from the womb is merely destroying tissue called a fetus, totally ignoring the fact that in this small fetus rests the potential for the birth of a child, which God has ordained to exist from the moment it was conceived. These same elected leaders, to the contrary, have ordained abortion to be a human right of the mother, acting against God’s will, to kill this unborn baby in the womb, which He knows and has placed there; for God clearly states in the Word that He is the One who opens and closes the womb.

Then these same liberal rulers over America, who swear on the Bible, because this nation has deemed it to be the book of truth, deny the institution of marriage as established by God in the book of Genesis. They claim God got it wrong and that it is a better plan and equal right of men for Adam to marry Steve instead of Eve, even though it was Eve, and not Steve, whom God purposely gave to Adam in order for man to be fruitful.

There never will be any fruit from the sexual abomination of Adam and Steve, so the government enacts laws for a baby-making procedure, which will take place outside of this immoral relationship to provide Adam and Steve with children who can never have a mother – only two dads. But, unfortunately, as the abominable situation it is according to God’s Word, it can only lead to death, and those who practice the sin of homosexuality, will never enter into God’s coming kingdom on earth. What care the rulers about matters of life and death, as they hide under the cover of the name of Christian? What do they care that they have sworn on their Bibles before God and countrymen, that they will uphold the constitutions of America and keep the laws of the land?

This is just a portion of the liberal lies, which are now exploding in the face of Americans who, at last, are beginning to wake up from their couch-potato stupor to discover that liberty has all but disappeared and liberalism has become the way of big government. It has grown into a monster, while the people slept, lulled in the pews of deadly, religious, apostate churches – also run by a priesthood, which carries Bibles and recites its verses, while, at the same time, has about as much understanding of it as a beast of the field.

They neither know what the Word says, nor do they apply it in the governing of their churches, where a pregnant, lesbian woman can become the shepherd and spiritual leader of the flock. Oh yes, it is happening in the Christian, religious institutions, which dare to take the name of ‘church’. This same religious system also contains shepherds who sodomize young boys and then, as the hypocrites they are, they enter the confessional box to absolve the confessed sins of others, while claiming to be the spiritual shepherds of the flock. Who would ever want to expose their children to such a crew of phony elitists?

This is certainly not the government/church state, which our Founding Fathers had in mind, and for which they provided our constitutions. They certainly never envisioned a president of the caliber of the Muslim sympathizer, Barack Hussein Obama, who disregards the Constitution of the United States of America, and abuses the power invested in the Office of President. They did not intend to provide for any president to use the office as a means of lying his way through scandal after scandal, while blaming his predecessor for his own failed and possibly even criminal policies.

Never sell this president short. He knows how to look cool, run up and down those Air Force One steps like a real sport, hang around with the Hollywood, bubble-gum-mentality group, flashing his toothy smile, and hanging loose with the in, night-show hosts, while Benghazi burns. “What does it matter?” asks his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. After all are they not only American lives, with which she should have been concerned,  when her own political image was at stake?

Adam might have done well to have taken a page out of Obama’s book, if it had been at all possible, and have seen nothing, heard nothing, and known nothing about anything, when questioned by God. As Commander-in-chief, Obama seems to know nothing about anything, in the functioning of his government. All issues are simply under investigation, which in itself should raise alarm bells as to the proper functioning of the government. Adam got it partly right, as the first liberal under the ruler-ship of Satan. He quickly blamed the woman and God, indirectly, for giving him that woman, who caused all his problems, just like Bush has been the source for all of Obama’s problems.

Adam might have stalled and pressed God for an investigation to gain time, if he hadn’t walked with God and known that His truth stands, and that God does not lie. Oh well, Obama can continue to pretend to the people that there are no acts of terror against America and he might fool most of the people some of the time, but the One he cannot fool is God. He cannot continue to play Christian and honor the god of Islam and think that he and the country can get away with it.

A major train crash is on its way between the prevailing culture, or rather multi-cultures, and the truth of God. The Day of Judgment is right at hand. Reject the Law of God and His truth and, as a nation, you shall die. A disaster is looming and it is coming sooner than you think. Say goodbye to liberty and hello to captivity. You, whom God set free, are about to lose your freedom and even die, under the terror, which will ensue.

There is a Way that is right for man. It is the Way of liberty in the Law of God and the truth of His Word. There is no other way, only the broad road of liberalism that leads to destruction and death.