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Far East of Eden

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 22, 2013

While reading an article by Kristen Chick in the Jewish World Review of August 19, 2013, called Christians Confronting Their Own Kristalnacht-like Attacks in Egypt, I was struck by just how great the western perception of Islam has been distorted by an ideologically-driven media and government, full of ideologues. As if it isn’t already bad enough, Al Jazeera is about to be added to the muddy waters of darkness called the North American Media.

We are immediately informed, in the article, that backers of the Muslim Brotherhood have historic ties to the Nazis. So why should we be surprised when, on the 30th of June, millions of Muslims took to the streets in protest, as the occasion for residents of Al Nazla, sixty miles south of Cairo, to mark Christian homes and shops with red graffiti, vowing to protect Mohammed Morsi’s electoral legitimacy in “blood”? It was another excuse to blame Islamic violence on those targeted as the Infidels.

With this man’s election in 2012, the relations between Christians and Muslims declined dramatically. On the morning of August 14, a local mosque in Al Nazla broadcasted over its loudspeakers that Christians were attacking the protestors. So hundreds of villagers marched on the Saint Virgin Mary Church and broke down its gate, filling it with shouts of “Allahu Akbar”. The attackers stole what they could and torched what they could not steal. This was a Coptic church, which had just completed 13 years of construction with its elaborate dome now left standing above a ruined, charred interior.

This same shout is often heard in America under similar displays of terrorism by Muslims. We are reminded of the trait of the Islamic mind-set, which blames terrorism on the innocent Infidel at every opportunity available to do so, while listening to details of the Fort Hood terrorist attack, during the trial of the demented, Fort Hood, Muslim killer, which is presently taking place.

It is important for Americans to note the progression of the angry mob from good neighbors and Muslim friends of the Christians in this village to hateful enemies. They had talked together and done business together, but when push came to shove, the church members were shocked to see their friends had succumbed to the fundamentals of their religion and had become a part of the angry mob sacking the church. They demonstrated nothing but hatred when faced with choosing between their religion and their so-called friendships, you know – those nice, non-radical Muslim relationships, like we have with them here in America. It only took a few short weeks to go from courteous relations to tense and, finally, to downright hostility.

The police walked away when the attack began. There were but a handful of Muslims who came to the Christians’ support by trying to put out the fires. How easy it was to turn German gentiles against their Jewish, German brothers! How easy it will be to turn Muslims in America against fellow Americans with whom they have never integrated from day one, except to insist our country adapts our laws to theirs, and Americans give up their heritage to embrace that of the Muslims on American soil! Dearborn, Michigan, is a frightening example of the planned take-over to come.

The attacks in Egypt were extensive. Since August 14 alone, 47 churches and monasteries have been attacked, sacked and burned. Dozens of Christian schools, homes and shops have been burned and at least seven Christians killed. Unknown to most Americans, due to lack of media reporting, this is happening in Islamic countries on an on-going basis, with literally millions of Christians being killed all over the Middle East. It can only be described as an area far East of Eden, but the press continues to treat Islamic treachery with indifference.

When have you last heard of a Christian attack on synagogues or a Jewish attack on Christian churches here in America? Our culture is as different from that of the eastern Islamic cultures of violence as is the West from the East. The two can never meet on common ground. What stupid, dumb fools we are to allow ourselves, as a nation, to be cowered by Islamic propaganda, for which we pay to darken our airways, our schools and our neighborhoods!

What stupid, dumb fools we are to allow the construction of mosques in this country, which, one day, as they did in Al Nazla, will be broadcasting that the Christians and Jews are responsible for Muslim-incited violence in America! Hopefully, the dumb bunnies of America will wake up to the fact that Islam is on a Jihadic march toward world take-over and Muslims have no intention of having friendly relationships with Americans, or anyone else, in the end. It is impossible for a Muslim to attend mosques and not receive the doctrine and the killing dictates of a killing religion totally laid out in the Koran for world Jihad and world dominance. No amount of friendly relations can cover over the precepts of Islam.

