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There Should be no Soft Treatment

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different


                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 29, 2013

Political Correctness and an unwillingness to profile evil and to name the enemy for what it is, always is accompanied by massive lies and corruption. Such is exploding in the United States today, as scandal upon scandal is opening up to reveal the corruption of this government to its very roots. Political Correctness is merely used for the cover-up.

The crucial moment of what is to be done about it has arrived. True conservatism must rise up in purity, uncompromised by liberalism and Political Correctness, to demand that the heads of liberal corruption roll, including that of the head honcho, himself, where the buck finally stops. Otherwise there will be nothing more than a ripple effect, and it will be back to crooked liberalism the next day with the game plan beginning all over again, to cover up the evil in government.
Make no mistake, whatsoever! The political picture in America is nothing more than that of the bigger, spiritual battle between good and evil. It goes back to the dawn of creation when Satan established his battle plan to deceive mankind with the lies of liberalism. It separated men from the truth of God, with the deception of that which was not good, but rather was evil, having the appearance of being good.

Political Correctness is part of the lying process, being a means for achieving behavioral controls. It takes advantage of the uninformed who are willing to call evil good, for lack of knowledge and understanding. It calls for one to ignore the obvious and declare the unacceptable, tolerable, the result of which will always end in disaster.

Next, let us examine the intelligence of lack of profiling, regardless of the sure dangers and threats presented by certain segments of society. Political Correctness, as set by the liberal-left, governing powers, has declared it is acceptable to profile bullies, who frighten and even harm little children. They are to be singled out and reported to the authorities, with such bullies being deemed to have no rights, and rightly so.

However, the same Political Correctness has deemed, by the higher powers-to-be, that Muslims, who are identifiable by dress and displays of religion, are not to be profiled even though their religious agenda is to bully and force the Islamic religion upon Americans. Has this lack of willingness to call Muslims, the terrorists that they are, not reached the point of allowing for American bloodbaths by a government that would rather protect such a foolish position, than protect lives? Was this not really behind the talking points of the Benghazi cover-up?

From all appearances, nearly 100% of the public, terrorist acts being carried out in this country, such as bombings and other means of group murders, are being done by Muslims, who are infiltrating the nation. We are told it is within their rights to not be profiled, regardless of the obvious threat to American lives. Lack of profiling also places it within Islamic rights to home-grow terrorists within this nation.

We now find that Americans could be charged criminally if they state the truth about Islamic terrorists, even though they may have blown up Americans, who, in all probability, paid their taxes to keep government protecting their rights, rather than the rights of the enemy. Political Correctness sees to it that Americans bite their tongues, concerning the truth of the matter, or they may well end up being criminalized, instead of the Islamic killers.

If one speaks the truth and dares to disagree politically with the President, one could well find oneself on the list of his enemies, paying a very heavy price, indeed, over and above the taxes one has already paid. At the same time, Muslim killers receive American tax dollars to pay for legal support to free them from the justice of the law. It is all due to Political Correctness, the brain-child of political fools.

Some call it political savvy; I call it unintelligent behavior, to the point evil is now ruling America instead of the laws and fair justice, which come only from God’s truth. Make no mistake! His book, the Bible, is truth. The Koran is nothing but a satanic, religious book, which endorses evil acts and ultimately the killing of any person who refuses to submit to Islam. It also endorses the killing of women when Muslim men decide it is warranted for a husband to do so. He can beat his wife and children if they disobey him.

Political Correctness dictates that Americans must ignore such unintelligent, evil behavior and declare that eastern ways, based on religion, are equal to western ways, which are based on the truth of the Bible. It ignores the fact that our American heritage is in God’s Law, not Shariah law, and offers the same justice to all – male and female.

Can you see what absolute fools we have been to bow to such unintelligent behavior?  Protecting the rights of all, including the rights of religious criminals to carry out their criminal acts, is about as unintelligent as it gets. It is exactly the route taken, which will lead to a violent and dangerous culture. Then we ask why there is so much violence, as if there were not a simple answer to the problem.

If the Republican-led Congress, now leaning in on the government scandals in the United States, does not take a firm position for justice to rule and Political Correctness to go by the boards, it is game over for western society as we have known it in the past. It cannot get soft on either the President or the Attorney-general. They are in charge of government and the justice system, whether participating directly or indirectly. There is absolutely no reason to take a gloves-off position. They have been applying political, bullying tactics against those who dare to stand against their Political Correctness, and they have admitted to such, which is admitting to a crime against the people.

These men are employees of the people, with criminal activity going on during their watch, for which they should be held accountable. They either have participated in the crimes, or have been negligent in overseeing the departments under their jurisdiction. Not knowing what is going on under their watch is every bit as condemning of them, as their knowing; it simply means they have been receiving big dollars for not doing their job. This, in turn, means that they are defrauding the people. Where there is a crime against the people, it should lead to jail terms for those who have been elected to prevent any such crimes; they must take responsibility for their guilt in not doing the job for which they were elected.

We have reached the point in this extremely strange drama of the Obama administration where the political opponent must become tough for the sake of the people who have elected a Congress to do so, in spite of a liberal press, which has given Obama a pass. Though he was elected, and quite probably through vote tampering on the part of liberals, the people want to see his radical socialism brought under control. It is time for Congress to flex its muscle and completely ignore Political Correctness.

It is time to declare the facts as facts, and not just ‘possibilities’. When the IRS admits to wrongdoing and apologizes, it should be labeled criminal activity, and not just a scandal. Strong action needs to be taken, so that the situation can be righted, as it would be with any ordinary American citizen. You and I would not be allowed by the courts to receive a gentle slap to the wrist and then be set free to go our way, if we had done half of what this government has done, in the way of perjuring itself.

It is time for the justice system to start targeting criminal acts of government, in all probability being carried out with White House approval. There are no rights for traitors or for elected officials who govern in their own favor at the expense of the American people, their lives and their limbs. Political Correctness is an evil in itself, and if we continue to allow it, then we deserve the evil coming upon this land and its people who have been lulled into lethargy and lack of understanding by the compliant media. Wake up, America, and begin to profile evil and call it what it is.

Remember that the tree of life never caused a problem! The problem was the tree of compromise, the tree of the knowledge of both good and evil, which is exactly whence Political Correctness and liberalism stem – equal rights for evil along with that which is good. But God says it will never happen on His watch, so this is why the DNC shouted for “No God! We can’t have Him and our cauldron of evil too.” But God simply agrees, pronouncing the judgment once again that the nation of America will surely die under an Obama administration without the truth of God.

Never make the mistake of believing the Democratic Party agreed to keep God. Once a liar, always a liar and it would be very wise to treat this administration as being what it is – an untrustworthy group of liars, who play the know-nothing game. They should not, under any circumstances, be offered the politically-correct treatment of rights for evil before the law. Evil is as evil does, and all classes of American citizens will be the losers, from the rich to the poor, and especially the poor.

This administration is no friend of the people though, through their lies, they would have the American people believe it is. The poor will simply become poorer and the rich will be blamed for their doing so, and liberty will go down the drain as the door is opened to the fascist state and its dictator.

There should be no soft treatment at this time when, more than ever, the nation should be protected from those who would destroy it in the blink of an eye, while Mr. and Mrs. America have been lulled into sleeping at the helm. They have heard the lies of the ‘tolerance’ nonsense for so long that they have come to actually believe it.