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The Spawner of Harlots

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

October 30, 2013

What is religion, if not the spawner of harlots and children for the devil who is the author of lies? It is very simple – God, the Creator, created man to partner in His spiritual marriage bed with Him for the purpose of procreating together within the spiritual realm. He didn’t ask; He simply created man and blessed him with the Spirit of life in every breath he takes. Man became as sons and daughters created in God’s image with the potential for eternal life breathed into them.

Man was walking a kingdom walk on earth, as it is in heaven. He was planted on God’s Way when along came Satan seeking to find a weak spot in the plan. The Lord God had commanded the man He created to stay away from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When anyone speaks in compromised tones regarding the good, watch out for the words tolerance, bigotry, equality and unity. They all come with the fruit of the forbidden tree.

God clearly said that of such spiritual apostasy you shall not eat, for if you do, in that day you eat you shall surely die. There is no evidence Adam instructed his wife about what to look for and avoid. It would seem Adam had left Eve alone, and possibly was not attending to her, when the serpent made his attack. She was a mere child bride in need of protection. Satan always pushes his way in, the minute the door opens, to begin his seductive lure. His aim is to make the man his harlot, a woman no longer capable of being a virginal bride for her God. Ultimately, he will cast her away when the conquest has been made, unless she can further serve his purposes.

So, why was the lure of Satan so deadly? It led to the first belief system, apart from truth, to become the root of the first religion, which led to a broad road of liberalism, apart from God’s narrow Way of truth. Oh yes, the arguments for the first, religious belief system were cleverly based on the message of God to Adam, but with a twist, which suggested that God really did not mean for His words to be truth when He spoke. The insinuation was that God made mankind good, along with everything else made good at creation; so, therefore, He is not going to allow bad things to happen to good people, which might cause them to die.

Here we have the root of Christianity, founded on Satan’s first religious lie, not unlike all the other religions, in so far as they are based on the same notion that goodness can co-exist with evil and good people go to heaven simply because God created them good. The message is that God’s Word is really just a social gospel written by a God who loves men for their good deeds and will ignore their sin. And so messages about judgment and the wrath of God are very unpopular indeed.

We cannot ignore that Jesus is the Son of God, the God of truth (see Deut. 32:4, Psalm31:5, Isaiah 65:16) who gave Israel the Ten Commandments because He hates sin. Blessing and cursing are embodied in them, as are life and death. They are judgment-based, and immutable, in so far as God is never changing. God loves His creation but hated man’s sin, which brought death upon him. God hates religion, which is at the root of all sin. As the Father of mankind, like any good father, He instills goodness and truth in His children’s lives, not neglecting the required discipline needed to keep them free of sin.

Does Jesus teach this same message, which I am relating to you? Of course He does. He told the religious leaders of Israel, who could recite the Torah by rote, yet were without understanding within their religious, Judaic system, that they were totally lost. He said clearly that they were sons of their father, the devil (see John 8:44).

Remembering that the belief systems of religion come on a foundation of lies, which lead to liberalism, one only has to look at the situation going on in the leadership of the White House to know exactly from where all the lies are coming. They come straight from the devil, himself. Never has there been a president before, in the entire history of the United States, with the exception of shifty Bill Clinton, who has quite so outrageously lied to the American people.

Obama has uttered bold-faced lies, before the people, and then refuses to accept his role of leadership while, more or less, giving the public ‘the sign’. He knows the media will support him and not report the real issues concerning his government, from which he seems to be detached and acting in absenteeism. Is it possible that his recklessness, his lack of involvement and lack of leadership have gone so far as to have brought the media to its very knees before the public, a media, which has been deceiving the people, much too long now? Could it be the glare of light upon the man’s cover-ups will cause the media to cease shielding him and allow the light to shine on his rebellion before God?

Notice how a little leaven of religion, the same leaven as that of the Pharisees, now fills the entire loaf of the American government system! Is there any part of the administration, which is not hiding behind a pack of lies along with a lack of accountability? The President is adept at putting forth a satanic, false front before the people with his lip set in order to wade through the lies he spews forth. He is completely free to do so when he is backed by a compliant media, having been bent on keeping the public in the dark with respect to what he really intends to accomplish with this nation.

Where does this all lead in connection with Christianity? If 75% plus of the population is Christian in America, and Obama continues to win the popular vote, then they are the so-called church, which is continuing to elect him. They simply close a blind eye to evil and ignore the truth of God when choosing a leader who has the devil for a father, though his natural parentage remains shrouded in mystery. The church has fully bought into the tolerance, bigotry, equality and unity message of liberalism, which is necessary if the door is to be opened to the One World Order.

Is he not Rick Warren who is the mega-church preacher willing to take down the cross, in order to join in this unity? Are they not the evangelicals and the electors, of whom it is said that only 8% now believe the Word of God is true? Are we able yet to see why judgment will begin with the institutions of religious Christianity, which never were the church of Jesus Christ in the first place?

Jesus did not ask His church to spread the gospels of religion to all the nations in a compromised position; He commanded His church, against which the gates of hell will not prevail, to spread the gospel of truth. Contrary to our religious priesthood, which seems to love to hold hands with the Judaic priesthood of the Pharisees, the true church could never hold hands with either that religious system or any other religion, which is totally in bed with the government today. The term, Judeo-Christian is not even on the horizon of the apostolic church.

You see, America was never founded on Judeo-Christian principles and it is time the O’Reilly’s and all the others like him take off their mantles of pride and begin to understand certain truths they do not know, instead of commenting from blinded eyes of little or no understanding. They need a good blast of the light, which could open the doors of the mind to truth. America was founded under God whose ruler-ship cannot be separated from His Son who cannot be separated from His church, which, in fact, is His bride of mankind. She holds a position, which Adam and Eve rejected. As a result of this, they were separated from the government plan of God and entered into the religious, empire-building governments of Satan, apart from God. The true church is, and always will be, a partner of any government in any country ruled by God.

The government of God can never be separated from His born-again people, but rather, by their very nature, they must always be united, as a working church/state. There never was a unity of religion with God in America until the door opened to liberalism and Satan came in and joined religion to government by the Charter of Rights – human rights. Those who cry for separation of church and state are the very same ones who promote the unity of religion and state. They are the proponents of the coming One World Order without God, but controlled by religion, whether or not it is Communism or Islam. Their aim is to make America just another religious/state, like all the other countries of the world.

And so we have the ‘religious messiah’ taking his place now in ruler-ship, hating the very mention of God, unless being used to score political points when expedient to do so. His people are of the “No God” movement of liberalism. The leaven is spreading very quickly now within the nation, as we see a president able to give ‘the sign’ to God and, at the same time, race toward the religions of the East to hand over His nation. He could hardly wait to put an end to his support of the National Day of Prayer in America while, in turn, supporting Muslim public worship in our streets as they get down and bow to that pagan god Allah, to break the first commandment of the Law of God in this country.

If you want a spawner of harlots, then that is what you will get. God gave man free will to choose what he wants to be, but He will only accept a virginal bride who does not compromise the virginal marriage bed. It has always been about the kind of fruit, which can be produced from the marriage bed with man and He will accept no compromised love affair where man receives the good of all the things, which He created, but wants to have his cake of evil to eat along with the good.

Wake up America! You have placed the devil at the helm and evil is filling the nation. The question is regarding the choice you will make; will you choose to have the truth or the lie rule over this nation? It is an issue about two different women – the harlot and the bride. Hell is beckoning from the tree planted right in the heart of a nation created to be a paradise on earth, under God. Will you choose the tree with the leaves for the healing of the nation or the one with no leaves and the dead fruit of a compromise made with Satan and his religion?