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The Oil and Water Nature of Religion and Truth

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 13, 2013

Religion mixed with truth is the compromise, which brings oil and water together. After centuries of the church age having brought them together, say eighteen centuries, give or take a little, they will be separated again, as surely as Israel was separated from Egypt. They cannot remain blended forever. Separation is the pro-active quality of the union, which refuses to allow the pair to adhere together, ad infinitum.

In spiritual terms, such a unity is found in the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The God of truth categorically states it is a deadly poison and all who eat of it will die. Satan, on the other hand, offers a strong message of Political Correctness apart from God’s truth. With it, he lures Adam and Eve into believing they could have the peaceful life of the Garden while, at the same time, having it all – the beautiful and tasty things of life whether good or evil; for they will then be like the most High God, knowing both. They would be led to believe that they were totally tolerant by not rejecting evil. Maybe so, but, as God said, it will be a death trap. It is what is called sin, and it always leads to death.

Now, do not be deceived! They walked straight into the arms of liberalism and set in place the human tragedy, which is the belief that man can ‘go it’ on his own and get along without God and His rules. Man will believe that he can create his own justice system and laws, which reject the restrictions of liberty placed upon man that come with all things being created good. The problem with this kind of thinking is simple; things will no longer remain good as evil grows like leaven to puff up the entire loaf. The weeds of evil will overtake the Garden and man will begin to live by the sword of the empires, which kills; for religion is a killing thing. To the contrary, the love and Spirit of God are life-giving gifts.

America is on the brink of having to make a decision. Is it going to be handed over on a silver platter to the enemy in a one-world religion without God, or is it going to accept Jesus as Ruler and Savior who can remove the death cult and replace it with the Spirit of life? America needs to consider the children who presently are being inducted in the classrooms into the death culture, which will see them dead upon graduation. Why do you think the powers to be in the educational system forbid any valedictorian of graduating classes from mentioning the name of Jesus who is the Truth itself made flesh?

We are killing our children, and the problem begins with a church established on the foundation of truth being off its underpinnings in a unity with religion, which stems from the Babylonian system and never from Jesus. He called His church to preach the gospel of truth, not religion. He hated the Political Correctness of the day found among the Pharisees or religious leaders. He called it hypocrisy, with a white-washed appearance on the outside, but inside, tombs full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness (see Matthew 23:27). Such men were full of lawlessness.

Herein lies the problem for our children; the schools have adopted the liberal system, an ideology, which embraces the lies of religion while, at the same time, have rejected the truth. Such an ideology holds with a government of lawlessness, which states if it feels good, it is good. There are no moral restrictions of right and wrong within it. One can drive all over the road, with people being killed in the chaos.

This is the underlying cause of all criminal activity. Bill O’Reilly’s confusion on this matter could be corrected instantly, if he were to understand the difference between truth and religion. He is part of the problem, and is incapable of offering the cure, as a religious man in whom the truth is compromised.

Black crime is the perfect example of the results of an educational system, which has run off the tracks of its underpinning, as a result of the church being off its underpinning of the gospel of truth. How can America’s educational system and the church, agree to not mention the name of Jesus, by accepting the edicts of a government administration, which blocks Him from the public square?

The same administration honors Mohammed enough to endorse the burning of the Bible, as directed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, who functions in absentia, while, at the same time, vilifying Americans who do the appropriate thing in burning the Koran. People need to know that it is a very wicked, religious book full of jihadic doctrines with a killing philosophy, which incites terror and violence against western civilization. Have we not chosen to indoctrinate our children with this Islamic garbage while refusing to teach them the truth from the Spirit of a God of peace and truth?

Then we turn around and ask why there is so much crime, especially among blacks who no longer honor God’s Laws of marriage, not to say that the whites do; they simply are better able to home-school their children, though that could become a thing of the past, as well. No one should need to home-school children. The educational system should do a better job of it, but never will, until Bibles are returned to the classroom and children have the snake of Political Correctness, which is strangling them, removed.

In no uncertain terms, voters need to overcome the effects of a biased media and begin to meet with their elected members of government to demand they respond to the needs of children, or fire the lot of them, all the way from the President right down the line to dishonest government workers. Do not think they cannot be replaced with a much better slate of officials than the one the nation now has, with a few exceptions.

If the President of the United States wants to golf his way through one national crisis after another, on tax-payer dollars, then release him to do so on his own time. He is laughing all the way to national destruction. This is the aim of the United Nations and the Illuminati, which he supports. He is the quintessential, one-world-order man who goes all the way up to the seat of the Antichrist himself.

A dramatic change in American policy is required yesterday. If she does not make it, and do so very soon, then God will do it for her. Her days are now numbered until He returns her to the religious empires from which He took her, where heads are severed by evil men as easily as you and I might greet a friend. We have not been grateful for the difference and the protection God has provided for us in this land by separating us from such men as oil is separated from water.

If it is the East and the oil we want, then we will get it, but the Lord God will again separate His own and this time take them home out of the mess in which this world finds itself. It is on the edge of an iceberg and is traveling full speed ahead. As with Egypt, and the Titanic, the spiritual seawaters are about to cover over the religious empires of this world for the last and final time in history.