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The Liars and Spin Doctors vs. the Truth Sayers

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

January 23, 2014

When one removes God and His Word from the political equation, one discovers that a moral abyss will fill the vacancy. It is the devil’s role to find this spiritual vacancy, move in his army of fallen angels and then fill the gap with evil until morality becomes a thing of the past, and an iron fence of lies surround it. Unfortunately, man loses his moral compass and the chaos of immorality rules the day. Black is called white and white, black.

It is quite astounding to listen to the liberal, political spin doctors and their dumbing-down of the term ‘liar’. We have heard it all lately from our liberal politicians in the United States. President Obama has paved the way for others to follow in his footsteps, in the same way as former President Bill Clinton (not to mention his wife, Hillary) paved the way for Obama to follow in his footsteps. 

First of all, Clinton stared the Americans down with the outright lie about Gennifer Flowers, stating, “I never had sex with that woman.” He was ready to hang her out to dry as a ‘floozy’ worthy of nothing better than public disdain.  He accused that woman of nothing short of lying about him. ‘Slippery Bill’ let it be known to the world that she was trying to darken his character and that he, an icon of moral fortitude, would never have done such a thing with that woman. Let’s see! All of this was to say, before he was caught in his own lies by the evidence, which proved otherwise. His disdainful, facial features gave way very rapidly to those of a most contrite-looking man who had to admit he needed the forgiveness of his enraptured public.

Now, this led to his next, little difficulty of breaking the un-written law of sex in the Oval Office with yet another female claimant. In this case, he chose to use a different one of his slippery tactics by challenging the court of public opinion with the actual definition of what it is that defines a sexual misdemeanor. Could this little foray, in truth, be called sex, or were he and his female employee just participating together in an extremely friendly, innocent, male-female relationship, all part of doing business in the Oval Office?

Obama quickly picked up on the fact that lying as a president is no big deal, especially if you happen to be a Democrat. He knew that a Republican, like Nixon, would never be allowed to get away with it. The cameras of the liberal media were held in waiting for any opportunity that might present itself, to bring down their glare on a Republican president, whom they could shame with the accusation of a cover-up with lies. However, in the case of Billy Boy, there was no such agenda of the press. After all, he was a liberal, and one of their own, whom they would do anything to protect, even if it meant using the same ammunition of lies and innuendos.

How rampant that first liberalism of the Garden has become, which grew out of the lies of the devil! “If you want to keep your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan; period. If you want to keep your doctor you can keep your doctor; period.” These blatant lies were made with a scornful face, which dared anyone to doubt him. With the same face more blatant lies came forth trying to cover up the former ones, by stating that it was true at the time, but possibly would not necessarily apply when it actually came time to put the law into practice. In other words, with the next lie, you simply drop the word ‘period’ from the first one, and all shall be forgotten and forgiven.

Such a man has developed the art of lies and deception at its best. His cover-up of the lies surrounding Benghazi was masterful, but he got caught this time with his hand in the cookie jar, and could not escape the fact. Now, it has become about as deep as it can go in the art of dirty politics. The public has become afraid to challenge this President, because he has made up a hit list of those who oppose his agendas, and who knows when his accomplice in crime, the IRS, might make the move to destroy one? Obama, like Adam, most certainly needs to have his fig leaf covering removed, to reveal his shame, and receive a new covering of the skins of the beast, showing him to be the son of the beast that he is, and son of the master liar himself called the devil.

Liberal Democrat, Anthony Weiner, in comparison, is so blatant in his misrepresentation of self to the public that he almost becomes likeable by taking possession of his own lies, as if they were just part of his job description as a liberal politician, saying “There I go again.” He doesn’t seem to be quite as despicable as the two masters of deceit in the Office of the President; he is much more of a clown than he is a crafty fox.

Now, we have the latest liar coming from the liberal Democrats in the person of a woman from Texas called Wendy Davis, who is running for Governor. Again, like her leader, Obama, she bases her political reason for election on the lies, which have falsified both of their credentials for office. Ms. Davis claims she is deserving of being elected because she, as a woman, has managed to climb the ladder of success, as a single mom in poverty, who managed to raise her children alone, while educating herself at the same time to become a lawyer, all with her own resources.

She just happened to get the number wrong, when she stated the number of years that she was married to her first husband and then got it wrong a second time when she stated the amount of time she had spent living in poverty in a trailer before she met her second husband. She next forgot to mention the fact that he had paid for a good part of her education, for which she claimed to have paid, herself. Finally, she forgot to mention that after she had completed her education, she conveniently shed her second husband.

It was far from an accurate picture of the one she painted with lies. However, her latest tactic has been to redefine the nature of a lie, following closely in the footsteps of “Slippery Bill”. This has been a very foxy move in which she took all of her lies and lumped them together, by stating that they were little more than her being a tad loose with the wording. She has now had the revelation that her speech might need a little tightening up somewhat. When did a lie become like a little tuck of the skin – something to cover up the wrinkles?

Again, this week I saw Lanny Davis interviewed on Fox News, as one of the liberal commentators who deal in the spin. And what spin doctors they are! He considers himself to be an expert on political crisis management. His suggestion was not far off the mark of the Kingston, ON, psychiatrist who, when asked advice by the Pope as to how to manage the sexual sin of the Catholic priesthood against innocent, young children, gave the profound advice to go easy on the priesthood. They really need to be dealt with differently from the rest of society who have lower I.Q.s than they have. One should be careful not to damage their emotional psyches and feelings of self-worth, as the more intelligent and sensitive branch of the human race.

Lanny Davis handed out much the same sort of tripe in his interview about the embellishment of lies as being just the politically-correct way of dealing with a situation when one is caught. He simply says, “So what?” in so many words. They all do it; therefore, they are deserving, so to speak, of a bit of wiggle room for no other reason than the fact that they are politicians, and lies are part of politics.

We all know that being a politician does not necessarily place them in the same position as that of the priesthood with their high I.Q.s, if you get the drift of my meaning. It would be nice if they could come forth with the truth but, ‘hey there’, the public needs to bring itself into the twenty-first century and accept the way politicians are, just like we now know very clearly about the way the Catholic priesthood is. Let’s just not ruffle too many political feathers or we could expose the shame of their nakedness!

One might buy this approach once, but shame on a public that buys it twice and then buys it over and over again to the point that liberalism and lying have filled the void left in a nation that once stood for moral values and the importance of telling the truth. God, who ruled this nation from sea to sea, is a God of truth. When He departs, the truth goes with Him.

If it’s Satan you want to rule over this land, you will get him with the Clintons, the Obamas, Anthony Weiner and Ms. Davis, as those who place their political foundation on a bank of lies. If it is God you want, you will get Him with men and women like Ben Carson, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee, to name a few of many, who prefer to stand on God’s truth.

Give me a truthful politician any day, no matter what his/her color, creed or party, and I will show you leadership that is good for the country and for its people. This will be the only way that this nation can be brought back from a low state of dishonor to the glory it once had in its glory days under God’s rule.

There has never been a greater ruler than King David who, when confronted with the sin of adultery and murder, immediately fell on his face before God and cried out to Him. It wasn’t his political future he cared about; it was his divine relationship with a God who alone could determine his eternal future, which was what he cared about more than anything. It’s too bad there are so few David’s on the political scene today!

I guess that is why Jesus established His true, apostolic church outside of the religious systems of the world. He would raise His own to be priests and kings of His kingdom, totally trustworthy if born of the right Spirit and standing on truth only. They will fulfill the words of Jesus when He said, “But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth (John 4:23-24).”