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A Traumatized Generation

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

December 03, 2013

I was given a short dream in which I saw infants stuffed into a box together, and I particularly noted a baby jammed in the corner unable to move. It was crying its little heart out. Then there seemed to be a pause in the dream, and sometime later I saw the same baby squished into the same box with its eyes only half-opened, no longer having the strength to cry. It was completely traumatized.

I grabbed the baby, taking it from out of the box, and I held it very close to me so that its eyes were close to mine, so close that I could see it was not able to respond as I tried to soothe it. I awoke to the terrible pain and sadness I felt for that poor little child in my arms, whom I was unable to reach. It did not soothe my nerves to awaken to the knowledge that it was only a dream. I realized, in fact, that this is the state in which a large proportion of our youth find themselves today.

What have we done to our children? Have we not allowed the world system to take over and put them in its box of liberalism, packing them in as fast and as tightly as it can? The religious rights groups are coming at them, the homosexual activists are coming at them, media advertising is coming at them, the environmentalists are spewing out their myths, the evolutionists are indoctrinating them and the secular world at large is denying their spiritual nature until their little heads are spinning and they no longer have the truth, to which they can cling as an anchor in their lives. The “No God” mantra of the liberal agenda has produced a traumatized generation, which was reflected in the eyes of the boxed-in baby.

How dare we call ourselves Christians and believers, yet we do nothing about the educational system, which is taking control of the school rooms, in which even kindergarten children are being force-fed homosexual trash! These children are having their innocence stolen from them as sexual propaganda and explicit sexual images are being forced into their young lives, instead of allowing them the opportunity to live out their childhood, fantasy world in the dreams belonging to the innocent.

Lies about the nature of their origin, which leaves the older children believing in a hopeless, meaningless life are being fed to them constantly by the religion of Secularism, while the truth of God and the hope He gives to us in Him are denied them. Truth is disguised under the false label of forbidden religion, which prevents them from building the only sound foundation they will ever receive.

How could we have allowed the truth to be taken from them, only to be replaced with man’s finite imaginings, most of which have no foundation at all? Such ideas change as often as the wind changes, blowing one way today and another, tomorrow. With such an educational process lacking in truth, the teachings of today are providing very little, which is of real substance for the adults of tomorrow.

The political system, with its political correctness, will easily find its target group in such an unstable generation. For this generation is unable to discern the difference between the fiction and propaganda, which the media is reporting, and the truth, as government responds to powerful, lobbying groups, which have its ear, at this time.

What the children need is a good dose of heritage-style teaching in order to get back to basics before the liberals have completely rewritten the history books to exclude God as the one and only true God who has dominion in this country from sea to sea. Why do we wonder and question what it is that makes these children suddenly snap under the fiction to which they are exposed and then, in their frustration and depression, turn to violence?

They are not guns, which are the problem; remove the guns and they will use knives in their place. The problem is found in the instability of the nature of the beast, being created by early-life teaching, which has become void of values, morality and truth, a foundation so necessary for the fulfilled life.

Whatever one believes, within the belief systems of the many religions, be they Atheism, Secularism, Hinduism or any other ‘ism’, is completely irrelevant, for the truth remains the same regardless of where the belief system leads. There is no truth for one, which is not also truth for another; there is only one truth, with one size fitting all.

The problem for this generation is that it has been squeezed into boxes of thinking, which provide no grounding for it, only to cause the young people to cry out for real food for their souls. They want the grain of life, when they are only receiving crumbs from those who eat at death’s table. There is no sustaining food value found there. And so they cry for attention, lashing out in all directions because they have been starved of nutrients. There are none found in a steady diet of secular styro-foam, which is nothing more than the throw-away garbage of the spiritual world of religion.

It is painful to watch as our traumatized children cry out from the boxes of unreality into which they have been stuffed. They are unable to escape, as the custodians, supposedly, of the truth – their parents, the institutional churches and the priesthood – do nothing to alleviate the problem. The priest is usually playing to the curtain-call, while the laity sits lethargically, awaiting its escape back to the couch and the latest televised sports events or movies.

How I would love to cut wide open the confining boxes of liberalism, let in the fresh air of truth and set our half-dead children free again. Unless we, the believers, do it, who will?