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Let us call a Spade a Spade!

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

September 15, 2013

Has there ever been a president of the United States so completely incompetent at leading the country as Barack Hussein Obama? His liberal predecessors were pretty bad – Carter with his disastrous policies, and Clinton, totally lacking in moral principles; but this one outdoes them all. As a hireling of the people who pay their taxes, which pay his salary, it has become obvious that it is time to fire him; he has reached the point where his incompetence is jeopardizing the welfare of the nation.

It is rather baffling to me that he has drawn a red line, ready to go after Assad, the butcher of Syria, with military force, when it appears that Syrian children and others were killed by the use of chemical weapons. Over 100,000 have already died in the 2½-years conflict. Were their lives of less value? The attacks on civilians were often carried out indiscriminately involving the death of innocent women and children by using all manner of brutal methods. We have become accustomed to watching Islamic, militant brutality, which is appalling to us in the West. How does one draw a red line for one method of killing and completely ignore the others?

Didn’t his own Secretary of State ask what the difference is as to how and why Muslims carry out their heinous attacks? Was it not all sluffed off with the statement made concerning the death of the four American citizens in Benghazi last September by Hillary Clinton when she asked “What difference does it make?” The President certainly seemed to agree with her, and, yet, now he draws a red line where it makes a difference when the death of Muslims is concerned.

There are no red lines drawn for the protection of America’s military forces fighting in Islamic war-torn countries, nor were there any red lines drawn for America’s own Benghazi victims for whom he should have, and could have, taken protective measures. There have been thousands and thousands of Christians brutalized and murdered at the hands of both Muslim civilians and the Islamic military, but where has been the concern of Obama for any of them? Their deaths, in most cases, were never mentioned in the media. There is no excuse for the President of the United States to ignore the welfare of any of the nation’s citizens, especially since they are supposed to be his own people, who elected him to office.

To the contrary, he chooses to protect Muslims – children or otherwise – over protecting his own. Heaven forbid that he, or any American, might hurt their feelings or disrespect their pagan, killing religion! On the home front, he has been encouraging a lack of American patriotism among the youth in our schools, while, at the same time, targeting Christians by taking away their right to mention the name of Jesus in the classrooms and in the military.

He strongly endorses abortion; another name for killing helpless American unborns, and a practice one could equate to the death of children by chemical weapons. However, in this case, it is an attack on what should be perceived as the safety of the womb with the weaponry of knives and drugs. What is the difference? Are they not all deaths of the helpless, who have no defense against their attackers? Where is his red line for their aborted little lives, when their hearts are already beating?

God knows every child even before it is in the womb. How many times did He send angels to announce their coming births, before they were even conceived? Can you imagine Sarah, Elizabeth or Mary aborting these precious, ‘announced one’ of God? Obama can, for he would have been paving the way among the officials of the day to do so, had there been the procedures and had he held office then, rather than now.

He does not want to mention the exceptionalism of America as a nation, while, instead bowing to the potentates of Islamic countries, which openly are the enemies of America. He refuses to recognize the fact and acknowledge that America has only been exceptional because she was birthed to be a nation under God and His Law, as opposed to being like the other nations of the world, under the control of religious/state governments and their dictatorial leaders. He is the God of truth and not of religion and is the only Author of liberty for a nation founded upon the truth of His Word.

He is also the Author of blessings and cursings according to the keeping of the Law and trust in Him rather than trusting in the other nations that war among themselves. God never endorses or accepts any other gods such as Allah and the pagan practices associated with him; for it is forbidden to do so by God. How is it that Obama endorses all of the things, which the Lord calls abominations, yet along with his kooky mentor, Jeremiah Wright, they call themselves Christians?

Is it not time to reconsider whether or not the man is capable of ruling without having a sense of duty at all toward the American people? His methods, whereby he won the election, are extremely questionable at best. There is increasing evidence that he is not eligible for the Office of the President, and that his credentials come with a long list of misinformation and lies regarding his educational background and his religious and political ties, all of which have been doctored and, in many cases, based on downright, intentional lies.

