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Creation all Over Again

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 16, 2013

God said, “Let there be light.” Then it followed that everything about the earth and the heavens was created good with the sun and its reflected lights created in the heavens, the water beneath separated from the water above and the seawater separated from the dry land. Nothing grew yet, for the Lord had not caused it to rain on the earth, and there was no man to work the ground. A mist then went up from the earth and returned to water the whole face of the ground.

It was then, and only then, that God formed man, in their image (that of Father and Son) according to their likeness, from the dust of the ground, and He breathed into man’s nostrils the breath of life. Man became a living, pulsating human being, as does the seed of man in the womb of the woman, all being the creation of God.

In Jesus, we see the replay or redemption of the creative process as described in the beginning of Genesis. Redemption means that which was lost is brought to life again and the pattern for the process is given here, in the book of beginnings. Jesus came into the world as the Light of the world. He came to redeem lost mankind who, by sinning, returned the deadly, spiritual seawaters over the earth, giving ruler-ship over it to Satan, the author of that evil spirit.

Jesus would take that deadly spirit upon Himself, so He could die in man’s place. Because He was begotten and born of the Spirit of life, He could rise again, ascend into the heavens to exchange the deadly seawater for the living water, and return it to earth, once again from above. The exchange could only be made by Him, who was perfect in every way.

God would return those essential waters of creation to all mankind who would choose to come through the cross to the other side where he would be greeted by Pentecost and the gift of the Holy Spirit of life returned to man. Yes, man could be recreated in the Spirit, and be born again, a message, which He left with a priesthood that was blind, spiritually dead and without understanding, a condition caused by religion.

Saul, a Pharisee of Pharisees among the religious priesthood, experienced the full impact of an encounter with the light of Jesus who can change men from death in Satan’s religion to life in the light of the truth. Jesus desired a bride from mankind, something which Adam and Eve could not deliver in their sinful state. Yet, through Seth, their line would survive the flood and be restored to the Garden and eternal life, in a crossover pattern going from the first son and the death of the second between them, as the perfect sacrifice for the third son whose inheritance would receive the blessing of eternal life.

There were a few road markers along the way, but none of them would be the destination point until the Garden on earth was restored. The call upon Abraham was one of those marker points with his removal from the clutches of Satan, within a religious nation ruled by the lie, to be set apart as the beginning of a people who would receive the light. They would be established on the way back, in readiness for re-entry into the garden paradise. This would be a kingdom for light-bearers, and the Promised Land would become the garden kingdom again for a people who would accept God as their beloved Father by first accepting Jesus, the Son, as their beloved Husband. Love and truth would be at the center of the foundation for this marriage.

The light will lead the way through the darkness brought upon the world again by the sin of Adam and Eve’s rejection of the truth for the lies of the first, religious belief system causing liberalism or separation from God. Thus began a journey, first in the natural through a nation, visible to the known world, called to demonstrate the light of God to a lost and dark world. They were to become reflecting lights of the Son of God, as were the moon and the stars reflecting lights of the sun in the heavens, ruling over our universe.

It is all a picture with the nation Israel, her kings and her prophets being types of Jesus, His church and His apostles, who became the voice of truth, as were the prophets of old the writers of the truth, which they heard from God through the Spirit. However, the nation Israel never was the blessing; she was only one of the markers along the pathway to it. She had to choose, like Adam and Eve before her, to receive the blessing of life or the curse of death.

Abraham, the father, Isaac, the son, Jacob, the son, Joseph, the son, Moses, Joshua, the priests, the prophets and the kings – none of them could save themselves or a nation. At best, they reflected the Light, which was their calling to witness to the truth to the rest of the world so it would see the victory over the curse of death that only God could give. It is found on the “Way” back to the kingdom in truth, and not on the broad road to destruction in religious lies.

The way leads through Israel directly to the light of creation and to the crossover point of the waters at the cross. Once one crosses over the waters, then one is ready to proceed on one’s way to the kingdom by serving the One who saved man and paid the price for his sin. He gave His life that man might live, leaving widows and orphans behind but not without the Scriptures of truth and the Holy Spirit to save them for kingdom living again, all risen in the Lord, to become His partners and rulers as the moon and the stars over the universe.

One cannot go back to Israel through the cross, to become lost again within the religious nations of the world; one must always be advancing forward toward the kingdom. To do otherwise means to fall back into the cults of this world. At this time in history, God’s people are under severe attack by the devil and his cults of religion, who want to put an end to Jesus and His way.

Jesus took His apostolic church out of the nation to become witnesses to the truth, first to Israel and then, in a dispersion of the church, to all the nations of the world with the truth of the gospel. From the beginning, first, the prophets, and then, the apostles, were entrusted with being the voice for the Lord. Now, the voice will be that of His bride, the church, who will come out of her, that harlot of the Babylonian system of religious/states, lest she should receive of her sins and of her plagues to go down with the cults in their apostasy and messages of deception.

One should not want to return to the nations, even to Israel. Jesus is leading the way to deliver His bride from religion and restore her to the truth to become a purified church, like Esther who was made pure and clean to meet her king and husband to be. She was chosen to save her people. Her people were not chosen to save her. She was the voice for her beloved king and he, in turn, handed the scepter to her, which allowed her to speak, as his partner and bride. It was not the nation, which the king blessed, but rather his bride, Esther. It was through her witnessing voice that the nation was blessed.

The king put his trust in Esther and the rest is history, for he had agreed to seal the fate of Israel until she came forth and changed the fate of all the Jews in all the provinces over which the king ruled all the peoples. Without the voice and witness of the bride of the church today, there would be no blessing and salvation of the nation.