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The AKA Man

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

December 04, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, has always been a man of a double standard – in name, in religion and in political persona. If he lied to get into office once and fooled the people once, he will do it again. His lies are at the root of the now dysfunctional medical care system in America. It is, at last, becoming evident to Americans that behind his lies lurks enormous incompetence. Or, is it possible that it is all part of a bigger plan of his twisted mind to actually begin the breakdown of America, starting within the nation?
After all, how often did he actually meet with Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, entrusted with putting the web site in place, without which there could be no initial success for Obamacare? Would a responsible president, who cares about his number one legacy, ever leave it to chance by having one meeting only with Sebelius in a three-year period, concerning the official website?

In order for the World Order to come into being, American uniqueness among nations and her exceptional wealth must be destroyed and leveled to the common denominator of the rest of the countries in the world. It is also an absolute that America must reject God in order for the One World Religion to come into force. You will note that Obama has declared openly, and has been allowed to do so unchecked by his Republican opposition, that America is an Islamic country.

Alarm bells should have been going off long ago. He has been abusing his role as president by over-stepping his constitutional boundaries for the entire term he has been in office. But one thing he has not done is waste his time. He has put incompetents and an entire array of anti-American Communists and Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers into government positions. He has plugged the courts with dubious men and women who will see to it that he is free to play his hand with a stacked deck of cards.

He has used his tenure well to destroy America’s power on the international scene. He simply has lain down and played dead so that America’s allies and foreign partners can no longer count on his trustworthiness any more than her citizens can count on his word. He has destroyed America’s influence in the world by making her the laughing stock of her enemies who are laughing all the way to the bank. Which nation ever, in the history of the world, has had such a fool ruling over it, as to fund its enemies bent on killing its people?

Whoever, other than Americans, has allowed this to happen before their very eyes, while their own soldiers and families are being defunded and forced to live in a kind of subsistence lifestyle, dependent upon food stamps? At the same time the much-needed funds for these men and women are made available to arm the enemy with military weaponry. Where in the world is the cry from the opposition for this man to be impeached?

 There can only be one answer, and it would appear to lie in the fact that the opposition is divided, with a good portion of it being supportive of the liberal cause, along with the Democrats, all of whom will support the liar’s agenda. There is only a portion of the loyal opposition who would be in favor of the long-over-due impeachment of this so-called president – even to the point of his expulsion from this nation, which he has been plotting to destroy.

He is in the process of inciting a nation-wide revolution if he is allowed to continue leading by deception, without anything he has been saying lately having even a hint of honesty in it. Recently, his wife had the colossal nerve to stand before America and say that her husband would never lie.

We are being forced to listen to the continuing mantra from the left that he has merely been misunderstood, in what it claims are little more than misplaced broad overstatements, as opposed to being out-right lies. The only misunderstanding, concerning his lies, is found on the part of the deceived people who made the mistake of believing and trusting his word in the first place.

Then too, we have to give Obama full marks for manipulating and using Hollywood to spread his propaganda of lies. Hollywood celebrity, basically only interested in bubble-gum for the mind, appeals to a star-struck society, which cares more about teen idols and matinee idols than the dubious nature of its president. The balance of power shifting in the sports world is of greater concern to this same society than the balance of power shifting in the world, political scene.

Obama knows this well and has employed sports teams to become his agents for furthering his political image. The same people for whom he should be an icon of trustworthiness and service, in fact, are being used by him and played like a pied piper plays his flute. He is leading them all down the road to a place of destruction and then, on over the cliff, in their mesmerized state.

However, the cracks are beginning to widen in his cool image, for which he has worked so hard to present to his fans. He makes a point of running down the steps of ‘Airforce One’ to show how vibrant and sports-like he is, but when really tested, that too, proves to be a sham. He could no more score a basket in the game of basketball than fly to the moon. Somehow, I cannot picture the man as ever having played on a team where team work and dependency on other team members is a necessary part of achieving victory. If he indeed had any sporting prowess, it most likely would have been used to grandstand and behave in exactly the opposite manner from the greats, such as Tim Tebow who is the epitome of decency, honesty and humility. One cannot even imagine putting the two together on the same team.

Deceit and dishonesty are reaching new heights in which even the fooled are beginning to lose faith in the deceiver. It becomes a different story when they finally discover that their pocket books are suffering, while all the while, the liar is telling them the economy is improving and growing under his regime by using cooked-up numbers to make his point. The facts are now beginning to speak louder than the lies.

The farmlands are slowly being destroyed to save the trees and the minnows, with farmers being put off their lands to do so. Studying the sex life of certain fish, in order to save the species, is considered to be far more important than saving human lives. There is no concern being shown for the American human species, as the practice of abortion and the killing of millions of unborn babies, counted as fetuses rather than humans, are being treated as having less importance than the fish. This practice is receiving the financial support of the government tax dollars, which the taxpayers are being forced to underwrite.

If America suffers an economic breakdown, then this is the man who should be tarred and feathered for it. He has been continuously eroding the power of the Constitution to build up his own agenda for the taking-down of the United States of America under God, so that it will become just another religious nation willing to be ruled by the empire-building Illuminati and Bilderbergs. They are ready and perched to take over the world.

The AKA man really only has one legitimate name and that name is “liar”, as a son of his father, the devil and author of lies. But the American people also are deserving of the name “fools”. Fool America once, shame on Obama; fool her twice and shame on America; but to fool her a third time, she will then fully deserve the destruction intended for her.

Americans should never forget that the Clintons were the original team of liars who paved the way for the lying administration of Obama. They are just waiting in the wings to take over again, and continue the further growth of a culture of lies, which can only lead to the destruction of the nation.