Apparently he has used not one, but two or three different social security numbers and is known for being called by at least two different names on official documents. His presidency takes on the flavor of a crime scene, which is deeply in need of being exposed for the law-breaking procedures used in his climb to office. It has reached the point of absurdity that such a man is allowed to remain, especially in the highest office of the land, which he is using to destroy the constitutionality of the nation.

His latest foreign policy is not policy at all, but rather a flip-flop to protect himself after making a statement he is in no position to keep, regarding America going to war over an imaginary red line that has proven not to be a red line at all. He has the world laughing, not only at him, but also, at the weakness of a people who allow him to remain in office. The enemies of America now know they can walk all over him and his extremely weak and divided government opposition, which makes both look more like fools than they already have managed to do, themselves.

Is he worthy of respect? I don’t think so. God never respects the fool about whom He has much to say in the book of Proverbs. But then, God has given His people the choice of electing their own leadership, warning us about electing such fools, and if His people elect them, then they are all the more the fools who are deserving of what they get for leadership. The whole immigration policy of the man is to bring illegals into the country who want something for nothing on the backs of hard-working Americans, so he can increase the liberal vote of the non-contributors to society who take from the government and then destroy the nation.

If there is one thing God warns about, it is this kind of behavior, which hands over to the ‘gentiles’ that which He gives as a blessing to His people. If they do such wicked things, then they deserve wicked rulers who will take away their liberty, which He has so generously given to only His own. Being His own means they believe on the name of Jesus for salvation and they want to set the captives of this world free in the truth from the religious lies of Satan.

The truth comes only from Scripture and from no other fanciful book of philosophy or religion. The two blend into one and become the pagan practices of the ‘gentiles’, the worst of which are Atheism, Communism, Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age tripe and last, but far from least, Islam, which kills in order to force this pagan doctrine on anyone who will not accept it. It would appear one grand clash is looming in the future between the two, non-compromising, killer religions – Communism and Islam. They could be the two opponents, who will wipe each other out in the coming world battle for world supremacy. Obama is a great believer in both, so how can he serve the God of truth except as a lying traitor to America?

It is time to call a spade a spade. American excellence is only because of God; our Founding Fathers knew it and were not afraid to say it. They founded a country based on this fact, while we have allowed the enemy of God to bamboozle us with his liberalism, all the while using lies, mockery and the counterfeit to destroy the country. We have allowed every Tom, Dick and Harry to prevent us from speaking this truth.

God is the reason for liberty in this land, and all He asks is that we honor His name and keep the enemy of Satan, along with the religions of the ‘gentile’-warring nations, from entering the nation. He warns His people severely about forming alliances with God-hating countries and that the blessings He wants to lavish upon us will cease if we join with them. He brought Israel out of Egypt and then He had to take Egypt out of the Israelites, in order keep them from returning to their slave masters and their religion.

Obama sees that Egypt receives American tax dollars, which Americans can ill afford to give away. They need to stop the flow of money going out of the country into the East and into the hands of Islamic nations, before such a flow destroys the welfare of the American people. Obama goes to the Russian Communists for help and advice, who, like the Muslims, kill their own people, instead of going to God, the only One who can help His people in these times.

God has created a guide-book, which never fails; for, after all, He created this entire world, which, one day, will become His kingdom again. Do you think Obama will rule over it? Absolutely not! We know who is the only Ruler, Advisor and Teacher who can bring peace and restore such a kingdom on earth, and He does not come out of a union of nations under satanic rule. His name is Jesus, the Lord of hosts, and Savior.

Let us begin by calling it as it is, for a spade is a spade and can be nothing else.

“East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet, till Earth and Sky stand presently at God’s great Judgment Seat.”Rudyard Kipling