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Are the Weirdos and Extremists Really on the Right?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

July 02, 2013

 Everyone who sees and listens to the mainstream news knows that they are the weirdos and the extremists who are on the religious right. And what exactly does that mean? It means they are likely ‘Jesus freaks’ who are intolerant of everyone else and want to destroy other people’s right to freedom by putting everyone under the control of the religious right. We all know their types, but just to be sure, let me ask you about yourself, and how you feel with respect to your own ideas on the subject, as Mr. and Mrs. Average Canadian or American.

I would guess you don’t want to see babies killed and ripped from their mothers’ womb by doctors and a health-care system responsible for valuing and saving human life. This includes valuing the lives of all our people, young or old, especially those very little ones, the most vulnerable of all, within their own mom’s womb. No, to tell the truth, I didn’t think you would like this, if you were really free to speak your mind without having insults thrown at you from the left. Your thoughts are safe, kept just between you and me, for we know the ‘thoughts police’ are listening to us and reading our emails.

And how do you really feel about a sexual act being carried out between one man and another man in vulgar and disgusting ways in which you would not want your children to have any part? I didn’t think you would like it, but I know you have been threatened and fear the label the left would put upon you. I understand fully that you must suppress your feelings of disgust when you and your children are exposed to parades of naked men indulging in acts of perverse sexuality that would shame parents trying to protect their children from such obscene displays. I am sure that you dare not mention your true thoughts on these matters, lest you could be called a bigot or a homo-phobe, and probably held up to ridicule again by the same ‘thoughts police’.

I am sure it hits a chord of revulsion in your mind to see the sexually-explicit clothing, which the youth wear to school, along with their wild, rebellious behavior. We are led to believe that it must be tolerated and endured because of the leftist agenda of the leftist teachers’ unions, which uphold the latest teaching that there are no moral limitations to behavior. Unfortunately it leads to the student’s right superseding the disciplinary right of the teacher. Then, too, there is the fear that a teacher could be charged with an act of molestation, if caught trying to show some care for these neglected youths, who are often deprived of much needed parental love, which can be missing when there are two working parents in the home, or when one or other parent is missing from the home.

I understand how you feel when you, the parents and teachers, are under the eye of the ‘police squad’, which is ferreting out those whom it can charge with abuse if caught spanking or physically disciplining the child. I can fully understand that you want to look cool and play it safe, so you will not be called squares like those on the right who constantly are talking about family values. You may well want to support them, but fear the label that could make you a target of the government, which could then come down on you like a ton of bricks in the process of destroying both you and your business. I understand you are in a precarious position of putting your future at stake, if you stand up to such political manipulation.

But, just imagine if you bravely defied Political Correctness to turn the tables on those on the left and expose them to the truth of who the weirdos and extremists really are – not only as weirdos and extremists, but also, as downright evil people! Are they not the progressives who want to legalize the murder of people by labeling them as the disposable classes of society, who, in fact, are actually the vulnerables of society, subjected to their tyranny? Is this not a principle found within leftist governments and not on the right at all?

Who are extreme, and not just extreme, but downright deadly in their support of an unhealthy, sexual act, which causes diseases such as AIDS and other life-threatening diseases, if not the leftists of government, and not the right at all? Such extremism costs society lives as well as millions of dollars trying to find cures for these sexually-transmitted diseases, which are part and parcel of immoral, sexual acts. A little teaching on the morality of God could go a lot further than millions and billions of dollars spent on research to find cures, when the cure is right before your eyes. An ounce of prevention could help take care of the problem fairly quickly.

Now, I know you hate the label ‘intolerant’ and that the left has even gone beyond name-calling to appoint judges who will pass laws to prevent wisdom from ruling over ignorance, in an attempt to jail you for daring to stand for the truth. Yes, you could lose your freedom and it could be very dangerous for you to be on the right as opposed to being named among the religious, leftist weirdos and extremists. The political party lines of Satan are blurring, but the truth of the right and the true church of Jesus Christ will never have a part with the liars of religious liberalism, bred by Secular Humanism in the classroom.

Have you not yet figured out by this line of questioning that, in fact, you are not really a leftist at heart, but are, more likely, a person on the right, which thinks just like you? Have you been deceived by a media that has been untruthful and negligent in reporting the facts, in order to help an agenda-driven, leftist government to modify and reshape society into the image of the weirdos and extremists that they are?

Mr. and Mrs. Average Canadian or American have been mentally bludgeoned into believing they have become something they are not, but there are still ways to beat the leftist government at its own game. The right must come out and vote them out of office while it still has the vote, before the democracy this nation has known is lost. The right is not the religious right at all, but rather the ‘truth freaks’ who hate the lies of deception, which emanate from the left. It is the leftist religion of Secular Humanism, which can destroy the lives of your children in a moment, without batting an eye.

Are they not also the ‘Jesus freaks’ who are the ‘truth freaks’? The answer is “Yes”, for they value the Light of liberty and know that He is the only One who can set them free from the clutches of religion and liberalism, which is at the very heart of every leftist, fascist, controlling, empire-building state of this world.


America has been under the Law of truth, and not under the rule of religion, from the beginning, but now, it is quickly becoming victim to the left and its liberalism, whether under a Conservative, a Liberal, a Republican or a Democratic government. They are all blending into the same melting pot, which only you, the people, can stop. It is not another revolution of the republic, which is necessary; it is simply a people who demand truth from their elected governments, and take criminal action against those who lie to, and abuse, the people who elected them.


It is time for the right to be right and the left to be left and, as the East is to the West, the two should never meet. Let the weirdos and the extremists stay where they belong, on the other side with the leftists, but not on this side where the truth has reigned, since our Founding Fathers made provision for it to do so.