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The Gift of the Real Miracle

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

January 14, 2014

What constitutes the work of miracles, perhaps the greatest of them being the healing of one’s physical health by the touch of a hand? Is the miracle not about that which has been created, only to see decay, and then is recreated anew in an instant? Who, if not the Creator, has the power to instantly recreate that which He originally created? There is no scent of evolution involved here; it is an instant occurrence.

To the contrary, the doctor’s healing process builds upon scientific experimentation and research, having the building blocks of that which has gone before and has been proven to be successful. However, there can be a certain trust in the scientific reliability of God’s creation, which has a degree of predictability created by the renewing and regenerating nature of life on earth.

The miracles of Jesus’ healings are historically recorded within the pages of both the Bible and other historical writings, even those written by the Romans, who were His enemies and the non-believers concerning His supernatural powers. His miracles are not suppositions, which were widely recorded; they are undisputable fact.

His ministry on earth was full of such healing miracles and the beauty of the biblical records is found in the fact that they were totally written under the influence of the Holy Spirit and have become part of the testimony given in the spirit of prophecy. Every word written is a component of that prophecy. Therefore, the Bible self-validates itself, needing no further reference to prove its truth. God can swear upon no higher power.

So, if the miracle of healing takes place to recreate the body anew by touch, why is it that this newly created body does not live on forever instead of falling back into decay? There is a principle at work, released by man’s sin in the Garden, which we call the principle of thermal dynamics, whereby everything is in the process of decay and on the broad road back to destruction and dust.

There can be only one answer. Man, himself, lost the Spirit of life breathed into him, due to the original sin of the Garden by the mother and father of all living. Though having been given the miracle of a restored body, he is still spiritually dead, with the death sentence of the Garden hanging over his head. He remains separated from a Holy God, who cannot co-exist with sin. Man, once again, needs access to the tree of eternal life, by means of a miracle, for which purpose God sent His Son, Jesus, to earth to take the death sentence of man upon His shoulders and set him free from his captivity to death. God never lies, but He can change the outcome of events with miracles.

The miracle of Jesus and His birth lies in the fact that He took the death sentence in our place because He was full of the Spirit of life in a body that was corruptible. He was born for the death sentence, fulfilled the blood sacrifice and, in the Spirit, was able to return from the dead to the land of the living for there was no spirit of death in Him as a Man who knew no sin.

In God’s timing, He was ready to perform the miracle of recreation for those who wanted the Spirit of life more than they wanted to retain the death sentence of their natural birth. Through His Son, He offered the incredible opportunity to receive a new and incorruptible body for this incredible gift of victory over death, through His efforts and not by anything we could do for ourselves.

The resurrection of the soul by the living Spirit was all that would be needed, along with a will to resist and reject the lure of Satan who tests every living being, just as he tested Eve and Adam who failed miserably. This miracle is accompanied by the enormous love and mercy of a Father, who cared enough to take the incredible pain and suffering upon Himself, which was caused by sin, in order to save His creation. Is it not interesting how very ungrateful man is for having been offered this incredible miracle of victory over death?

But, there is a hitch to it all. God wants a grateful heart and a heart that wants life more than it wants to indulge in the sin of this world. If He loved man enough to do this miracle for him and take his pain in his place, then He has the right to demand of man that he return that same love for Him.

This puts Satan on the warpath, as he comes marching in to try and claim man’s soul back. But Jesus was able to send the Spirit and breath of life back into man if he would merely trust in Him to do so. There is no other way than this miracle, which only He could provide for His creation.

Satan has many devious ways of trying to destroy the children before they have the opportunity to grow into understanding. One is to create the fable of Santa Claus, gain their trust in miracles, and then deflate the bubble when they find out it is only a fable and that there is no Santa and there is no pie in the sky with a miracle for all the children of the world. How defeating it is to the child’s spirit to discover his/her trust has been abused and that there is no such living being who knows all things and is capable of giving to every human being the desire of his heart.

We, the parents of the children, are quite happy and willing to allow our children to believe in the lie and the fantasy in order to see their little eyes and spirits light up on Christmas day when the miracle of their hearts’ desire appears for them. This is wonderful when man makes it work, but not all parents are able to sustain such a fable or miracle. How many of us have cared enough to raise their spirits again with the good news of the real Miracle Worker? It is so easy to cross over from the lie to the truth.