Consider the violence in Islamic countries! Are the Muslims happy campers in their own back yards of the Gaza Strip, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan or Afghanistan, to name a few Islamic countries? There is nothing but violence, demonstrations, killing and racial cleansing or genocides of even their own: for, unlike western cultures, they have no respect for life. Heads are lopped off of religious dissenters more quickly than we, in America, can greet a friend with a hand-shake.

So, they leave and come to America and other countries free of Islam. Do they become happy campers there? No! They bring their rotten baggage with them and then, before you know it, there are millions of them marching on cities like Washington to protest the hospitality shown to them in their host countries. They have set off bombs in the streets of Boston to blow up people in order to do nothing more than kill and destroy to protest against the good, but undeserved, hospitality and welfare, which they receive in this country.

The reason America allows this situation to continue is because Americans are suffering from a grave illness and a disabling condition called ‘Political Correctness’. It is caused by eating both the literal and liberal garbage coming out of the polluted waters of the East, bought and shipped on our borrowed dollars with the transfer of debt going from East to West. Our political leaders have chosen to take that which should be going back into the pockets of Americans and used it to give hand-outs to the same Egyptians who are supporting the Kristalnacht in Egypt, which is nothing short of a religious cleansing of Christians and Americans whose flag they hate and burn at every opportunity.

The Obama administration aids and abets the Christian and American holocaust, only to pretend it is not happening. They actually will tell the people, straight-faced, that America is defeating the war on terrorism and that the terrorist attack of Fort Hood was only work-place violence, though 13 were murdered by one of those ‘peaceful Muslims’ who, in fact, had so easily infiltrated the military in order to kill Americans. “What does it matter?” is blatantly asked on nation-wide television by this administration, concerning Americans who are being killed by Muslims, without the necessary protection being given to them by their Commander-in-Chief?

The answer is that it does matter a great deal to the American people. They have reached the point when it is time to drop the garbage of Political Correctness and get on with the business of dismantling the mosques. Any Muslim who refuses to recognize that the foundational heritage of America is rooted in the truth of a God who is not Allah, needs to understand that any display of anti-Americanism by Islamic, religious, terrorist groups will not be tolerated. It must be considered grounds for treason against the peoples of America, which then will lead to deportation or even the death penalty.

The Muslim Brotherhood, as were the Nazis, is in the business of genocide. As Hitler wanted all Jews dead, so too, do the Muslims who want all Christians dead as well. Before this malaise kills Americans, it is time for them to get smart. How is it that a people, which has smart televisions, smart phones, and, who knows, what else that is smart, can be so deaf, dumb and blind to the truth of the necessity for cultural profiling? Either you get rid of the disease or the disease will allow the cultures of your enemies to get rid of you.

The Muslims still, after centuries of genocide, want to rid the world of the Jews by driving them, first, from the Land and, then, into the sea. America is hated as much by these hateful people who are simply biding their time here in America until they can rid the country of all Christian Americans, in order to replace them with Muslims and their deadly religion of Islam.

The coming One World Order is not a western plan, but rather one, which is coming soon to your neighborhood, directly from out of the East, from far East of Eden, to destroy the heaven here on earth, which we once had in America before the cults arrived and the sickness of Political Correctness overcame the nation.

America – turn off the earphones, put down the iPod, get up off the couch and turn off the television! You are being drugged while the nation is being stolen, right out from under you. At the same time, you are being told that it is none of your concern. You have become a victim of the politically-correct garbage being fed to you daily, which tells you that tolerance for all people will bring about peace for all, but never believe it!

You are caught on a damaged ship, which is about to go down, because your captain and his crew have had no concern for your safety, by ignoring all the warning signs of disaster straight ahead. It is a tragedy when a golf game is more important to a national leader than his nation’s security. If you can find a lifeboat of salvation, I would advise you to get into it right now, before it is too late. The only one I know that is being offered is that of Jesus, and His right hand, which is always held out for you to hold tightly for your own safety.