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Dust-collecting Republicanism

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 26, 2014

The greatest threat, among the many threats to America today, is the stranglehold of the media. The lies and propaganda coming out of it are floating through the air like dust particles settling on furniture. Unless one covers one’s furniture or continually keeps wiping the dust away, one comes to the point where one is simply pushing it from one place to another until eventually the carpets are full of it, and the furniture is covered with it.

As I look at the Conservative element in the United States, it is like looking at a dusty, old house, which needs professional cleaners to come in and clean it up. The Tea Partiers, who have become the workers using the clean-up machine to try and clean it out, of course, are reviled by their liberal cohorts and enemy of Constitutional Law. This is the element, which wants to make their own laws and do away with the Constitution, which they consider to be a hindrance to their runaway, liberal progressivism. I have always found this a strange name for something that is progressing nowhere except to disaster.

The Constitution has an amazing capacity for diagnosing acts of liberalism and rooting out the problem. The Tea Partiers are calling for a complete housecleaning in which the dust is no longer just being pushed around, but rather is being attacked with a vengeance, before the house can be sold to any prospective buyers. The buyers are not interested in buying a house, which looks the same as the house of the dust-producing, liberal progressives.

So, in terror of the power of this movement, the liberals do that which they do best. They call the Tea Partiers names such as racists, when, in fact, their policies have nothing to do with racism at all; they are simply much more discerning than liberals and are not easily deceived by the master deceivers of liberalism.

Is it not interesting that the first command of God to His new creation was to not eat of the tree, the fruit of which was the fruit of liberalism from God’s plan for man to replace it with Satan’s plan for man, which left God out of the picture? And what was His warning? He stated categorically that man would die and return to the dust from which He had taken him.

Herein lies not only the answer to the problem in the United States and Canada, which will destroy them if allowed to continue, but also the cause of the present decline of liberty and freedom of speech. Liberalism from God for the purpose of setting up Secular controls is the very thing from which Jesus came to set the captives free. He came to put an end to the ‘back to dust’ progressive movement toward death, so we could be freed from the effects of having eaten the religious fruit of liberalism, a belief system apart from God’s plan for His truth. It is written in His Guide Book, which explains how to keep the mechanics of the world functioning properly, without any hitches.

It is the only Book, which can guide this world to freedom from the wars and religious power struggles of satanic, empire-building nations. Those nations have their own constitution of the devil, written in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and delivered by the serpent. That, my friend, is where the compromise begins, which eventually destroys men who compromise the truth and buy into the lies of the devil. Without truth (the blood of the Lamb) on the doorpost of our nation, then the lies of religious compromise will grow like leaven in a loaf of bread, until they fill the entire nation.

We are watching in shock at how fast it is growing in the White House, as well as in the media. Why do you think that the President gave the right to Bill O’Reilly to interview him publically at a time when they would receive the greatest media coverage possible? I have been listening to Bill O’Reilly who is perceived to be right of left and hated by the liberal media, and to Ann Coulter who is considered to be very right of left and hated by the liberal crew as well. Yet, they are both very much a part of the dusty house, greatly in need of clean-up. O’Reilly touts his self-proclaimed masterpiece, Killing Jesus, which he does nightly on FoxNews, the so-called conservative news channel, while he sneers at those who believe the truth of what both Jesus and the Old Testament have to say about homosexuality, for example.

The Word clearly calls it an abomination and Jesus clearly claims He is the Word made flesh. This leaves no wiggle room for endorsing that which God’s Word clearly calls an abomination. To do so is to call Jesus a liar. Yet, while O’Reilly is touting his religious belief system of Roman Catholicism, at the same time he is killing Jesus all over again in the denial of His truth, which denies who Jesus is, every bit as much as the Pharisees denied who He was.

Ann Coulter is no better as she flaunts the cross around her neck while, at the same time, playing the role of the queen of the homosexual movement within the Republican camp. She is just another, who comes against the doctrines of Jesus about as strongly as she can while visibly making a point of portraying her Christianity. I am not quite sure whether it is pride or stupidity or a bit of both, although I would believe that she is not accustomed to being called stupid by academia.

