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Rights Without Restrictions?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 03, 2013

Rights and freedoms come with the restrictions of the law. For example, with respect to driving, one is free to drive, provided one passes a driver’s test, which shows that one knows the laws governing the rules of the road. One does not have the right to drive on both sides of the road at the same time. If one were to do so, there would most certainly be a clash of cars. It does not matter what the make, the shape or the color the vehicle is, or whether or not it is a large truck or a small, three-wheel vehicle, the same laws apply for all.

Likewise, one cultural set of rules must apply for all. For example, on the other side of the ocean from America, in certain countries, all are required to drive on the other side of the road from that on which we drive, in this country. One cannot claim any exemption in America for the right to break the rules as English-Americans, whose laws are different in England concerning the side of the road on which they drive, or we would have the same clash of cars taking place as that which occurs when we break the particular law, at any time.

One can readily see that there are no English-American rules, no Afro-American rules, no Franco-American rules or any Hispanic-American rules for the road; there are only American rules. One size fits all. If one refuses to put on the garment of America and wear it as a willing citizen, then one is not worthy of citizenship and should return to the country of origin, if here as an immigrant. If one is a natural-born citizen and still refuses to abide by the laws of rights, then one is guilty of criminal action and deserves the judgment of the law.

The color of the skin is irrelevant. It only becomes relevant when certain crimes or laws are being broken by 90 to 100% of one skin color or race. If 100% of the crimes are committed by white people, then only stupidity would lead the guardians of the law to look among the black community for the criminal. There could be one other reason for doing so, and that would be for reasons of Political Correctness, which are based on politics and not on truth at all. So, in fact, that also falls squarely in the realm of stupidity, for politics rests on shifting sands, and that which is deemed correct today is not necessarily deemed correct tomorrow.

There is no law for Political Correctness, only opinion. One cannot drive safely according to opinion rather than the law. To say it was my opinion that it was better to drive on either the left or the right side holds no sway with the courts. There is only one judgment for a criminal act of such nature, which applies to all races, alike.

Now, if any race is brought up to believe otherwise – then that race is seeking special privileges to do whatever it likes outside of the law. It will result in the clashing of the races, which requires justifiable profiling of that race by the authorities. The same race is responsible for such profiling, not the authorities, which cannot be held responsible for carrying out their duties of enforcing the law. It becomes a vicious circle of the more the profiling, the more belligerent that race becomes about breaking the law without culpability.

Sometimes political leaders who are seeking racial votes will step into the fray with the solution of Political Correctness, which says the laws should be bent to deal with problems of a racial or special nature. And the offending race says ‘Amen’ to that, electing law-benders rather than law-keepers. The issue is then propelled into becoming a government issue, with the law-benders calling the law-keepers intolerant bigots, to which accusation the law-keepers often will bend, unfortunately, in order to get the vote and support of the racial law-breakers who want Political Correctness to rule. It allows for racial, criminal activity, which is politically motivated and upheld.

Until the law-keepers, who are generally the patriots of the laws of a country, take a firm stand for justice for all on the same foundation of the law, there will be a slippery slope of increasing appeasement, which will result in ideological clashes until the situation becomes one of total chaos in government. At this point, the West of America becomes like the East of the Middle East. There is no meeting of the two; there is only the falling away from the rule of law to the rule of the fittest who can control society by strong-arm methods.

Until one understands that the difference is the difference between truth and law-keeping, and the lies of liberalism and law-breaking – between God’s Word and Satan’s religious belief system, which denies God’s Word – there will be no solution. Obama, the law-bender, will continue to deceive the public saying that the law-keepers are creating phony scandals. The Bill O’Reillys will counter, though well-intentioned, but without understanding, by attempting to cover up the problem with Band-Aids for the children of school uniforms and more religious instruction rather than providing the only cure there is, which is that of bringing the nation back to truth in the classrooms. The rule-keepers must not blend in with the rule-benders and only talk rule-keeping without the application of justice and the prosecution of the law for law-breakers.

The answer is not more special privileges for differences of any sort, but rather the same size of justice fitting all, which, in truth, includes racial profiling where profiling makes logical sense and is required. One must call a spade a spade and deal with all equally, not only offering equal justice, but also, equal opportunity. It also applies to government officials as well as to the common man. If one wants equal rights, one must also accept the restrictions that come with them, or face the law.

Education in truth is the one equalizer, which raises the poor from out of poverty and offers equal opportunity for all. Education in liberal agendas will lead the West back to the instability of the East, by playing upon the racial divisions and other divisions within a nation, which could divide it.

The greatest example, which I can see in the west, of overcoming the poverty and crime rate among young blacks is a man called Ben Carson. As a child he was raised by a single, illiterate, black mother, to go on to become a well-educated medical doctor, well versed in the truth of God’s Word. The possibility now lies ahead for him, of running for the office of the President of the United States of America. At least he could be a worthy contender, with the ability and the required understanding necessary to return this country from the law-benders to the law-keepers and back to its original firm foundation of truth, which once made it great. There is no other lasting foundation for a free nation in the West; any other foundation is nothing but that of a sinking ship.

Truth over-rides racial divisions but cults and religion create them. They were men of God who defied religious and political leaders to do away with slavery of any kind. He was Jesus and no other man who came to set all men free, regardless of color. He is the truth, the only way, and the only One who can offer man the liberated life. It was this truth upon which America was set free and founded as the land of liberty.

The greatest danger to this land comes from within. They are the law-benders who use Political Correctness to enslave the people of all races, all over again. They are the haters of the truth and of God’s Law, which give life and liberty for all under His rule. The country’s greatest protection is a strong right firmly united around the truth of God and not bowing to the cries of liberalism and tolerance for all things, whether good or evil. Political Correctness is only as good as the politicians who decide what is correct and, in turn, inflict it upon others as if they had a foundation for truth.

There are no rights without restrictions, for God’s Law is fair and just and requires a price to be paid for breaking it. He is not tolerant where evil is concerned; He will require His pound of flesh.