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‘Obamacarelessness’ on Your Dollar

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

November 05, 2013

Too bad Mitt Romney had not been a little more aggressive and up-front while running for president. If he had been, the United States might not be in the mess it is in today. He gave the President a free pass on the scandal of Benghazi when the President lied about his part in the fiasco, exactly as he has been lying about his part in the disaster known as Obamacare. It is evident that he clearly lied concerning his knowledge of the IRS’s targeting of the administration’s political opponents, and he lied about his part in the scandal surrounding the shipping of guns to Mexico. He is a chronic, pathological liar.

At last Romney has surfaced in political strength and integrity, to accuse Obama of what we all know now as Obamacare, built on the foundation of presidential and administrative lies, with the consequences of the administration being left with a rotting-away, second-term in office. The problem now is that the expenses to taxpayers are mounting into the millions of dollars for an unworkable website, before it is fixed to work, if indeed, it even can be fixed, before the Progressives are forced to start over again, with new added expenses for a totally new website. 

Were the web creators paid for a job not done? If so, why would anyone, let alone the government, hand out such extraordinarily huge sums, with no results to show for them? Could it be that Michelle, the loving, presidential wife, cared enough for her old school-days, radically-anti-American buddies to see that sizable sums of taxpayers’ dollars were placed into their hands? Where was the competitive bidding for the job, among much more competent American companies? Almost any company could have done a better job, for millions of dollars less, and would have seen to it that it was done properly and ready to go on ribbon-cutting day for the President’s baby, which he pushed along through a breech-birth.

The people were never the point of consideration, when it came to Obamacare, something the majority did not want and something to which the opposition did not give a single vote of support. At the last hour and at the last minute, the President managed to push the law through the gate, by lying. “If you like your health-care plan, you can keep your health-care plan; if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period.  Did he not lie to push Obamacare into law, knowing it to be a greatly flawed plan, for which this presidential statement was not true? If the government had known then, what the people know now, about his pathological propensity for lying, it probably would never have become the law of the land.

I have been listening to Bill O’Reilly contradict himself over and over again, when he says that he would not label the President a liar, after he just lists the many times that the President spoke falsehoods. What is the matter with these seemingly, otherwise intelligent men that they cannot bring themselves to actually spit out the truth and call a spade a spade? Is he not playing the Clinton game of asking what sex really is? This Oxford grad could not bring himself to actually admit that he was cheating on his wife and then trying to cover it up with lies and mind games. He wasn’t known as “slippery Bill” for nothing.

My Goodness! Is it not the Garden scene all over again? As Adam said to God, “How can I be guilty of a crime when it was You, Yourself, God, who gave me the woman? She did it and You really are responsible.” Now, President Obama is coming with the cover-up of the fig leaf, so to speak. In Obama’s case, the leaf is a slight insertion between the words, “You can keep your insurance and your doctor if you want to,” and the word, “Period.” Some many, many months later it has now been changed to, “You can keep your insurance and your doctor, if there have been no changes to affect this statement. Period.”

What kind of fools does he take the people to be? I have to say, he is a lot smarter than I would have given him credit for being. He knows exactly how easy it is to get the people to say what O’Reilly is effectively saying. He knows ‘the left’ would absolutely be all over ‘the right’ for such deception, but ‘the right’ will behave like the gentlemen and political wimps that they are. They are likely to say ‘the left’ has made false statements, but Obama knows that they will also qualify this by saying they would not go so far as to call him a liar. Would that not be a bit too judgmental when one should always be tolerant?

 To take action and follow through on the reality of having a liar at the helm of leadership, one needs to recognize the fact that the damage done to nation and office by him offers grounds enough to call for the President’s resignation. Which CEO of any business would be allowed to remain in office, if found to be lying and responsible for the loss of millions of dollars to a corporation?

 Obama knows that morally-loose, Bill, his buddy of political convenience, paved the way for him to lie and deceive the public and then flash a toothy grin, with all being forgiven. The question is, will Obama be able to flap his ears in place of the toothy grin and get away with it,  as the cover-ups and deceit continue, or will more conservatives come out of the woodwork and call Obama exactly what he is – a liar and a hypocrite?

Let’s hope there is a little more gumption shown on the part of the rest of the media than that shown by O’Reilly, as was demonstrated by Megyn Kelly, when she came on the air right after O’Reilly last night. She literally slammed the President for his outright lies and complete lack of care for the people’s well-being. The term Obamacare would be better changed to ‘Obamacarelessness’ with the taxpayers’ money.

It is too bad, Mr. Romney, that you have demonstrated your fighting spirit a tad, too late. Where was that spirit when it was needed in your presidential race for office? Are you again going to make the same mistake with Chris Christie who sliced a huge chunk out of the victory, which might have been yours, but then eluded you from that moment forward?
Everything about Obama and his administration is summed up in the story of a college-town, tavern owner and the college chaplain. It is about the advice they both had for the students who frequented the tavern but not the school chapel, with their parents about to arrive for Parents’ Weekend. The tavern owner said, “Bring your parents for lunch on Saturday, and we will all pretend that we do not know you.”  The college chaplain said to the same students, “Bring your parents to chapel Sunday, and I will pretend I do know you. What does it matter, if one uses a little lie here or a little lie there?” Is it not what the rest of us all call ‘hypocrisy’?

At least Nixon knew he was caught in what seemed to be child’s play beside the dirty dealings of Obama. President Nixon showed enough care for the dignity of the office to make his departure and return to civilian life. Obama, on the other hand, will use the office to get away with deception as long as the fools will allow him to flap his ears and go with the flow.

May ‘the right’ get their heads together and unite on the principles, which the Republican party of the United States has held dear in the past? Surely differences can be solved behind closed doors so that they come out of the gate – horse and rider moving as one. Is this so difficult to figure out, when it has the liar caught in the ropes of his own lies?

Get with it and take a page out of Romney’s latest book in which he calls a lie what it is and a rotting, second term in office, what it is; there is no other way to win the next election! There is but one alternative; ‘the right’ can self-destruct again like Romney did previously, and McCain before him, as the leaders of a politically-divided party. It simply rolls over and plays dead when offered the opportunity, by its political opponents, to enter into an election well ahead of the game.

Reference: Some of My Best Friends are Hypocrites – page 1172 of the John Hagee Prophecy Study Bible.