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If I Were Ruler Over America…

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

December 24, 2013

If I were ruler of America, I would make a few resolutions for the New Year. The problem, for me, would be where to begin. America has become a very sick nation indeed, on the brink of losing her uniqueness to become just another nation of the speedily uniting nations of the world.

I guess I would begin by pulling all military forces of American men and women out of the East, to leave the East to its own devices of killing one another instead of killing our strong sons and daughters who cannot change the nature of the beast no matter how many troops are scattered and sent among them to die; and to what purpose? Are they going to change the dictates of Islam or Communism? Both are religious ideologies that believe in killing their way to power. They are not, and never will be, democracies of the sort America would like them to be, under her aid and guiding hand.

This brings us to our present-day, American leaders of ideologies bent on destroying the genuine roots of freedom and justice in the land.

After King David cleansed his nation, Israel, of all foreign gods and returned the ark of the covenant to his people, they enjoyed the remainder of his reign in peace. His son, Solomon, reaped the benefits of the blessing upon his father, with God making Israel a very rich nation indeed and one at peace with her enemies. For God blesses a nation under His rule, which remains loyal to Him, by surrounding it with His protective power. This blessing made King Solomon the envy of all other world kings of his time.

But then, Israel got onto a morally slippery slope downwards, which led to her decline. Because Solomon’s love affairs increased in numbers with the women of the satanic, gentile nations, his heart was eventually turned away from his God by them and their religious idols. He began turning Israel into a multicultural nation, which embraced numerous, religious idols and he even went so far as to allow altars to be built  for the worship of their gods in the heart of Israel’s Promised Land, which she had inherited from God. Now God did not look upon this problem lightly, but rather dealt with it swiftly.

Only one of the twelve tribes of Israel would remain in the land for the sake of Solomon’s father David, the good and loyal king of Israel before God. The nation was reduced to the tribe called Judah, and the other tribes, minus the Levitical priesthood, were driven from the land and into the arms of the gentile nations whose gods they loved and respected, more than they loved and respected God.

One could say that Israel became a very tolerant nation indeed and, at the same time, she went from a rich, world power to becoming powerless before her enemies, to the point that she finally no longer existed as a nation. God does not smile on such sin, and the sin He hates is to show honor to the non-existent gods of the cults and then begin to worship them. The first commandment was to have no other gods before their God, with the second commandment declaring that they should make for themselves no carved images, which they would serve or before which they would bow down.

Now, after pulling all American soldiers out of the East, I would then begin the tough job of pulling the East out of America. God grew and strengthened the nation, Israel, in Egypt but, as she grew in numbers, great enough to claim and settle the Promised Land for her own, the time had come to separate her from the empire-building nations of the world and deliver her to her own little kingdom under God. Her strength and power against her enemies came only from Him, for there was no weaponry, to speak of, within her midst, in comparison to that of the armies of the various empires surrounding her.

But there was one major hurdle she had to face, once she had been delivered from the Egyptian world power; she had to have Egypt then taken out of her. The first thing God did was give her His Law, the Ten Commandments, the only plan for government that could save her from the nations around her. The message was loud and clear. If she were to keep the Law, honor, obey and worship only God in the nation, then she would be a blessed nation; but if she walked away from God and respected and honored the gods of other nations, breaking His Law, she would become a cursed nation.

Herein is found the basis for my second resolution as ruler. I would return God and His Law to this nation, ridding her of charters of so-called rights, which, in fact, pave the way to minority, religious ruler-ship. I would then return the truth of the Bible to borders, schoolrooms and the courtrooms. No immigrant, no, not one, would enter this land who could not swear allegiance to our God of the Bible who rules from sea to sea and in whom we trust.

There would not be one teacher left in the classrooms who did not have a Bible on his/her desk, and read it as an opening exercise every day to the children. They would learn to honor Jesus, having free exercise to especially do so at Christmas time in honor of what He has done for them by giving them freedom from tyrants and from death. Christmas would become a special time for them, but for the right reasons. There would be a major attack on today’s multi-cultural Christmas of never-never land, with the sights of the children being focused on the coming kingdom, along with a strong, patriotic message for a free nation under God.

Judges would not be appointed, under any circumstance, if they should have a record of declared ideologies in opposition to the truth of Scripture. They would be thoroughly vetted and judged according to their obedience to Scriptures, as was the case in the earlier years of this nation, and for having a lifestyle, which would be compatible with the Bible, upon which they would be sworn into office. There would be no hypocrites in the lot of them and if they should prove to be unable to stand up to this scrutiny, then they would immediately be rejected or removed from the bench and be replaced by one who would pass the test of honesty rooted in the truth of God.

There would be no hedging or double-talk about where I stand on any issue. If it should not line up with biblical truth, then it would not be good for the nation. What do I care what men believe? Truth is not altered by what men may, or may not, believe and, as the created, as opposed to the Creator, with which one of the two, God or man, would you prefer to stand? Who really holds the power in the nation – man and his arms build-up or God’s hand working according to His truth? He loathes and despises the destructive, religious belief systems of the gentile nations, which embrace the antichrist spirit of the devil to come against the Christ and the Spirit of truth. One leads to the death of a nation and the other to its life.

In conclusion, I would suggest, in the New Year, that one take a much closer look at Mike Huckabee. He was interviewed this past week by Chris Wallace who did what good interviewers should do, by asking all the tough questions about the hot issues, something rarely, if ever, done when interviewing Obama. Huckabee sailed through the questions like a ship’s sails catching a strong wind. The questions seemed to get stronger and stronger, while Huckabee simply increased his control over them.

With that wry Wallace smile, he finally concluded by saying that if Huckabee were to run for president as the Republican candidate, he would truly be a formidable candidate. I could only smile as I watched a smiling Huckabee graciously conclude the interview in the same manner as he had conducted himself throughout it, buckling to no question and finding none too difficult for him to answer directly and honestly. What a treat it was to watch an honest-looking face for a change, as opposed to turning off the dial on one full of the appearance of deception and lies!

I would like to close this year, again, with the very wise words of King George VI spoken in his 1939, New Year’s address to the Commonwealth, as the nation stood at the gate of a new year, with the storm clouds of war having formed. It bears repeating as we stand at the gate of another new year with the same signs of coming war between nations and a religious attack, in particular, upon America, which is becoming very heated indeed. He quoted from a poem called God Knows, by Minnie Louise Haskins;

I said to the man who stood at the Gate of the Year:
“Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.”

 And he replied: “Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God.
That shall be to you better than light and safer than the known way.”

What perfect advice for a nation facing a New Year of growing darkness!

In my lifetime, I have seen this nation ruled in the manner I would resolve to rule it. I have also seen America’s national demise to be ruled by liars in the antichrist spirit of gentile ruler-ship. There is no way the two can be found united on the same pages of history, nor can one even compare a nation in liberty to one, which has lost it by no longer walking with its hand in the hand of God.

My friends, the Ten Commandments, as given to Moses, are merely the antidote to the rule of Satan, which manifests itself in the ways God addresses here. They really describe the ways of Satan, which God says that “thou shalt not” do. Committing them is the curse; by keeping the ‘shalt nots’ of His Commandments, God offers His nation the blessing of the Law.

I would like to thank you, my loyal readers, each and every one of you, by wishing you a good, godly and fulfilling New Year.