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The ‘Hanging Tree’

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

December 30, 2013

The ‘hanging tree’ is simply another name for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It could also be called the ‘compromise tree’ or the ‘tolerance tree’. Its fruit is rot, which muddied the spiritual waters of the Garden.

For the first time, when Eve ate of that which God forbade, religion and liberalism entered a Garden where everything had previously been created good in truth, where no lie had existed, for God is a God of truth. The liar was Satan, a would-be-god who introduced, through the woman, the one and only living being who came out of the man, the entirely new concept of religion, based on a belief system caught in the liberalism, which set her apart from the truth of God, when she accepted it.

Lo and behold, on that fateful day the root system for every religion of the world took hold in the mind of man (God created man, He created him man and woman, in the image of God He created them, male and female). First Eve, and next Adam, chose tolerance and compromise in disobedience to God’s word of truth about wrong-doing and death. Though the fruit looked good and was good to the taste, all the good deeds of man would become contaminated with the filth of evil before God’s eyes. He is the devil who calls for good to look like tolerance and compromise or unity among religions, but without the truth of the Christ. And so, by Adam and Eve’s acceptance of the first lie from the master liar of Political Correctness, the antichrist spirit came to rule over man.

How do we recognize the apostasy of religion? It will look good by offering a no-offense plan, of respecting all religions and coming together in religious tolerance and respect for other religious systems of religious men. How else is Satan going to achieve his goal, if not by world unity of religion through governments, which support them in order to squeeze truth right out of this world? Break that first commandment, and the other nine will fall like a stack of cards. This is the process of Satan gaining ruler-ship over the nations of mankind.

Those Scripture-believing, Law-thumping legalists of the Judaic religion called the Pharisees, who kept every feast day of God religiously, were what Jesus called sons of the devil (see John 8:44). Oh, they looked good, like white teeth on the outside, but they were full of cavities and rot on the inside. That was what their tolerance for Rome and their unity with Caesar did for them.

Jesus, whom today’s priesthood of Christianity likes to point out as being a meek, mild, raiser of funds for the poor, gave the religious men the disgustingly suitable titles they deserved as serpents and a brood of vipers (see Matthew 23:33). While they were busy Scripture-thumping like our Bible-thumping priesthood today, the truth was being rejected at the same time for tolerance and compromise. They were truly eating the forbidden fruit of the ‘hanging tree’ of tolerance just as the Christian priesthood does today.

The entire Christian system of religion is like a wild, unruly vine running in every direction, even into the other trees. Try to imagine this! The Christian University of Notre Dame, a Roman Catholic-based school, gave an honorary doctorate to President Obama for heaven knows what accomplishment! He stands for everything that comes against the Word of God. At the same time, the Roman Catholic Church has challenged his right to force Catholic hospitals to obey a healthcare law, which would force religious groups to provide health insurance coverage for birth control and other medications designed to induce abortions. Such an act forces them to come against their religious doctrines of the institution.

Is that not one wild system going in circles like a dog chasing its own tail? Why would Roman Catholicism, the so-called church, honor a man who is forcing its adherents to dishonor God, by acting in a manner that dishonors its own belief system or religion? I guess you would have to list it among the fools of Proverbs.

Christianity has no foundation whatsoever with that of the apostolic church of Jesus Christ. You cannot be in Satan’s camp of tolerance and compromise and also be part of a church against which the gates of hell will not prevail. Hell prevails daily against religious systems divided among the nations. There is a huge difference between a liberal, religious, divided system and a church fully in one accord (see Acts 2:1-4). Paul said it clearly in Romans that the church needed to be like-minded, one toward another, according to Christ Jesus and of one mind and one mouth glorifying one God (see Romans 15:5-6).

I am one with the apostolic commission given to the church, but I have literally nothing in common with Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism or a United Church of the social gospel. To unite with religion would not even be a possibility for me, any more than it was for the apostles to unite with the Pharisees or religious priesthood of their day. You cannot serve two trees by being one with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the tree of Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar, and also be one with the tree of life, Jesus, at the same time. The tree of Babylon in Jesus’ day was Caesar of the Roman Empire; the tree of Babylon today will be the Antichrist of the Revived Roman Empire.

The nation Israel, along with the Pharisees, declared that they had no king but Caesar. Today, the Christian, religious system, being led by a liberal pope who respects religions of all sorts as long as they are do-gooders all coming together in tolerance for each other, will bow to the coming leader of the One World Order, the Antichrist. This Pope will surely seal the system’s doom with the rest of the religious temple-builders, willing to sacrifice the cross for the sake of unity in the good works, which God sees as filthy, and in a compromised group of peace workers for a cause about which Jesus says there will be no peace until He returns as the Prince of Peace to set up His kingdom. What a deceived lot they are!

The blessed are not the poor, but rather the poor in Spirit. He came for man’s spiritual salvation and not for his financial well-being. He blessed those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, not those who seek a union between religion and government. The peace makers are never found in a union of nations ruled by Satan. The peace makers are the sons of God who trust in Jesus Christ for salvation and will be persecuted by the religious brotherhood, like they persecuted Him, for preaching the gospel of truth while, at the same time, refusing to be ensnared in the trap of religion.

Blessed are they today in America who are being reviled and mocked as true patriots of a nation under God’s rule and are standing to be counted as such. The hypocrite, Obama, will sic the IRS on them while, at the same time, he will take an oath on the Bible, which he, as Commander-in-Chief of the military, ordered his American military to burn.

There you have it, the wild vine of the disconnect, entrapped by the serpent in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We are now seeing the fullness of that suicidal ‘hanging tree’ bearing its fruit of tolerance and compromise, which is the rotten fruit producing wars, violence and human suffering unto death without Jesus, the tree of life, whom God provided for the salvation of man through His mercy and love.

Personally, I will choose Jesus any day, in the same way that Joshua and his family chose to obey and trust in God, when the Israelites crossed over to possess God’s Promised Land, but actually preferred to worship the gods of the surrounding nations. You can have your compromised, tolerant, ‘hanging tree’ if you wish, the same one the nation, Israel, wanted and which, now, America seems to want.

Get your ticket for a journey on the Titanic, so you can travel the tolerance route, you so desire among the rich and the famous, riding over the seawaters! As for me, I choose to be like a donkey with a voice, one upon which Jesus will ride all the way into the kingdom.