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The Package Deal of Good and Evil

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

October 10, 2013

Our governments today are offering the package deal of good and evil. They want you to be grateful to big brother who says, “Turn over everything to me, and I will manage your finances for you. You can show your gratitude by giving your vote to me, and I will continue to provide for you, as long as you remember to be thankful to me.” And so, the illegals are given privileges, which those who do not want the package deal are denied as upright, hard-working, true citizens of the country who pay their taxes.

There is a strong message about what is good, and it is this: there are a lot of things, which you have never had. If you take a look at those rich fellows, they have everything your heart desires. Where is the fairness in that? Are you not entitled to have as much as they have? You see, as your government, it wants to become your big brother, desiring to do the good thing, by taking care of you and seeing that you get your fair share. It will take from the rich and tax them to the hilt until it has leveled society. Could there be anything evil about that?

But what is not mentioned by big brother, which offers the package deal, is the fact that, by leveling society, the standard of living for all people comes down, with no one’s standard going up. Eventually the working branch of society – the money-makers and the job-creators – will become one of them, the poorer branch and nonworking segment of society. At this point, the system breaks down when big brother finally discovers that the rich have run out of money and there is no longer anyone able to continue to supply the candy-land handouts the non-workers and poor have come to love.

The problem is this: no one wants to work anymore for there has been no incentive to do so for a long time, while the ‘money-bags’ rich begin to lose the power to sustain the weight of the non-workers. In their inability to keep their own heads above water, the poor workers cling to the rich swimmers who eventually buckle under the burden to stay afloat, and finally go down with the non-swimmers.

Is it not ironic that the government cry is to the poor to support big brother with its vote in the government drive to get at the money of the rich and, in turn, serve the poor; but, in point of fact, it doesn’t quite work as promised. Instead, the poor will only get poorer as they become the final resource for taxing the people. Only then will they once again begin the long journey up the path to resourcefulness and back to the free enterprise system, which gives liberty from the controls of any big government.

The good, American way of life under God has been one of rewards for individuals according to work done. The world system of evil within socially-driven governments is to distribute the rewards given for work done, but then have government re-distribute the gains among the non-workers. In the long run, such a system will leave little for the worker, while giving a man’s share of the rich man’s earnings to the non-worker, especially to those unwilling to work for a living, who have learned all the tricks of the trade of capitalizing on the welfare system.

God’s people have always taken the care of others seriously, especially those who are less fortunate, but it has been with an eye to helping the really needy to get back on their feet. Oddly enough, satanically led, big-brother-type governments allow for a few to live in style at the top of the government ranks, off the backs of the poor, whom these same governments claim they are supporting. In fact, it is the other way around, with the top ranks deriving a super-rich lifestyle for themselves, by deceiving the poor.

One only needs to look as far as Obama, his wife and his family to see how very well they live in a time of financial crisis for the common people of the nation. The President might take a lesson from his predecessor, Harry Truman, who checked the lights each night in the White House to be sure they were turned off, in order to save electricity. To the contrary, Obama turns the civilians and children away from the White House by closing its doors to the ‘plebes’ to save money. However, the same doors swing wide open for his friends and the families of the money donors to his political campaigns. While many of the ‘plebes’ lose their homes, he and Michelle dine out to the tune of as much as $20,000 a meal.
Still, on this Thanksgiving Day in Canada, our very own Stephen Harper will also be looking for a vote of thanks from the Canadian people for all ‘big brother’ government is doing to share the wealth of his government’s redistribution plan. Somehow, God and His original plan for this nation have been lost in the shuffle of turning over the reins of His rule and His Law to a Charter of Rights and the rule of religion that goes all the way back to Adam and Eve buying into the first package deal offered as the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

It was all especially wrapped up in a covering of liberalism, which meant, in fact, the liberalism from God’s truth. He had said that man would surely die if he accepted the package, but Satan convinced Eve not to believe God, that when she would have the knowledge of evil, along with that which was good, that her eyes of understanding would be opened and she could become as a god in the here and now, like God Almighty.

And so, we find the Obama’s of this world playing God and saying, “Just trust in me and you can have it all without working for it. I will see that you get it whether a citizen of the nation or not.” But the truth of the matter is the curse is on them, and Satan is against them. They will be led down the wrong road worshiping him all the way, believing he is the great provider when, in truth, he is the destroyer.

King Solomon, destined for the throne of Israel, lost it, while taking in the full score of payback money to the tune of 666 talents of gold a year. He concluded his life of lust, idolatry and lavishness with these words of wisdom:

…Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether it is good or whether it is evil (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14).

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! Because His mercy endures forever (Psalm 118:1).

It is better to trust in God than big brother, and to be thankful to Him for your earned rewards, rather than to any government leader who promises, but never really delivers. Such a national leader ultimately will destroy you with taxation, something God warned about, when the people asked for a king like the other nations, rather than have God rule over them.