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…from a Different Perspective

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

October 15, 2013

The perspective from which I write is the Bible. Some might say that I am one who deals with the apologetics of my faith. Let me make myself very clear; I apologize to no one for standing on truth in this time of political disaster, when America is about to go down, because she has forsaken the truth for the lie!

There are only two foundations upon which any nation can stand; one is the truth of God’s Word, and the other is the lies of religion coming from Satan. One has God at the heart of it; the other has Satan at the helm. One is a life culture; the other is a death culture.

What was the first thing God did in the process of forming the nation, Israel? He called Abram (Abraham) out of his country, from his kindred and from his father’s house to a land, which God would show him. He promised to make of Abram a great nation, bless him and make his name great. He would become a blessing, with those who blessed him, being blessed, and those who cursed him, being cursed. In him all the families of the earth would be blessed (see Genesis 12:1-3).

Herein lies the most perfect covenant and marriage union between God and man that has ever existed. There are no greater words of love and promise ever spoken except those spoken by God’s Son who came to see that this union would be stronger than the gates of hell, which cannot prevail against it. His name is Jesus and He declared Himself to be the Bridegroom when He unequivocally stated that He was the way, the truth and the life. He created a church on the only foundation that will stand – that of truth. The lie has no power against the truth, for in so far as Jesus had victory over the cross to be resurrected to life, He defeated death.

Man, dead in his sin of rebellion to the truth, had been given a second opportunity, thanks to a God who looked down on the flesh of men in mercy. He saw how easily their hearts were swayed by the lie, as were the hearts of the first man and woman, who changed the history of the world when they submitted to the devil and embraced the lies of the first belief system of religion. They thought they could be liberated from the truth, an ideal that led to the birth of liberalism in the sin of rebellion against God. Sin simply means to embrace any belief system that is a contradiction to God’s truth. You cannot come against truth and live. You die in sin and this was the first hard lesson, which God taught man.

Have you learned this lesson, or are you attached to religion, which comes against the truth, carrying a death penalty with it? Are you tolerant, respectful, even willing to unite and hold hands with religions that deny Jesus? If so, you are in the sin of rebellion against the Lord who says He is the only way back to the Father. If you believe otherwise, then you are caught in apostasy, which will make it possible for you to hold hands with Judaism, Islam and even Communism, to claim your place among the post-modern thinkers who believe that all thought and religions are equal but simply different.

At this point, differences become the fashionable goal of acceptance, while truth is despised, just as the antichrist spirit despises the Christ. Both cannot be correct. As ‘Christian’ was the mocking term, which was first used in Antioch, a part of the Roman Empire and part of the Babylonian system, so, too, has the religion of Christianity risen up in mockery of a church built on truth and not on religion. This is why Christians, but not the true church, are able to hold hands with Judaism, which hated Jesus and does to this day. They will also be able to welcome Islam into the nation of America built by God.

Remember that God called Abram into separation; for God was at the formative stage of bringing a chosen people ultimately into His spiritual nation of Israel through Jesus. He would come into sharp conflict with the religious priesthood, which, in a religious/state unity with Rome, would lead Him off to the cross. The nation failed to retain position the day it said it had no other king but Caesar and made the same mistake it made once before when the people asked God to give them a king like the other nations. God warned them about the servant-hood and slavery to taxes, which would follow.

And so it did follow, as Israel slowly self-destructed, and now wails like children cast from the presence of their parent for bad behavior. The Israelites have been wailing for 2000 years, though God warned and warned them. God made it very clear that blessings come to a people separated in faith and obedience to Him, as was Abraham, and that the same people can be cursed for disobedience to Him and rejection of His truth in rebellion to His commandments.

Take a close look, America, at Israel! Your ancestors were the ones separated, whom God literally brought to America to show the victory of a nation where there is faith and obedience to His Word. You were the blessed families of the Abramic covenant, a blessing, which this nation is losing by saying “No” to Jesus, the Truth incarnate. Are you going to join Israel in receiving the curse as she did for refusing to remain separated unto the God of truth, from the religious gods of the other nations?