Believe it or not, they are both prime victims of the politically correct propaganda of liberalism. No matter what they do to support the cause of Conservatism in America, they are most definitely the agents of the dust-producing machine that promotes liberalism and destroys liberty. Satan’s ways are insidious, as the inventor of it.

A couple of nights ago, I watched O’Reilly interviewing Mark Burnett, the husband of Roma Downey and co-producer with her of the movie, Son of God opening in theatres across America. He asked Burnett the question as to whether or not he was trying to evangelize the public, as though he were committing some unforgiveable sin, which, in fact, was exactly what Jesus commanded His true church to do, by going out into the nations to preach the gospel of truth.

Maybe it is because O’Reilly is steeped in the same religious doctrine as the high priest of the Roman Catholic Church, who is not the high priest, Jesus, and Cornerstone of His own apostolic church, on a foundation found miles apart from the Romanism of the Catholic Church. First of all, Jesus would never endorse any such person as another high priest who claims the inerrancy and perfection, which belongs only to Him. The Pope, sadly to say, is in as much need of the cross as the rest of us.

The Roman Pope is now stating that His people must respect all kinds of religions, thereby opening the door for the adherents to Romanism to take the same position on evangelism as O’Reilly, as though it were a scandalous thing. This flies in the face of the teachings of Jesus, while, at the same time, coming perfectly in line with the political correctness of the liberal, dust-producing machine of the devil. I am afraid O’Reilly’s position would have caused the hair on Jesus’ head to stand on end every bit as much as His anger, which burst forth against the money changers of the temple, caused Him to get out His whip and over-turn their tables.

 Isn’t the message, which O’Reilly really delivers, not one, which suggests we should go against the Word of the Lord’s truth and keep our mouths shut about it? Fortunately, Burnett rose well above the O’Reilly insinuation and merely laughed at him for, of course, his aim is to reach the public caught in the media black-out of truth, and do exactly what O’Reilly was indirectly insinuating he should not be doing.

All hail to the Tea Partiers who are doing their best to remove the dust and filth collecting in the so-called, conservative, political party of the Republicans, the people of which once trusted in God, instead of trusting in their own understanding. It seems like a very long time ago when this party stood firmly on the issue of protecting the Constitution of the United States, which gave the people a government under God’s rule built on His truth of the Bible, and not on any religious foundations like those upon which the Muslim and Communist empire-building nations stand.

The battle, which used to be fought between East and West over freedoms, is quickly becoming a North and South battle, one in which the red dragon is moving into America from the East at a great speed, something of which most Americans are not aware. It is the mission of Red China to forge a financial control over the West. With Obama in the Office of the President, America has become like a red dragon-tail, wagging whatever power the nation has left in it. By getting rid of that Guide Book, which tells us how to run the cleaning machinery capable of cleaning out the conservative house, you will find the dust piling up so quickly that it reaches a point where a strong wind merely stirs the filth up and blows it around from one place to another.

The FoxNews commentator, Sean Hannity, strikes me as a man with a mission in the media for trying to do a one-man, clean up job by himself. I wonder how long it will take before the dust chokes him into having to give up the cause. Somehow, I would guess that another radio commentator, Rush Limbaugh, who is also hell-bent on the dust clean-up, will be forced to go down in chains, struggling to the end against the liberal cords that would bind his freedom of speech.

What fools the Republicans have been to listen to the devil and trust in his unwritten, liberal constitution and in their own understanding! But then, they have no covering against the dust when they combine evil with good and call it knowledge. That is exactly what it is – the so-called supremacy of human knowledge over the infinite wisdom of an all-knowing God.

He warned man from the very beginning to stay away from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is the tree, which compromises the good of God with Satan’s evil, to produce the religion, which is nothing but the foundation for liberalism and the dust that comes with it. It’s only progressive nature is to take man captive until death occurs; it does not set him free from the dust of the earth, but rather takes him back to the dust, whence he came.

Forget about reading O’Reilly’s Killing Jesus and go to see the movie The Son of God. O’Reilly is an expert by experience on the killing portion of the Word of Jesus, but Mark Burnett is an expert on how to portray His divinity, by applying his faithful nature to the truth of His Word.