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The Messages of Christmas Are Arriving

 Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

December 14, 2013

The messages of Christmas are beginning to come in, or rather, so they would seem; but are they really the messages of Christmas? Are they really what it is all about? I must begin by saying that the well-wishers are sincere in their greetings, but oh, how sad it is to see people so sincerely well-intentioned, yet so sincerely wrong in the messages sent to convey their greetings.

They have become the product of incorrect doctrines, which are oozing from the institutional churches and society as a whole. They are the nice, sincere people who are inviting disaster into their lives by inadvertently stepping out and onto the broad road to destruction. The counterfeit messages are almost always as good-looking as the real, but, the truth of the matter is that they are riddled with invisible bullet holes.

Let us examine this first greeting, piece by piece, which arrived in my mail-box recently! Its title is to suggest a warm, fuzzy, so-called personal Christmas greeting – ‘Merry Christmas to all!’ Well, the truth of the matter is that Christmas is not always a merry time, or is it for all. It is a celebration for the believers in Jesus and the truth only and is not for religions at large.

The first Christmas was a very difficult time indeed for the child called Jesus whose parents could find no accommodation for Him to be born into this world, except among animals where, after being born, the Babe was laid on the hay in the manger used as a feeding trough for them. The king of Israel knew about the prophecy of this child being born to be King and sent his soldiers to kill all the babies up to two years of age, born in Bethlehem at that time.

This was the introduction to the Son of God to a world ruled by the empires of Satan. Today, for some still under the control of the same Roman Empire, which is about to be revived at this time, it is just as dangerous to believe in the Babe, as it was for the Babe, Himself, under the ruler-ship of the Early Roman Empire. Believers, who risk their lives to declare the truth of the gospels, are living in many countries of the world today under the same threat of torture and death, like that which threatened the Babe.

According to the Christmas greeting, the message tells us that, “The gift of love is Christmas.” It does sound good, does it not, for does God not say that He is the God of love? The truth is, the God who sent His Son is the God of truth who, out of love for fallen man, captive to death in sin, sent Jesus, the Babe, to free the captives and offer life to men, so that death holds no sting for them.

God’s Son is the way, the truth and the only way to life, and declares categorically that He is the only way back to the Father and Creator of man. His love is unending only for those who accept the Christmas Babe as the only way to life. It really has nothing to do with our goodness, our kindness, or our charitable acts of feeding the poor. In truth, we are not capable of doing any work, which could be good enough to save our souls.

This greeting comes from a friend who sits weekly in a church where this is not the message. In her institutional church, sin is endorsed in the papal office, and tolerance for the validity of all religions is the message coming from those same papal offices, something, which the Babe never endorsed when He grew up to be a Man. In fact, it was a similar crew in the papal office of His time, called the Pharisees, who rushed Him off to the cross.

The thief beside Him on another cross understood who He was better than God’s chosen people and the Pharisees, whom Jesus called sons of the devil. In fact, do the Christian institutions not like to call themselves the close relatives of Judaism in the Judeo-Christian family? They are referring to the same priesthood and family Jesus called sons of the devil.

Once one identifies oneself as being a part of the Judeo-Christian faith, one is putting down roots in the Babylonian system of empires, which will culminate with the formation of the final Revived Roman Empire to become known as the One World Order. The Babylonian system of empires has never ceased to exist from the time Israel was taken captive to Babylon. She returned to her land with the seeds of a new religion called Judaism. Christianity began in the Roman Empire when the early apostolic church was taken captive by Rome, which transformed it into just another religion of the Babylonian system, every bit as much birthed out of the Babylonian system as was Judaism. Satan, the author of Babylonianism, carefully retained the words of the Bible but with a twisted message of what God’s love is all about.

It began with the message that man is essentially capable of being good through works – good people go to heaven and the rituals of religion will help to make one good so one can have a world-wide love-in of good people. This is the peace the world offers when all religions come together. For, after all, we all worship the same God, do we not? Absolutely not! There is only one true God, and there is no other, except in the minds of the deceived whom Satan loves to deceive. Here is the first big lie of the Judeo-Christian brotherhood of Satan. God says none is good, no, not one of those who want this kind of a Christmas love-in (see Luke 18:19).