God establishes Himself from the beginning as the God of truth and the Father of life. Satan, the devil, is established from the beginning as the author of lies and the father of death. God offers the life-producing miracles of creation and recreation. Satan offers nothing but the antichrist, anti-creation and anti-life things called pain and the destruction of both the body and the soul.

When God created the miracle of Christmas for man with the birth of Jesus, He offered the old body back to Satan at the same time; but Jesus will claim the soul and refurbish it with a new, incorruptible body. This is the greatest miracle offered to any child ever born of corruption; it is a real miracle. Of course the counterfeiter, Satan, uses the politically correct lie that such miracles do not exist. We need to take the lie of Santa Claus and use the evil of the lie to put it to service for God’s purpose of letting the world know the truth.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but his real name is Jesus, and on the very day of Christmas, He came into the world so that not only the children, but also the mothers and fathers could all receive a miracle. They could receive the greatest gift anyone could ever receive on Christmas morning – the gift of life as the healing miracle of Jesus who was born to give you this perfectly packaged gift.

“But His apostles could heal too!” you say. The answer is “Yes”; when He died He gave the power of the Spirit of life to them to use for the purpose of bringing others into the kingdom of heaven. They received the keys of power, which could open the door to heaven (see Matthew chapter 16). Should they have chosen not to use them by taking the truth to all nations, then there would be no other way of religion or religious systems under Satan, capable of opening that door. Satan is the author of the antichrist system who, in pride, makes himself into his own god of myth (Olympia) and creates the lie that man needs no help from God to reach a place called Nirvana. Its true name is hell.

Jesus made the apostles His bride of the church and His help-mate. The gates of hell would not prevail against her like it did against the bride of Adam. He would allow her to know Him, as man knows a woman, through intimacy with His body, which is the Word, and through the infilling of the Spirit of life, which is His seed of life that sets the breathing process in motion with the breath of life.

The marriage bed between God and man is where it all begins as the Alpha. After the 6000-year journey of man is over, the marriage bed is restored between man and God as the Omega, by the God who knows the beginning from the end. The instruction Book of life, the Bible, can reflect nothing but the Alpha and the Omega in truth, the prophetic testimony of Jesus, given in the spirit of prophecy (see Revelation 19:10).

At the last supper, which Jesus shared with His twelve disciples, He took the bread (the manna from heaven), blessed it and broke it (just as His body would be broken on the cross with the light of the world being broken like the rainbow, which Noah saw), and He gave it to His disciples, saying, “Take, eat; this is My body.” Then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you. For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins (see Matthew 26:26-28).” Who was Jesus thanking if there is no God?

“Yes, of course little children, there is a Santa Claus; but His name is Jesus and He alone carries the sack, which is full of miracles for the entire world.” And this all began in the little town of Bethlehem, just a short distance from the King’s city of Jerusalem where the story concluded the Alpha and the Omega. It took place on the King’s Way to the King’s city – you might even say, on the King’s Street – the Way of the truth and of that great miracle called life.

There were ten lepers in a certain village, which Jesus entered, standing afar off (like the ten toes of the One World Order of spiritually sick lepers). They begged for mercy from Him. So, He told them to go as witnesses to the priests (the religious system of the world, now united as one under Satan) and as they went to witness they were cleansed. But only one came back giving all the credit to Jesus, glorifying God as he fell on his face before His feet, doing so in a very loud VOICE.

He gave thanks in gratitude and, furthermore, he was not a Hebrew Jew; he was a Samaritan Jew, like the woman who met Jesus at the well, to then become a great evangelist. Of all the lepers, he was the only one of the ten to return to Jesus, glorifying God for his healing. He did not bow to the world, nor was he held under duress by any religious system. By faith in Jesus (Santa Claus), he received his gift of a real miracle.

Virginia, if you have not already written your request to Santa, then write it now; for it will become a life and death issue in the coming years. Soon enough the miracle of the Baby will be swept away, just as the sea claims its victims in a storm. But do not forget, Virginia, to be grateful and honor the Giver of miracles, the very Creator who first created you and can recreate you once again.

This great country of Canada has given you the same heritage as that of the one leper who was thankful for healing, life and truth. Do not now forget to write your thank-you letter to Santa for having received the blessing of your very own miracle of a Canadian Heritage Christmas (see Luke 17:11-19). You, too, can receive a real miracle..

Yes, Virginia, there truly is a Santa. Don’t let them tell you otherwise!