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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

March 10, 2014

There is a deadly epidemic of Universalism out there, which is now attacking the entire world. Most people are not even aware that they have contracted it, nor are they aware of just how deadly it is. It creeps into the psyche silently and undetected, with one feeling no pain or suffering from it. In fact, there is a sense of well-being before it takes root and then becomes next to impossible to remove.

The Universalism to which I am referring begins with religious theologies and philosophical concepts coming together in an inclusive nature for the purpose of joining divergent doctrines and belief systems. It is the out-cropping of the secular message, which states that there is not one truth, but rather many truths according to the one we choose to apply to ourselves. Of course, we choose the one that makes us feel comfortable and we have no problem with other truths, as long as everyone feels comfortable and good about oneself in this wonderful place of Nirvana, to which it takes us, a kind of Never-Never-Land. Spiritually speaking, that is exactly what it is.

Universalism turns religion into a type of quality of life, as it moves toward becoming a social doctrine. It elevates no one but rather pulls everyone down to a common denominator. Inclusivity is the buzzword that will be used to deny any claims to the one exclusive truth of God, which changes not for anyone and is not inclusive of any of the garbage that comes from putting evil together with good in the form of one spiritual tree. It is believed that, though the two are combined, only good will come from the combination through the good works of man.

God does not ever allow for His truth to be compromised. His Word remains truth whatever the times, and His Law is written in stone. Good is the result of the separation of that which is good from that which is evil, of that which is light from that which is darkness and of that which is truth from that which is the lie. One cannot mediate on the power within oneself and the power that comes from above at the same time; the two are completely incompatible.

It all starts in the beginning and, if you don’t get it right then, you will, most certainly, not get it right today. There was darkness on the face of the deep – that place we call the universe whence comes the term Universalism, a term that includes all there is. God’s Spirit was hovering over the waters just as it hovered over Mary to conceive Jesus. Using His voice, He simply spoke the words, “Let there be light” and He divided the light from the darkness. He saw that the light was good, not evil. It was the day that was good, for there was no night. Which is it that you prefer – day or night?

God placed the firmament of the heavens between the waters from above and those beneath, one good and one evil, and He separated them; there was no unity in the waters any more than there was unity in light and darkness. He was about to change the universal nature of the deep on planet earth. The earth, which had been without shape and void, would now reflect His creation and its uniqueness in a place that would be His beginning in the work of lighting up dark space with reflecting lights from the source of His Son.

Then He brought forth the good food – herbs with seed and fruit trees bearing fruit with seeds, each according to its own kind. There was no blending of them for they were good and perfect as He created them. He placed the lights in the heavens to give light on earth. The sun ruled the day, and the moon, the lesser light, ruled the night. He also made the stars. However, there was no nighttime at creation for the light dispelled the darkness. Could it be that God knew, before He began the process of creation, about the sin of rebellion, which would follow to lead back to nighttime and darkness on the earth again?

Then God created the living creatures and the human beings – divided forever by the Spirit breathed into man to make him in the image of the pluralistic God form of man and woman – the male-female love connection that yields children for the Father Creator. It is impossible for the Spirit of light and the spirit of darkness to come together in man. In fact, the Spirit of light is the Spirit of life, which took man out of the darkness of the dust to become a living being. One cannot be dead and alive at the same time.

God made it very clear that the sin of Adam and Eve, in accepting the lies of the first, religious belief system of Satan, which denied God’s truth, introduced the spirit of death into a world, which God had divided in every way from darkness and evil. Because the two are incompatible, He warned Adam and Eve of the outcome of their choices allowing them the free will to choose between the two. They chose death, proving Satan to be a liar and God to be a God of truth, for they surely did die exactly as God said they would. Their goodness could not save them. It was in separation from evil that they could only keep their lives.

Universalism is that same lie of the Garden, which wants the religious world to unite in liberalism apart from God who calls for our separation unto Him, the Creator, and to His truth, which is inherent in creation. He will not tolerate an all-inclusive, religious ‘gobbledy-gook’ of the doctrine of Universalism to rule His world. Such is the One World Order of government, religion and economics. It is the prophesied number 666 of the beast, about which God warns man in the book of Revelation, the number of man under the rule of the Antichrist. Just as God destroyed the tower-building of Babel and just as the tower-building of man, in this century came down on 9/11, the empire building of Satan is all going to come crashing down around us.

Look carefully for the signs of the times. The Pope, the do-gooder, is the greatest proponent of Universalism yet, which has been seen within the priesthood of Roman Babylonianism and the religion, which has held the early Roman Empire together with the latter-day Revived Roman Empire. Does he not appear to be the false prophet ready to step into his role by bringing about Universalism in a one world order of religion?

The Catholic Jesuit order of his priesthood is as deeply ensconced now in Communism as it can get. We are looking at a completely apostate church that never was rooted in the apostolic church, which has only one High Priest, Jesus, who would never share His role of Son of God in the Highest with anyone, let alone a priest coming in the spirit that rules over the Babylonian system.

Universalism is a deadly disease, the virus of which has been loosed on the world. You had better get understanding of what it is about, and get it soon, or you will have no spiritual antibodies with which to fight it. It is a silent, creeping disease, which makes everyone feel good about oneself, and it is then that the deadly roots begin to take root, with one hardly being aware of what is happening until it is too late.