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The Olympics and the ‘Peace-loving’ Muslims

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 03, 2014

Is it possible that four years have passed already since the Olympics were held in Canada? What a very different situation it is today from then! I am trying to remember whether or not there was ever any concern about Canada having to provide security for the Olympians from terrorists. If so, I personally cannot remember it once becoming an issue of major concern.

Have the times changed so much in four years, or is it simply the difference between the East and the West? Would there be the same major issue with security in this country, as there is in Russia, if the Olympics were being held here this year, instead of being held in Russia?

First of all, the problem for security is the fact that the world is dealing with a crafty and murderous, religious group of fundamentalist butchers carrying out to a tee, the fundamental doctrines of Mohammed. He calls upon his followers to mutilate and kill the infidels or non-Muslims, when it so suits the purposes of Jihad. The Koran says so; it is not I who say it.

There are passages in the Koran, which call for the cutting off of hands for the act of thievery. Is there anyone of you who cannot remember, as a child, simply picking up something that did not belong to you to possess it as your own? I can still hear the cry that she took something from me and won’t give it back. Could any of us as children within a Muslim society possibly have lost a hand to the butchers of Islam for such an act?

What is the difference today between Canada and Russia? The changes in the past four years in the United States, under the Obama administration, have been dramatic, with respect to the safety of all Americans, including Canadians. Never has there been such a miserable foreign policy, which has weakened America’s position on the world stage. Islam is no longer afraid of her, as long as it is dealing with a very weak President who is a Muslim at heart, bowing to Muslim potentates. He has opened the doors of the White House to Islam while, at the same time, closing them to Israel, the only democracy of the Middle East.

Why would the Islamic fundamentalists need to carry out terrorist acts when they can come directly into the nation by peaceful means to infiltrate American governments and universities? It is much more sensible for the terrorists to walk their way into the nation, rather than having to fight their way in. When they have the help of Bill Ayers and Obama using the university platforms to indoctrinate the future generations, why waste missiles and lives when they need only to be the pied pipers of Islam to the future generations of today’s classrooms?

More importantly, why damage their most powerful weapon of all? They keep using it because even the religious heads of Christianity are on their side when it comes to propaganda, which states that the ‘peace-loving’ Muslims are our neighbors here in our country, and do not share in the radicalism of the Muslim terrorists. This is the big lie, above all other lies, about the nature of Islam, which our governments are spewing out into the culture and media daily.

No one can claim to be a Muslim, regularly attending the mosque, and separate oneself from the doctrine of butchery, murder and Jihad. It is the doctrine upon which the religion is built. The basic, underlying belief is that, ultimately, the world must be taken over by Islam and all people must worship and bow to Allah or be killed. This is the essence of Jihad. There is no modified version of the Koran to which ‘peace-loving’ Muslims adhere. One is either a Muslim, taught to kill that which gets in the way of Islamic, world dominance, or one is not a Muslim.

A similar doctrine can readily be found in pre-war Germany when Hitler was rising to power as leader of the Nazi party. Germans were generally going about their everyday lives with business as usual. Hitler appealed deceitfully to them, meeting with Christian leaders to assure them, that, if they limited their role to attending to the souls of the people, he would attend to the affairs of state.

What he really had in mind was a kind of Jihad involving racial cleansing, which meant ridding first, the German nation, and next, the world, of all Jews, as part of his plan for world dominance. Does this sound familiar concerning the goals of Islam, which wants to rid the world of the nation Israel by driving all the Jews into the sea?

Along with the construction of extermination camps, the indoctrination of Hitler’s German children began. This would become one of his strongest weapons for producing a German, superior-race mentality. The German people would either get on board with Hitler’s plan, or they could suddenly disappear not to be seen again.

The voice of one Dietrich Bonhoeffer, crying in the wilderness, went unheeded by the people who ignored his warnings, until it was too late. The indoctrination of the children was so successful that the state could count on the children to become informants of the state against any parents who might express their disagreement with Nazi party policies. The bottom line was that disagreement of the citizens with the state was deemed to be intolerable, and punishable by death.

In the same manner today our foolish, Laodicean, Christian leaders, just like the ones to whom Hitler first made his appeal, have bought into the Pope’s doctrine of one God being both Allah and the God of the Bible. To this he adds the foolishness that Islam is a ‘peace-loving’ religion in so far as Muslim terrorists are the violent radicals, but most Muslims just want peace.

Tell that, if you will, to the hundreds of thousands of Christians being murdered in the Islamic countries of the East by their neighbors and their own governments, with it barely being addressed by the media. The Christian church of America has very little knowledge about such religious cleansing, with those who do have such knowledge, showing little concern at all for their brothers in harm’s way. The thinking seems to be that Jihad is going on over there and they are here, practicing their religion in safety, for the moment, that is to say, until over there becomes over here.

It is pathetic to see how such killings are not even factored into the foreign policies of either American or Canadian governments. Instead they are busy preaching preferential tolerance for the ‘peace-loving’ Muslims here, on the home front, only to see Christian rights being stepped on, while showing apathy toward the plight of the Christians abroad.

Once Islam reaches its goal of American takeover, then watch the events unravel in exactly the same way as they did under the Nazi regime in Germany. There will be no such thing as a friendly, ‘peace-loving’ Muslim to be found. They will cut Christian throats or have their own cut; that is what Jihad is about.

What did the crowd do as a British military man was chopped to pieces on the streets of London by two Muslim attackers? They rushed the police when they came on the scene and the butchers were shot, only to be treated for their wounds from what was called merely a terrorist incident. Was there not just a yawn as the people went about their way, believing that there was very little they could do about it? The British people have been brainwashed into believing they must tolerate Muslims in their midst, disrupting the English culture.

People of America, you are putting your heads on the chopping block by accepting any such foolish propaganda at all about your good, ‘peace-loving’ neighbors of the Islamic faith. Take a good, hard look at Dearborn, Michigan, and then a look at what your government is doing about it. Why in the world is it being tolerated for a minute in this land?

Political Correctness has told you that these people who hate America and the American way are really your good neighbors deserving of the rights afforded them, even if it means destroying your rights and your country. You are the fools and deserving of the fate, which awaits you, if you continue to allow the lie to take root that Muslims of any sort or color are part of a ‘peace-loving’ religion. Show me one who is, and I will show you a purple monkey.