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Educate to Truth or to Crime

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 29, 2013

As goes the educational system, so goes crime in the nation, in direct proportion to the degree to which truth is being taught or not being taught. It is a very simple ratio, which, even the best of our political intelligentsia cannot seem to grasp, no matter how intelligent he/she may appear to be. I have searched for some sign of understanding on the issue of increasing crime in America as it is hashed and re-hashed, night after night, on the most conservative talk shows to be found on television; yet still they come no closer to discovering the answer.

Much is said about relating crime to the breakdown of the family, and rightly so. But the breakdown of the family is only part of the problem and a consequence of not dealing with the root cause. The one political genius whom, I believe, might possibly understand this ratio or, at the very least, would be capable of understanding, is the doctor and conservative, Ben Carson. I would like to believe that Michelle Malkin is another one, because of her extraordinary, political savvy, combined with boldness and a razor-sharp intelligence, but I personally have not heard either voice this truth.

It does not take the intelligentsia of the political world to tell us that history is our teacher. Had world history not become blurred in the classroom by the rising power of liberalism within the educational system, the media and the public square, we could readily deduce the answer for crime among blacks, whites or greens – whatever the flavor of the culture might be. It is time we started to look at the changing culture and not the race, to discover the root of the problem of crime in our American society today.

There are only two kinds of societies – those which are cults, held together by the controls of religion and the lies of liberalism, and those which are not cults, but are liberated in the freedom of truth. Liberty and state religion are impossible bed-fellows; wars fought over trying to unite them are futile and senseless. There is only one country capable of experiencing liberty, and that is America, ruled by God and set on the foundation of His Word of truth.

If one knows one’s history, and one cannot be classed as an historian without understanding the fundamentals of the seven empire-building nations of the world, then one knows that these empires have been founded on religion; they unite government and religion together as one. The Pharaohs, the kings, the emperors and the Caesars became the gods of the empire-building nations as well as the controlling rulers. As such, they set about to make the world their dominion aiming ultimately to become the ruler-god kings and high priests of the world.

The last empire, yet to come, which is divided into two parts as the last of the Babylonian system, is known as the city of Rome rather than as the nation, to become the Roman Empire, which is for a good reason. The divided empire would require the religion of Romanism to be the controlling, religious glue holding the two empires of the Early Roman Empire together with that of the Revived Roman Empire of the latter days and of our time. It will take the completion of seven empires to finally accomplish Satan’s effort to form a One World Order of religion and government working together as one to then create a one-world economic system, as the third part of his goal.

Lo and behold, it will belong to the devil himself who hates truth and, by lies, created liberalism from God; for he wants to be worshiped in His place as the Most High God. He will inflict upon the world his mark of 666, which is that of the beast, the mark of the power of a man-ruler through religion (the cult). Multiculturalism simply means a multiplicity of cults in a multicultural world, which will wake up one day to discover there no longer are a multitude of cults, or religions, allowed. This will be a world empire in which there will be one government and one religion, both under the control of the Antichrist, Satan, the only god whom man will be allowed to worship; the worship of God or His Christ will not be tolerated.

Now, this brings us back to the subject of truth and crime in America. God is the God of truth and you don’t need to hear it from me. He has given the Bible of truth to man, written under the influence of His Spirit of life and truth for the entire world to read. Right from the beginning of it, when He describes how He created all things, He tells us exactly what is to come and what these empires of history will be.

He explains how they are built on spiritual waters that have come out of heaven, but then were separated from the water from above. These waters beneath are described as rivers, which run into the sea and into the very depths of the spiritual waters of Satan. The seawater was separated from the Garden of creation where God planted man on earth, apart from evil, with all things having been created good. The Garden was surrounded only by the spiritual river water from above, and separated from the spiritual rivers of the empires to come, as written in the Book of prophecy. Tell me, who of the intelligentsia can write in this manner, or can begin to predict perfectly what will happen on the political world scene, without the truth of the Bible!

Israel was a planting of God to become His nation and His people over whom He would rule in liberty apart from the evil nations of the religious world of man-gods and pretenders to the throne of God. He required her separation from the other nations so that the truth could never be mixed with the religions of the world. Religion is an opiate like leaven and will grow rapidly to fill the entire nation, before anyone realizes what is happening. God’s rule will then be replaced by satanic rule, which is the essence of crime or sin.

