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The Bone Structure of the Nation

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

January 01, 2014

The Law of God, the Ten Commandments, is the bone structure of a nation under God; other nations have no such structure. Like the human, without a bone structure and the life-giving law, the nation could be considered little more than the dust to which it will return.

Rights laws create empires, under kings and rulers, coupled with religious controls, which usually involve worshiping the rulers, whether or not of Communism, Atheism, Islam, or whatever the religion. There has not been one empire yet that has retained both power and borders.

A Charter of Rights consists of man-made laws set in place to support freedom of religion rather than the immutable rule of God, which offers liberty in truth. The structure of God’s Law is such as to prevent any religious system from coming into His nation and His kingdom over which He rules. Rights laws change, as do the times and the doctrines of religion; in truth, God’s Law is never changing.

Jesus is the bone structure of God’s Law in whom there is no lie as the Son of the God of truth. His inheritance is that of a kingdom of truth and, hence, His Law begins by saying that He is one with God, His Father. He is the Lord (Son of Man and Son of God) our God. He declared that He has taken His kingdom-bound people out of the religious bondage of this world; therefore, His people shall have no other gods or idols before Him.

Do not reject God, who deals only in truth, for religion! Though it may seem good at the moment, it may be a very bitter pill to swallow when one discovers, too late, that religion saves no one. Rights laws will be at the heart of that bitter taste (see Revelation, chapter 10).

We are talking now about end days when time has run out, and it will be too late to escape the snare of what has been a mystery to many, regarding Babylon the great (the religious world system), the Mother of harlots and the abomination of the earth. She will take down rich and poor alike in the waters of the seven empires upon which she sits, riding the beast.

She sits upon the religious nations of the divided tongues, which came from the religious, tower builders of Babel (see Revelation 17:15). She is a woman of the religious, temple structures, which will all come down – whether stone or wood, it matters not; for they are built on the foundation of lies, which is like sand rather than rock, and shift as the waves of the sea move them.

When Canada adopted a Charter of Rights to replace the Law of her Constitution, the Ten Commandments, she made a deadly move indeed into the world of Trudeau’s liberalism, which results from accepting the lies of Satan. It was as deadly a move as the bite of any poisonous snake could be. Is it not interesting to note that a nation, once strong in the Word of God, by a simple stroke of Trudeau’s pen and without a referendum of the people, had its structure dramatically weakened? Now, it lies prostrate and probably will be unable to escape the rule of his son, Justin, about as pathetic a candidate for the kind of leadership needed in this chaotic world, as one could possibly find.

God mocks us more than we could ever mock Him. He simply sits back and says, “I will give you what you deserve. If you honor the Trudeaus of this world and their Charter of Rights, then I will give them to you. Every religious structure of every possible kind will come into your land and you will honor them, when you would not honor Me. You will build a house of worship for them in the Canadian Museum of Human Rights at the heart of your nation, all the while ignoring the fact that I gave you this nation, so you could be free from the controls of religion.”

“Let us watch and see just how much fun it is when I harden your waters into ice, which will come down from heaven instead of the dew that causes the good food for man to grow and not that which brings forth only thorns and thistles. Do you see the cans on your food shelves growing smaller as the prices go higher?”

Hmm! It sounds very much like the black horse of Revelation and he who sat on it having a pair of scales in his hand. For now, less and less grain and other foods will grow among the thorns. By the way, they were the result of man refusing to keep and tend the Garden for which God had created all things good. He was man who added the seeds of rebellion to the truth of God’s Word and to the Garden plan – the same rebellion, which comes against Jesus and the structure of the Law today.

There were other horses, as well, in the book of Revelation, which describes what will come against the rebellion of man. There is, first, the horse representing the empires of the kings of this world who use their military strength to rule over the conquered, in order to spread the religions of Satan until he rules the entire world; this is followed by another horse, which will remove the peace America knew under God by killing all believers until none remains to challenge the devil’s power with truth. Still, there is a fourth horse, which will usher in the One World Order and kill everyone with hunger and by the sword until death comes to those beasts of the earth, the sons of Satan, who wanted to live by the lie instead of by the truth of God. The entire world will worship the devil, having been deceived by him, when they would not believe the truth.

This is exactly what is coming, because we said “No” to the structure of God in this world and “Yes” to the structure of Satan, which has no standing power at all in the face of the coming storm.

Rejoice, you Tea Partiers, whom the liars mock, and throw the devil’s ways all back into the sea where religion belongs with its taxes, its unions, its greedy, big businesses and, above all, rid the nation of liars who want to hold public offices to which they have no right. We, who are called the church, are responsible for having elected them. We continue to keep them and refuse to be the good shepherds we ought to be, by keeping and tending this nation.

The institutional church has become a priesthood of hirelings as greedy as the conquering kings of the empires who are always looking for the booty of war. They squeeze the financial lemon for all they can get out of it, with their books, their videos, their DVD’s and conferences. What has happened to ‘freely give’ in the same way as one has freely received?

The bone structure of Jesus was not broken on the cross and the Law of God will rest firmly on its foundation of truth. Men can try to rid this world of it, but it is the world, which will be broken for accepting the religious laws of the cults, in place of accepting the truth.

Does it look like there will be a happy and good year ahead for America? I don’t think so, unless she comes out of the fog and into the light, holding the hand of God all the way.