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The Peace Treaty Signed without Peace in Mind

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

November 24, 2013

There are two forces, or powers, at work in the world today. One is the power of good, which brings about peace, liberty and life. The other is the power of evil, which results in wars, violence, suffering and death. There is no in-between, common ground, which means one can never bring about peace between the two by signing peace treaties.

Examine the nature of the beast. Evil governments are controlled by religion. Iran, for instance, is a religious/state alliance, where religion cannot be separated from the state. The purposes and dictates of Islam are to exterminate Israel and to take control of America in order to transform it into another Islamic/state nation. Its methods of doing so are called Jihad. In other words, anything and anyone, refusing to comply with an Islamic government dictatorship, are either destroyed or killed.

It is intended for America to be governed in the same manner exactly as Hitler governed Germany. Anyone who did not comply with the state dictates or was Jewish was eliminated, which meant killing every Jew who could be rounded up for the death ovens, which were created for the purpose of annihilating the Jewish people from the face of the earth. The next target was the Christians, with men and women like Bonhoeffer, who would not comply with Hitler’s agenda, being killed along with the Jews.

The religions espoused in Germany were Secularism and Atheism. The means for promoting them came through the media and the indoctrination of the children taught to believe that Germans were a superior race and a cleansed race, resulting in a German superiority complex, which exists to this day. The nation is still making the power grab as is reflected in her role in the European Union of nations. Germany pretty well runs the show and, as such, could become a dangerous commodity awaiting the match, which could light her fire keg.

In the meantime, Islam has become like a creeping, deadly disease, with its eye on world control in a One World Order of enforced Islam under the threat of death, remembering it is all part of its war, violence and death culture. The religion of Islam all over the world is based on the Koran, which advocates killing the infidel who will not adhere to its doctrines of worshiping a pagan god and a false prophet called Mohammed. There is no peace treaty or agreement to which it will adhere, which, in any way, would prevent it from reaching its goal of a one-world government and religion.

Only fools like Obama and his appointed lackeys could believe that there is any power in any agreement signed with such a religious/state. But then, if the truth be known, it is more likely that he is a stealthy fox who knows exactly what he is doing by signing treaties with Iran or any other Islamic state. He is handing them much-needed time to complete their development of nuclear weapons, which, in the end, helps the cause of Islam. One would have to be blind not to see that he sacrificed American lives to further its cause in Benghazi.

It could also be said that the calculated and timed death of Bin Laden made him the scape-goat for furthering the cause of Obama’s political career in America. One would have to be just plain stupid or deceived not to recognize that Obama is the plant in America by the Illuminati-Bilderberg group, which is deciding exactly who will and who will not rule over that nation at this time. Their power is derived from the war-violence-death culture, while assassination is their method used for the power grab with respect to anyone who might get in their way. Surely, you have heard this before hearing it from me. Henry Kissinger could not have made it clearer, as a spokesperson and one of them, by stating that Obama is their man for this hour.

He has been groomed to appear like a chameleon, able to change his colors as required for divergent audiences. It, likewise, being of the lizard family, has been transported from its natural habitat in the East to now be found in the West. A transplanted Obama is at complete odds with the Constitution of America, and so he continues to govern around it. Men like McCain, part of the Illuminati-Bilderberg group as well, sit in opposition, actually aiding and abetting the Obama cause, which will ultimately bring America down.

McCain wasn’t stupid when he brought Sarah Palin under his wing. Nothing is being done, which is not done without an eye for the cause of world governance. If Sarah Palin can’t be controlled, then she will be mocked and ridiculed as one wanting to keep America under the power of a good God who brings liberty and peace in truth. The truth of His Word gives not a single bit of support to the religions of the religious-empire-building governments of the world pushing toward the One World Government, which they intend to see will endorse their religions.

The beauty of the matter is that the Bible tells us exactly what will happen to these governments. Their own desire for the power grab will see them ultimately wipe out each other, and it is then that I would not want to be in any camp but that of the Lord God who ruled over first, Israel, and then America. He let Israel go because she wanted a king of the religious world rather than God to rule over her. Likewise, He will let America go for the same reason, both to become just like the other gentile nations, all positioning themselves for the judgment to come upon them.

God preserved the line of Judah for the remnant to inherit the Davidic throne, ruled by Jesus and His apostolic church of witnesses to the truth. This is the house God promised to King David stating that He, and not man, would provide the lasting temple of the body of those who will ride safely through the coming judgment in the power of good, not evil, in the power of peace, not war, and in the power of life, not death.

Be very cautious when you hear about the signing of a peace treaty with Iran or any other Islamic country or Communist country for that matter. Learn from the words of a foolish man called Neville Chamberlain who thought England could sign a peace agreement with Hitler and then seal it with the words, “Peace in our time.” O for another Churchill to come on the scene today, who knows these nasty, little, nation-grabbing rulers are incapable of making peace by the very nature of the beasts they are!

Beware, my friends, of the man called Obama, the ineligible ruler who rules America in lies and deception! He believes in a power that lines up with the devil and his death culture of the world rather than the power, which is found only in God.

“Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate, even until the consummation, which is determined, is poured out on the desolate (Daniel 9:27).”