Do you not find yourselves wailing at the fallen walls of your borders, from which you took away the Bible and truth, once required as a prerequisite for entry into this glorious land? Now it allows the illegals of the cults to cross over the boundaries set by God and enter His land as foreigners having no right to be in the nation He builds, when they do not follow His laws, His commandments and make Him their Ruler. A Muslim cannot do this by nature of his religion. Therefore the Muslim culture is not compatible with the American way of life. This is why they try to destroy Christ’s presence in the market place. Is the institutional church willing to allow America to become a fractured society?

And, what are the results being seen from removing the oath of allegiance to God and country? There is a consummate liar in the Office of the Presidency, who follows on the heels of Bill Clinton, another liar and a deceitful man who paved the way before him. Instead of impeachment, he was given the vote, and forever more the Office of the Presidency would be one of hypocrisy and disgrace as liars swear on God’s Word to uphold the Constitution, while laughing at the people they deceive, all the way to their inaugurations. One can start the blame game, but blame rests squarely upon the many false denominations of Christianity, which never fully separated from the eastern, religious controls, which the Puritans so successfully managed to do, when they came to America.

Their journey to this wilderness was a continuance of an exodus, which began back in Germany with Martin Luther calling for reform of the Roman Catholic Church by calling for a departure from the Romanism of the Babylonian system. He set the wheels in motion for the process of coming out from under the religious controls of legalism and rituals to become a purer church which would leave the East and Romanism behind to travel westward, like Abraham, to a land, which God had waiting for her.

This was a land where truth, the essence of God’s Son, Jesus (see John 14:6), was to be upheld and the people would be faithful to God and not buy into the deceitful ways of Satan. They are called tolerance, equality, peace with the enemy, and unity in the rebellious sin of religions, while living among the cults in a so-called ‘peaceful coexistence together’. God knows there is no such thing as peace for His people with the enemy living in their land and within their midst. This is the reason He first called Abram to separation. Now it is time for the true church to separate herself again, here in the West, from the religions of the East.

Wake up, America! You have a liar and a cheat in the Office of the President of the United States. The truckers know it, the military knows it and the country’s patriots, called the Tea Party, know it. All of these groups carry out peaceful demonstrations, unlike those violent demonstraters the President endorses, in their attempt to let their voices be heard to rid this country of such an evil man who would destroy it and its borders from within.

He is divisive and wants to break the patriotism of the people by opening the borders to non-patriots. Watch him push for peace treaties with the enemy, which laughs at him and his weakness, seeing him as putty in their hands all the way to the peace tables! Every standard of righteousness that America ever had will be signed away by his hand as he and his Clinton-Reid-Pelosi cronies laugh and sneer at their opposition over whom they have such satanic control.

The Christian church is the counterfeit church of Satan on a religious foundation, which is now moving to unity in sin and tolerance while the true church is rising up against it, at the same time, in the face of a media and a people, which are generally hostile toward her. Unless she comes out of the Babylonian, Roman mess that is now Obama’s plan for America and comes back to the truth, standing on the firm foundation of the apostolic church, then she will go the way of the harlot riding the beast all the way to the bottom of the sea and to eternal darkness for having rejected the Light of life.

“Come out of her (Babylon the great, and mother of all harlots to the marriage covenant), my people, lest you share in her sins (lies of Satan called religion), and lest you receive of her plagues (the same plagues that came upon Egypt when Israel separated from the Egyptian Empire) – Revelation 18:4. As did the Egyptian Empire end up a mother of harlots at the bottom of the sea, so, too, will the One World Order of the coming Revived Roman Empire, which is about to issue forth from Babylon the great. She is going to find herself coming against Jesus who will freeze the spiritual, empire waters to take the entire, religious/empire system down. Such iron ships under satanic rule have no lifeboats of their own, and there will be no survivors without the saving lifeboat of Jesus.

Get out your Bible and blow the dust off it, for there is no way to peace at any peace table where the American people sign their heritage rights away in order to have unity with the enemy. Now, more than any other time in history, separation unto truth must come, for Jesus, the Word made flesh (see John 1:14), is about to return for His pure bride of the church. There is no secular pundit, religious leader or political leader, who has the truth without the Bible being one’s foundation.

And so, I write from a different perspective, which is the only perspective in the world today that has victory in its wings. Jesus, and Jesus alone, defeated death. So can you, if you abide in Him, even though the death of the nation and of institutional religion can visibly be seen on the horizon. It is all going to go down, riding the beast all the way.