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The Socialization Program for Socializing America

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

January 07, 2014

And so, how is America’s participation in the Middle East, in their wars of religion, working for her? She goes in and sacrifices her sons and daughters in an effort to create American-style democracies, but the fact remains, you cannot bring liberty to religiously-controlled nations. How do you turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse?

Is there any one of her forays into the Middle East that has had any lasting effect on the Muslim world? Was she naïve enough to think there is any success in wars, which have no goal for victory from the beginning? Agreements with the enemy are meaningless when a culture of life clashes with a culture of death. Morally responsible people cannot trust agreements made with morally corrupt murderers and liars.

What America has succeeded in doing has been to advance the cause of Islam, both in the East and the West, at the cost of possible destruction to her own people’s economy and way of life. After billions and billions of dollars have been spent on the wars in the East to finance the enemies of America, she departs from the cause less sure now than when she entered into their affairs as to just what it was all about. The enemy has simply returned to fill the vacuum left behind, making Islam even stronger than it was, while America grows weaker.

On the home-front, the illegals pour over her borders and are treated to all the welfare benefits of the legals in the power play of a socialist president, aimed at redistributing the wealth of America, not only within the land, but also among the various enemies who would kill her. Everyone, but the wage earner who earns the money, is entitled to the money.

The President is creating an entitlement society, that is to say, for everyone except the hard-working American, who is the only one entitled to the fruits of his own work. Never think for a moment that the aim of Obama is not to alter the greatness of the nation and the capitalist system under God to bring the doom of Socialism upon her, as it fell upon all the other socialist and Communist nations of the world. But they have steadily regained power, while America continues to fall behind under the role-reversing plan of Obama.

It was during the closed pages of his youth while spending time at Columbia University that he came to fully embrace the principles of Socialism, the same principles, which have so imprisoned the people of the socialist countries, who have been living in poverty over recent years. Mix this with a socialist mentor called Frank Marshall Davis, more likely than not his natural father, and you have a very dangerous person in the White House, indeed, which we are only now coming to fully recognize. Certainly Alan Keyes, his most capable, black, 2004 Senate opponent, tried to warn us, but the Catholic University of Notre Dame had him dragged off to prison for doing so.

This wave of poverty is hitting the shores of America for believing the lies of a lying president who has covered up his plan quite nicely with double-talk, hypocrisy and an actual hatred for the Constitution of the United States and the ways of the American people. He is the consummate racist and a disgrace to his own race, whose standard of living he is lowering daily in what has become a back-breaking agenda bent on seeing the death of a nation.

He tampers with the voting system, he tampers with the financial system and he tampers with the courts, not to mention the Constitution, the media and the educational system. He has introduced big brother and big government into them all. Government no longer represents the people; it controls and destroys them, rather than serve them. 

And where are the brakes of the checks and balances, which government is supposed to provide against presidential tyranny? Congress had every right to impeach this traitor who has been carrying out treason against his own people, who elected him to serve them and to protect their rights. Instead, this Congress has done nothing but advise and then become a consensual partner in crime.

The President has carried out treason against the people’s God in whom the people have declared they trust. Instead, he is serving as the minion of the Chicago Soviet Union of the mob and the Workers’ Union of Communist Workers, working together against the nation. He knows well what happened to the Kennedy brothers who dared to come against the thugs he serves, by trying to break out from under their tight government association.

One has to question his home-front, as to whether or not it is more an arrangement, made by his Chicago associates, than a love affair. I would suggest that his sweet, loving wife is rather more controlling than the public has been led to believe. They were her friends who actually brought disaster to the whole Obamacare scene with a billion-dollar failure called the Obamacare website. Did this President care so little about its success, or did his wife run this show and determine its fate? Its failure has led the nation closer and closer to financial chaos and disaster. Yet, the President simply ignores the problems as he golfs, holidays and laughs all the way to the bank through it all.

Is he not having an affair with Socialism in the same, lying way Clinton had his affairs with women? What does this first lady care about being the mistress in his affair? She gets all the perks without having to redistribute her wealth – a pretty clever, little woman with her own agenda, indeed. She reminds me somewhat of the power bestowed on the behemoth in the book of Job, the strength of which was in his hips (see Job 40:16). The ribs of the serpent in this passage were like bars of iron. Is this woman, with the sway and power in her hips, not the rib of Obama?

She could well have been a match for the iron lady, Prime Minister Thatcher. Heaven forbid that they might have been forced to eat at the same table! It has been difficult enough for Netanyahu who only rarely has been given a place to sit at the same table with her and with her husband. I’m sure she coaches her staff well about not setting such a place for the Prime Minister of Israel, the only functioning democracy in the Middle East and America’s closest ally in that region.

America certainly got a team when it got this pair, but it is sometimes difficult to tell which one really wears the pants. Is it the one with the iron will or the one with the gift of the liar’s gab? Or is it just a very good arrangement of like minds? Do I hear, “judge not”? Is it the congressional mantra I hear, which says, “committee” them to death but do not actually be so brazen as to judge and hold anyone accountable?

Tolerance is the name of the game these days, but then it is understood that it is only for the Progressive Socialist, ever moving America closer to becoming a socialist satellite of Putin’s Russia. Get that stupid, politically-correct log out of your eye and do your job of starting to actually judge whether or not the man, Obama, needs firing – he, his wife and all the czars from Chicago who have been placed around him.

It has become a matter of the President versus the people. Either he is judged and found guilty, or the people will lose their country and be guilty of not carrying the torch of liberty handed to them by those who fought and died in the real wars fought for liberty under God’s rule. Those soldiers had a purpose. What has been the purpose of the deaths of so many American soldiers in the Middle East?

Take off your blinders and put on your glasses, people of America! She is about to disappear down the drain for not having kept her cultural mandate to tend and keep the truth of God in a nation separate from the cults and religious lies of liberalism. It is the same rebellion of Adam and Eve, who refused to keep the truth in order to embrace the lie in a challenge to God, which brought about their death on the dawn of creation. What do you think God will do to America at this time of darkness, as the midnight hour of judgment closes in on her?