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I had a Dream …

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

July 13, 2013

I had a dream, in which I saw a box with smoke coming from within, and I could not tell what was causing it. Could it be that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of heaven has put on His robes for the bench and is about to sit down and rule in judgment? In the process, will He not simply knock the Supreme Court justices of this world right off the bench and move them completely out of the way; for they will be among the first in line for judgment?

When Moses came down from the mountain, he brought with him the two tablets of the Law, which God had written on stone. But rebellion had grown among the Israelites at the foot of the mountain while he delayed his return. The people had built a golden calf to worship like a god, and they were shouting and dancing around this image, which they chose over God, to go before them. How many today are trusting in gold instead of God, when it comes to dealing with the looming crisis, just ahead for this nation?

When Moses saw what was going on in the Israelite camp, he threw down the tablets and broke them in hot anger, laying the blame upon his brother, the priest, Aaron. Now, Moses called those on the Lord’s side to come to him in separation from the camp, and all the sons of Levi joined him. Together, they drew their swords against brothers, companions and neighbors, and 3000 of the people fell that day. Whoever had sinned against God would be blotted from the Book of Life. God promised that the people would be punished for their sin, in the coming Day of Judgment. And that day draws very near when He will punish the nations, including Israel and America (see Exodus, chapter 32), for all have sinned against God.

So, God required that Moses hew out of stone two more tablets and build an ark, or box of wood, and then come up to Him on the mountain with the tablets. According to the first writing, God wrote the same Ten Commandments with the words, which He had spoken from the midst of the fire to Israel. Then Moses came down from the mountain and put the stone tablets in the wooden ark he had built. At this point in time, Israel had barely escaped extermination, had it not been for the intercession of Moses on behalf of the people.

Could they be the stone tablets within the box, which I saw smoking again in the heat of God’s wrath? Has America not sinned the great sin of rebellion against her God who gave to her the same Ten Commandments He gave to Israel? Is she not dancing at the foot of the mountain in her preoccupation with world trade and her security, which she has placed in gold, rather than in God? Has she not set aside the Law, only to watch the trade towers come down, in a mass of burning ash, reminiscent of Moses requiring the Israelites to throw the golden calf into the fire, then crush it and throw the dust into the water for the people to drink?

How can America, a people God blessed, fare any better than Israel? Had the Church of God not been entrusted with keeping the land lawful, but, instead, she became full to over-flowing with a corrupt bunch of priests who have aligned themselves with a culture, which worships all and sundry gods? When did today’s priesthood ever stand up to a corrupt government and a corrupt judicial system? Has the church not rolled over and played dead like a well-trained dog? Was she not required to possess this great land given to her by God? How dare she worship other gods, create ‘rights laws’ that are not about rights at all, but rather all about the limitation of rights according to ‘thoughts and offense laws’? How could the church have become such a house of fools?

Have we, as a people, not broken our covenant agreement with God, whereby He promises to protect and keep us, as long as we follow His Law and worship no other gods? That means allowing zero number of mosques in America; one is one too many, for it is a religion, which would kill all who believe in God, once it takes over the land, with Jihad being its goal. Where are the vows of the priesthood, which should marry the church to God alone and, under no circumstance, ever partake in a bonding called Chrislam to unite religions under a generic god?

How about those who, today, enter into the highest offices of the land, swearing an oath upon the Bible, one, they have no intention of keeping? We have contracts with government officials whereby they are paid to do a job, which, they have no intention of doing. Such officials should be charged with a crime and pay the penalty for breaking contract, with apologies not accepted, as the solution for payment for a crime.

Now, God is a God of truth and cannot abide the lies of Satan and his followers. Lying has become the standard for Ottawa and Washington, being much more obvious in the latter city. Is it not rooted in the fact that the Oath of Allegiance is no longer required to be completed with the words, “So help me God”? Has God been neutered and neutralized by a generic god, which rules the minds?

No wonder I dreamed that there was smoke coming from the box! God is going to open it and pulverize the second set of tablets, which had been entrusted to the American people; then, He will spread the burning ash all over this land caught in flood waters. We will come to know just who supplied the blessing of the clean, drinking water, which we have had in this nation. We will drink the filth we have come to love, in place of loving the goodness of God.

We will suffer the effects of having dared to tamper with the institution of marriage, which God, and not man, established. More and more deformed members of society will proceed from the womb, if not first aborted. Those who have made an abomination a way of life will be judged as the abominables who will never enter through the gates into the kingdom of heaven (see Revelation 21:27). And those government officials who thought they could lie and cheat, causing harm to the people, are going to find themselves facing harm’s way. And mothers who have put their unborn children to the knife will not enter through the gates into the kingdom; for there are no murderers there.

It is time for the remaining, Asherah prophets of Jezebel to come up against the prophets of God, His Son’s true church entrusted with the truth of the gospels. The church will spit out the fire of God’s rage and, like today’s young pages of the courts, they will do the bidding of the Chief Justice and His judges. It is time to set the dogs free and feed the rest of the false prophets of Jezebel to them, as the beasts these prophets have always loved. Hopefully, nothing more will remain of them, than remained of Jezebel, other than a few well-gnawed bones, so that they will never surface again.

Yes, I had a dream, in which the kingdom was resting just over the horizon, and there was nothing but desolation left on this side. The smoke of the burning will be seen for a long time to come, until the Law of Moses is once again safely hanging on the walls of the Chief Justice’s chambers of the kingdom.