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The Twisters and the Twisted

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

November 18, 2013

Twisters of giant proportions have just cut a swath of destruction across the heartland of America. The residual effects of them were felt as far north as Canada.

Some call them the result of global warming, and for once I have to agree with the analyses, but not with the ideology behind the statement. Of course, it is global warming, but not caused by the toxic fumes of carbon emissions. To the contrary, it is the result of the fire of God’s wrath building to show exactly what it means for America to decide she no longer needs Him.

Jesus warned us to watch for the signs in the natural of the coming tribulation period of judgment upon the entire world of nations, which are now aligning themselves in position to eliminate God entirely from this world, in order to make room for the antichrist rule. It is the coming One World Order and with it comes the rule of death for an enormous number of human beings, wiping out large portions of the population.

How many deaths have there already been lately in the world, from tsunamis, earthquakes and tornadoes? There are millions more to come unless the hearts of the children are returned to the Father. Until we stop serving our children a smorgasbord of multicultural religions, over which the devil rules as their cornerstone, including Islam, Communism, Hinduism, Secularism, and all the other religious ‘isms’ of this world, then the situation is only going to get worse, infinitely worse, with the destruction increasing, not decreasing.

Jesus is the manna that came down from heaven. He is the bread of life made from the grain of truth. Joseph, son of Jacob, fed this grain to the world, even though Pharaoh ruled over him as the antichrist spirit of the world empire of his day. Still, Joseph prospered right under Pharaoh’s nose. It was the manna that came down from heaven, which God fed to the Israelites in the wilderness, who loathed it as much as they would come to loathe Jesus one day.

Pharaoh’s Egyptian army ended up at the bottom of the sea, while a rebellious Israel fared little better. Like Adam being driven from the Garden, the Israelites were driven from the land to become wanderers among the gentile nations whose gods they loved. But Israel received no protection from pagan gods, which were unable to save them from Hitler’s smoking ovens, which God had shown Abraham in a dream, millennia previously.

With an eye to what happened to Egypt and Israel in the way of judgment, what do you think God will do to His rebellious people of America? Picture the chaos to come as social structures in this land begin to crumble! How much more can insurance companies endure, from the destruction of Obamacare down to the devastation from the increasing number of natural disasters?

What is it that the fools don’t understand yet about the nature of God? He is to be feared, not jeered. He is going to show those who think there is more power of creation in the monkey than in Him just exactly who the Creator and the great destroyer are. God creates but the beast destroys and, yes, there are times when the similarity between the beast, of no understanding, and man is quite striking. But then, it is the beast, which man has always preferred to worship, and which sets up the gods of the religious empires, to replace the worship of the one and only God Almighty, who created the worlds of the universe.

He rules over the sun, which is nowhere near as bright a light as that of His own Son, the Light of the World. He rules over the waters, which, by a mere stroke of His hand, can be released in power to flood the land. By the breath of His mouth He can stir up the winds to rage through the nations. There is nothing and no one who can stop Him from squashing man under His foot. He is the same God who was willing to turn His new creation over to the arms of Satan for having rejected Him as Father, in order to embrace its new father, the devil. Man gave up the God of truth, so he could eat the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of both good and evil to embrace the lies of the first, religious, belief system.

Millions of people sit weekly in Christian, religious institutions, not knowing they snuggle down into the arms of Satan who makes them feel good about themselves as they do so. The social gospel soothes their sinful hearts wanting the blessing but not the pain of the cross. No pain, no gain! They are sadly and unwittingly on the broad road to destruction.

Jesus never, no never, established the institutional, Christian, religious system. Satan, through Constantine, did an excellent job of establishing it all on his lonesome, to which he put the label of church. When its multitude of doctrines begins to unravel and its programs start to crumble, nothing will come down faster than its religious buildings and institutions. If God did not save the temple of the religion of Judaism, why would He save the religious buildings and institutions of Christianity?

The signs are with us. No one will escape the judgment, who does not believe Jesus is the Son of God and the Word of truth made flesh. Put down your religion and pick up the truth, for it does not matter whether you are the Pope, the Queen and titular head of the church, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church or the head honcho of Islam. Without salvation through the cross, no one is heaven-bound.

Jesus is the way and the only way back to the Father. A nation will rise or fall depending entirely on what it does with the truth of who He is. In Him alone is found the inheritance of God, as the Son of God. No one can twist this truth to become twisted in religion, without landing squarely in the path of the coming twisters and other natural disasters, which are the signs of the times.