Yet the message of the greeting goes on to say that Christmas sparkles with love and joy; spread it to family and friends, for love is unending. Perhaps this messenger has never been taught about the wrath of God, which the real truth points to 95 times in the Bible, culminating in the Day of the Lord when God’s wrath is poured out in fury upon those who have rejected His second offer of life through His Son.

First, there was a doctrine of truth, which became compromised by the counterfeit appearance of a somewhat look-alike-church, birthed out of Rome, just as Judaism was birthed in Babylon. The mixture of mysticism, religion and idol worship all worked its way into the priesthood of Rome, whereby the Cornerstone of the apostolic church, its High Priest Jesus, gave way to a Roman high priest called the Pope. He was accorded the same inerrancy in nature, which only Jesus possessed among men, or the Pope could have died for our sins, equally as well. But he is a sinner, just like you and me. And so the apostate doctrines of Romanism were introduced to the world in the name of Christianity.

Herein lie the roots of the religion of Christianity, a far cry from the church, which Jesus established, against which the gates of hell will not prevail, as opposed to one against which the gates of hell are prevailing daily.

The message continues on to say that Christmas tells us that life is not just an existence, but a wonderful miracle. “Therefore, live every moment with joy and gratitude!” How many people, such as our messenger, say that we should be grateful for one thing or another and that Thanksgiving and Christmas are times for expressing that gratitude? Yet more often than not, one could be thanking a tree stump, as long as one is a good person and simply is grateful to something, not that it matters what it is. All the Santas of this world could not give me reason to be truly thankful; only Jesus is the One we praise and worship in gratitude.

Strangely enough, in all of this syrupy message, the name of Jesus is conspicuously missing as the Christmas greeting speaks into the peace crowd and the United Nations’ religious kind of world peace. Who else but the United Nations would sell this sort of greeting card? The institutional church itself is guilty of wanting to bring Christmas back, as long as it is a kind of generic, Christless, UNICEF type of Christmas. It is one void of the real miracle of healing for a lost world, with a kind of Christmas tree, which never produces the leaves meant for the healing of the nations. There will never be found any blossoms on it, nor will any fruit ever spring forth from it.

The message ends on a note about the New Year to come, also being full of the love of the love-in, just described, for “the good people all around the world”. All of this is the message of a woman who has spent the better part of her eighty years serving the institutional church of Christianity with one good work after another to raise funds to support the failing institution, failing faster than one can imagine. This is a message from ‘a very good woman’ and very sincere, but sincerely wrong.

God does not care about our good works. He is looking for hearts, which will receive the gift of life His Son offers and then will serve Him as the true church, in separation, often from family, friends and the culture. This particular woman would possibly be horrified at such a thought as the love-in becoming a much uglier-looking thing, such as that of a human sacrifice, so that she, in her uncleanness as a sinner, might live. It probably would run through her mind that she is living a very good, clean life, indeed, through the work of serving the institutional church and her brothers and sisters. It would be almost impossible for her to give up her well-dressed, well communicated appearance of cleanliness and service, and for what? Could she ever fit into a bloodied, apostolic church, which gives up this world to serve a bloodied Jesus?

This Christmas, is it really a cultural “love-in” you want or do you want to know the real Jesus of Christmas who sacrificed His life that you might live and escape that terrible Day of Judgment and the wrath of the Lord? It is then that religion and the Babylonian system of empires will all come tumbling down under the weight of the rock and the crushing Cornerstone.

Is your and your church’s message full of the tidings of great joy because a Savior of miracles was born, or is it just a message for a celebration, which is full of tolerance for sin and for all religions within its circle? It is so gratifying to the ‘good’ sons of Satan who want the Babe to eventually go to the cross in order to pave the way for the ‘me-culture’ to continue. More gifts and more lights, without any interference in one’s good, Christian, comfort zone are the tonic for the lack of the real miracle, which marks the day.

They are the spell-workers of the demons of Satan, who hate the Christ of Christmas, who are weaving their spells of magic to change the miracle of Christmas to the magic of Christmas. The finished product becomes a tapestry of religious holidays, to eventually become the holiday celebration of whatever one wants to celebrate, as long as it does not include the victory of Jesus Christ on the cross.