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The Heritage Message of Christmas

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 01, 2014

What is the message of the real church of Jesus Christ, which will inherit the kingdom because the gates of hell cannot prevail against her? From the outset, Jesus gave to His church the keys to the kingdom of heaven and to her He entrusted His Word and the spreading of the gospels of truth.

Never, for a minute, confuse her with the institutions of Christianity. They were established by Rome, part of the Babylonian system, but not a part of Jesus’ church, which came with no other name than church. They are rooted in the apostasy of their first high priest, the pagan priest of Rome who became the Pope and high priest ruling over the religious system of Christianity.

There is only one High Priest and Cornerstone of the church; His name is Jesus, and not the Pope. To no other man do men bow (and scrape to pay their dues in money). Jesus sought funds from no one. There should be no pride in the legalism of tithing; in the same way as Melchizedek required a tithe of all from Abraham, Jesus wants our all, not our money.

At creation, God, the Father, provided all the needs for His son and daughter of man. Spiritual relationship with the Creator included a provision for all the needs of man for the good life in a place where all things were created good. To the contrary, sin leading to lack of relationship between God and man caused the earth not to yield to man in what became known as the curse as opposed to the blessing of a creation created good in every way.

Yet, through His Son, Jesus Christ, God planned a kingdom inheritance for His Son and His church. One could say that at His birth, God gave us the gift of the first heritage Christmas, whereby the heritage of man, lost in the Garden kingdom, would be restored with the rule of Jesus and His bride/consort, the true church here on earth.

It is as the dividing point in time for humanity, between those who accept His birth as both Son of Man and Son of God and those who reject Him as being the only way back to the Father. One will either receive the light of creation or be driven back into the outer darkness, whence one was taken, for neither desiring, nor searching for, the way back to the tree of life and restored Garden living in relationship again with the Father.

The world is hardly a garden today with Satan’s plan in effect to kill and destroy that which Jesus carved out of humankind, to become His church. The antichrist spirit hates the Christ and His church. As long as she is captive to the religious system of Christianity, Satan is happy, for religion has its roots in the lies of the Garden, which led to man and his works taking him away from God and His truth with a social gospel based on man becoming like God. It could all be summarized in the fact that Jesus came to save the poor in spirit and not the poor of the world. He would bless man with the Spirit of God, whether or not poor or rich. All are equal in the eyes of God.

Satan loves a church that prays for the health of the body and the wealth of this world, and not for the healing of men’s souls. He loves a do-gooder who trusts in his own strength and not in the strength and power of the Lord. Who needs Jesus when one can build buildings like the tower of Babel with their own steeple reaching into the heavens? Such are they who depend on group building programs rather than depending on the purity of God’s Word.

Note how easily the institutional churches can remove the cross to join with other religions for the sake of unity within Satan’s program for a One World Religious Order. They can easily discount His statement, that He is the only way to the Father, and instead speak of their respect for all religions. Such theology would be despised by Jesus. Is the Pope, the pagan high priest of Rome, not right at the heart of such apostasy by saying that the god of religion (Allah) is one with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Never has this world been told a greater lie.

Note how the World Council of Churches is all about uniting religion and not about spreading the gospel of truth, as Jesus called His church to do. He separated her from the religious crew of religious Judaism with its high priests and Pharisees. They were not to be united ever again, any more than Israel, once removed from Egypt, was not to return to that land, lest she return to her captivity from which the Lord had set her free.

Unfortunately, the true church was taken captive again and did return to the Romanism of the Babylonian system of empires, where she lies sleeping in her tomb of religion awaiting the kiss of her prince to redeem for her anew, her lost ‘snow white’ persona. She awaits another Snow White Christmas celebration, which will honor the miracle of receiving a heritage given to her by her Redeemer.

The story of Ruth in the Bible is just such a story. Like Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, the church has a mother-in-law called Mary, and, as Ruth yielded her life to bring forth the child of inheritance, so too did Mary, by bringing forth Jesus, the Son of inheritance for God. The church then follows in the footsteps of Ruth, with the born again believer bringing forth the child of the inheritance of Mary’s Son, Jesus who died for his/her redemption. Boaz was the perfect picture of the Redeemer, as the near kin of Naomi’s dead son Mahlon. The church is the picture of the bride of Christ, who carries on the line of Mary, born again of the Spirit of God, to yield sons and daughters for Him.

One cannot forget the nature of Rebekah, the woman destined to become the bride of Isaac, the son of inheritance of Abraham, the founding father of Israel. She, like Abraham, immediately departed from her present life, family and all her friends of the East, who were near and dear to her, in order to follow Eliezer, led by the Spirit of God, to be delivered to her husband whom God provided for her.

All of her own plans, dreams and works were left behind to immediately respond to the call of the one whom she would first call her husband and then her beloved. In this way, she chose through marriage to be united to the plan of God for the redemption of His people. Could any of the plans and works of man equal this role as the bride of inheritance?

Her response was like that of Abraham to the first call of the Way, at the very beginning of the long, long journey back to the Garden, represented by the Land of Promise, the land so full of fruit and abundance, a provision of God, which had nothing to do with the works of men. All that was required of first, Abraham, and then, of Rebekah, was to accept the call in faith, and then to obey and trust in their Creator to lead and provide the entire distance to the kingdom on earth.

If they had not done so, history would be an entirely different story from the very beginning. It would have been just another tale about people like Adam and the high priest of Judaism, who first rejected God and then rejected Jesus. All of Israel declared Caesar to be their king while, at the same time, rejecting Jesus. They refused to be His bride so He carved out of mankind His church and sent His servants out to the gentiles to find for Him a bride, the role to which Israel said, “No thank you!” Jesus wants a bride with the nature of Rebekah, who first trusted by faith in a husband, whom she had never seen, and then loved him as her beloved, once she knew him.

Would America not rather call Obama her messiah than Jesus? And look where it has gotten her. How is it working for her? She would have to be blind, deaf and stupid if she thinks he is the prince of hope and change. He runs away from God and back to the East whence he came, to gain his support from Egypt, with its Islamic religion, a people who really have no interest in him or his country. His foreign policy, if it could be called that, is geared to benefit and laud the East, not the West.

His face is a picture of darkness and despair, as it is now becoming known just who his father is. He has tried to keep it a secret, but, if the truth be known, it is the same father as that of the Pharisees whom Jesus claimed to be the devil (see John 8:44), much and all as they believed Abraham to be their father. In Jesus’ time they no longer had anything in common with Abraham. They preferred the harlotry of Babylon, found in their choice for the Caesars of Rome, to the fidelity of a people under the rule of the God of Israel. They were not even close to being the sons of Abraham’s inheritance; they had nothing in common with the nature of Rebekah and the fidelity of Ruth.

The future of America’s heritage is very much at stake. Will she claim it like the two women, Rebekah and Ruth, claimed it, or will she reject it like Israel before her? It is time for a real heritage Christmas to grace her shores once again.

Abraham begot Isaac and Isaac begot Jacob by Rebekah, whose name was changed to Israel. Boaz begot Obed by Ruth, Obed begot Jesse and Jesse begot David, the king of the everlasting throne of Israel. And from his line came Mary, the virgin mother who bore Jesus, the Christ, the Son of Man and the Son of God, on that first Christmas Day (see Matthew, chapter 1 and Luke, chapter 3). And so the heritage was established for the King who would rule forever and forevermore on the throne of David.