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Where Liars Rule, Disaster Follows Close Behind!

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

December 07, 2013

America is on the brink or edge of crossing over as a nation, which once chose the God of truth as Ruler, to replace Him with the father of lies, the devil, as did Adam and Eve before her.

The nature of God is revealed in His various names – El Emet – the God of truth (Psalm 31:6), El De’ot – the God of knowledge (1 Samuel 2:3), El-Elyon, the Most High God (Genesis 14:18), El Olam – the God of eternity (Genesis 21:33) and El HaNe’aman – the faithful God (Deuteronomy 7:9).

The nature of the devil is revealed in his alternate names of serpent (vile, reptilian creature), the beast (an animal of no understanding), and Satan, (once the angel of top ranking position in heaven), who fell into rebellion to God, to become the author of the lies of religion and liberalism from God. He uses His truth, twisting it around to mean the very opposite from what God intended for man.

The devil is what we call a counterfeiter, which can best be understood as the look-alike nature of counterfeit money compared to real money. They look the same, but, one is useless, and the other has real buying power. Again, one may be mesmerized by the glitter of gold, but all that glitters is not gold, nor is there necessarily any value in it.

The man, called Obama, is the epitome of the counterfeit nature of Satan. Lies are the means by which he governs, and political propaganda, coupled with political rhetoric, is the foundation for the ‘progressive’ movement, which, in point of fact, is the very opposite in nature from that of being progressive. The truth is that satanic progressivism is nothing more than regressive action. 

It would appear now that those God delivered from state-control in the East to the land of liberty in the West, are presently choosing to return to government controls in unholy partnerships with eastern countries. The lie, in so far as it is in opposition to the truth, will also be in opposition to liberty, which we are seeing on a big scale with the agendas of Obama.

The American people have now elected a leader who is daily increasing the lies, with new information revealing that he applied for entrance to Columbia University as a foreign student called Barry Soetoro. Still, he blatantly and publically continues to lie about his lies. The appointed staff around him has been proven to be a pack of liars and evasive in connection with answering to the people for the roles they have played in the abuse of their positions in government. From the very top of the heap – the Attorney-General and so-called top authority of the law, right down to the lowliest government workers, who are partying on the job and on the taxpayers’ dollar in massive cover-ups of government spending, are all guilty of conning the public.

The question is as to how tolerant America is willing to be in accepting lies as a normal part of carrying on business or executing political office in the land. What happened to business being done with a handshake, and cheating, lying politicians being held accountable and removed from office for wrong-doing?

The liberal progressives began to get a strong grip on the leadership of the nation with their acceptance of a lying, immoral cheat for president, in the name of Bill Clinton. Had the people removed him from office, there might not have been a second president to follow in his footsteps, by taking lying to a new level, which one would not have thought possible. He is literally destroying all aspects of what has been America’s superiority as a nation over all the other nations of the world.

The people have been disgraced in the field of foreign affairs by this President bowing to, and funding the country’s enemies and terrorists who want to destroy America. He has made the call, or is responsible for the call, to not supply support to the nation’s own diplomatic corps and military personnel, whereby four Americans were left to die unnecessarily at the enemy’s hands. Heaven alone knows how many others have unnecessarily died because of bungled policies and lying cover-ups.

In the field of energy, it is doubtful as to whether or not he has ever had any intention of creating a self-sufficient energy policy. He lied his way through billions of lost taxpayers’ dollars spent on failing solar energy enterprises, which continued to receive money, even after their failure became evident. At the same time he refused to fund the truly good energy policies, which would have worked particularly well for America and her ally, Canada. Instead of endorsing the oil pipeline, he chose to keep feathering the nests of the Arab oil-producing countries, as they fix their war guns on America.

Now, in the field of medical care in America, he has lied his way to the destruction of what were once the best medical services in the world, bringing the entire health care system to the doorstep of collapse. The public should have known that, once proven a liar, every other move the liar makes will be predicated on lies. And so, it is now being revealed again as to the nature of this particular beast, which the American people will have one more shot at, by supporting or rejecting his party policies.

The real issue has become a matter of whether or not the country has moved so far left into the arms of Satan, an evil, lying culture that it will allow this President to remain in office and keep up the lying legacy of the Clintons. Well could he be paving the way for another lying Clinton in the Office of the President. She could prove to be the smoothest liar of them all, if elected.

On the other hand, America has options found in men and women of character and truth, especially those qualities found in such men and women as Ben Carson, for instance, and to name but a few more – Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin. They stand head and shoulders over the lying progressives, or better named regressives, who use the tactics of the Antichrist; they mock those who will not bow to Satan’s lying filth. One could continue on with names like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan, but the progressives, within their own Republican party, will come down on them in order to cause division within the ranks of the truth seekers.

Yes, America has come to her moment of decision, and to what I am guessing will be her last opportunity to make the right choice by turning back to truth and the Most High God of truth who rules over this nation and holds the future of all nations in His hands. He is not sleeping and is never fooled. You are the fools who forsake Him for the beast and ruler of the death culture based on the lies of the father of lies. Depending on the choice, it might not be a very pretty sight to see what lies ahead for the United States of America, a nation once the light of liberty to the world, but now growing darker by the minute.