The religious lies of Satan and the belief system he introduces are one and the same with sin in nature. It is all about the deception of man, as he is led away from the truth of God and straight into the arms of liberalism, through revisionist history.

Israel went the same route in the Promised Land, promised to her father Abraham, as Adam and Eve went in the Garden, by embracing religion, a twin brother of the cult of liberalism. One could even call them the Romulus and Remus of the myth, for it is all based on myths and mysticism, known as witchcraft. That sorceress, Jezebel, is the spirit behind it all. So God allowed His harlot nation to go the way she chose – the way of the cults, after He had offered her the truth and the blessing, using her to deliver His Book of truth to the world.

This meant God, Himself, would choose by grace, and not by the nation, to bring forth the blessing He promised to Abraham. He would leave heaven to become a Son of man, conceived of a virgin by the Spirit, which would also make Him the Son of God. There was no other way for the world to be saved in truth from the empires of religion. He would call His witnesses of the church of men and women, whom He pulled out of the nation, Israel, to go into the nations with the truth in order to save not nations, but those who loved truth more than they loved lies. They would put their trust in Him, rather than in the god-kings who were, in fact, the liars of liberalism.

The first branch of the Roman Empire, using the myths of religious Romanism, stole the name of ‘church’, calling it the Christian church, as the early days of the empire were fading. This was the demonic ploy of Satan to capture the growing movement of the church and place it in slavery to religious doctrine and the leaven that grew to fill the entire institution. Rome even set up its pagan, Roman high priest, called him the pope and began the process of hiding the truth of the Bible from the church, until Martin Luther came along and began the purifying process of releasing the Word from its captivity to Romanism.

The world had been kept in the dark and fooled for centuries about the difference between the religious institution, called church, and the true, apostolic church, which Jesus founded, even though it had been known that Romanism was of Rome and therefore, ultimately of Babylon. The institutional church became the great, religious, Babylonian harlot of God as the pretender to His king-priest throne.

However, God is not sleeping, and, as Joseph indicated to us, He can take that which man intends for evil and use it for good. Out of the tomb He would call forth His true church and take her west, calling her out of the East, just as He had called Abraham out of the East to go west to a land God would show him. He was about to deliver His people to America where they could set up a nation in truth – a spiritual Israel over which He would rule in truth.

The Bible would be the foundation for a nation set upon truth, and not upon religion. This would be a God/truth nation and not a king/religion nation. His Law would dictate the rules of morality for the judicial system, so that the truth of the Bible became the foundation for both it and the educational system. It is the one and only leveler of crime. God stated it and Moses cried out to Israel to teach the children truth, morning, noon and night, or the leaven of religion and liberalism would creep through the cracks to grow until it fills the entire nation of God’s people.

What is it that Coulter, O’Reilly, Hannity, Rove, Krauthammer and Kelly do not understand, just to mention a few of our conservative, political pundits who talk all around the problem, but allow Political Correctness to keep them from stating the truth about sin? The truth never endorses sin or religion, and there is no compromising of the truth with any of it. You cannot be pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage and pro-sexual partnerships outside of marriage and still stand for truth and God. But then all of them are compromised by one form of religion or another now, which blinds them to the truth.

The crosses worn around their necks are mere hypocritical coverings for a deep malaise that is killing America. It is my guess that what O’Reilly knows about killing Jesus could be put in a thimble. And what does that say about our so-called conservative pundits if they are supposed to be the best of them? I see considerably more arrogance than I see wisdom in their discussions about the increase of crime. But then their institutional churches are up to their necks in compromise and corruption. How can they teach and preach the truth from their corrupt, religious foundations?

The time has come for another puritanical move in America, where truth, and not religion, will rule the true church, which will make the last separation of history from all eastern cults in order for God to restore the Garden here on earth, originally created just east of Eden, or heaven. After all, have we not prayed now for nearly 2000 years for God’s kingdom to come, and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven?

It is an absolute certainty that the truth of the Word will reign supreme under a God of truth, and Jesus is His name; there will be no crime in His kingdom. Should that not be our first clue to the cause of crime in America, which escalated when the Bibles were removed from the schoolroom and God’s Law was taken down and removed from the public square and the walls of courthouses? I doubt that there is a child left, unless home-schooled, or a judge of the judicial system, who can recite the Ten Commandments of God.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).”