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What Do You Know About Passover?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

April 20, 2014

Now that day, which we call Easter, has come and gone for another year. How much have you really understood about it and how much of the truth behind the Resurrection do you understand? 

Did your religious institution lead you to reflect upon a time, thousands of years ago, when the Lord God instituted a dinner menu for Israel, with life and death inscribed within it in blood? This meal was for anyone in Egypt who obeyed the Word of God given to Moses, which admonished His people to place the blood of the lamb on the doorposts of their houses. For the angel of death was going to be released and would kill all the first-borns of Egypt, and any first-borns of the Israelites who refused to obey the commands of God by not eating accordingly and not applying the blood of the lamb to their doorposts.

God was placing the choice for life or death in the hands of the people depending upon whether or not they would accept His terms or reject them. Can you believe there would be any who would reject Him because one might want to remain captive to the slavery of Egypt rather than partake of the way of liberty planned by God? He was going to bring about an exodus for His people to leave Egypt and follow the way to freedom from the enslaving, captive empire in order to live under the rule of God, instead of having to obey and worship Pharaoh in the religious system, which enslaved the Israelites.

The time and the event were called Passover because death would come to the first-borns of Egypt as the final plague God would bring upon the Egyptians. Why is this so important to us in the present time when we honor the day Jesus was resurrected with a celebration we call Easter?

The entire human race becomes first-borns at birth, as sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, and the corrupted fruit produced by the corrupted seed of their sin. They could never birth children for God in the spirit of death, which they inherited as sinners and, which God promised they would inherit if they disobeyed Him and ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

That day brought forth a new rule on earth under Satan, the father of the empire-building nations of this world. Death became the condition of the first-born of mankind from which there is no escape. Man was enslaved now forever, unless, oh if only it could be possible, there could be a rebirth in the Spirit of life, as were Adam and Eve created and blessed with the Spirit of life before sin was found in them.

The blood on the doorposts of the Israelites that first Passover became the prophetic sign of the blood salvation of man by the death and resurrection of Jesus, requiring us to place His blood on the doorposts of our hearts. This is an offer of freedom from the death of man, within the religious cults and empires of this world, by being given a restored life, which only He could offer. You would think that we might want such a gift more than we would want any part of the deadly cults and plans for this world, which Satan provides.

God was calling His people to a rebirth in the Spirit of life, on that long-ago night of Passover, while offering no other way to escape the death sentence of the religious ruler-ship of Satan, in spite of the secular lies he tells us on a daily basis. God was about to provide perhaps the greatest miracle, which man has ever seen, all pointing to the miracle of life that accompanies the resurrection of our Lord.

We must remember that it was God who sent the Israelites to Egypt, so He could lay down the principle of the blood sacrifice, which would prevent the slaughter of the first-borns, and establish the safety of the spiritually reborn second-borns, for whom the edict of death did not apply. But none of the obedient could remain in Egypt; they would have to depart by way of the only miracle, which would be provided by God.

Jesus is that miraculous Way, and the only way. The truth, not religion, and the life, not death, give liberty and freedom from the cultic controls of religious empire-building. Because of Him, God’s people will never again be forced to worship false gods and carved images, once set truly free by the blood of the Lamb.

But there is another step to be taken in completing salvation. One must repent of one’s sin, and ask for the Spirit of life from God to come into ruler-ship over one’s life and replace that spirit of death, which has claim to everyone, unless the blood of the Lamb is on the doorposts of one’s heart. Abraham caught a glimpse of this in a dream in which God told him about the coming captivity in Egypt of his people, who would become his blood inheritance. He even told him about the 400 year duration of time that they would spend in this foreign land, before a return to the Promised Land.

The spirit of death is represented by the river waters of Satan’s religious empires. We must go back to the beginning of Genesis to see the prophecy of them even before they ever existed. The truth of the river waters is found in the biblical nature of truth, which supersedes time and is given in the spirit of prophecy. The end is known from the beginning, even before the events happen. Hence, the river waters of the empires to come are described at the beginning of Genesis.

There would be two more empires to come according to Genesis 2:13-14. After the first one, Egypt (Cush), the whole land of which was encompassed by the Gihon River, we are told that there is a second empire, the Assyrian Empire, with the Hiddekel River running toward the east of it. Finally, the third empire is presented as an unnamed one located on the Euphrates River. This river points to a Babylonian system of separate empires, which will exist until the end of history, as we know it. Its waters are divided, as is the system divided into four empires in all – the Babylonian Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire, the Greek Empire, and the Roman Empire, the last of which is divided into two separate parts being the Early Roman Empire and the latter-day Revived Roman Empire.

There are two plus five, making seven world empires in total, which will be ruled by Satan’s antichrist spirit in his attempt to replace the worship of God with the worship of himself. He wants to destroy the Spirit of life, which flowed with the River of life from that tree of life placed in the heart of the Garden, with the most delectable of all fruits, that which leads to eternal life.

The Spirit of life was defined by the first river described in Genesis, chapter 2, as the water, which watered the Garden, coming from heaven above and not from the earth beneath. Immediately, it parted to become four riverheads. That first riverhead, which watered the Garden, was called the Pishon, which encompassed the entire land of creation, to which God referred as being a good land that produced good gold, along with the bdellium stone and the onyx stone.

The bdellium represents truth and the onyx, a black and white stone, signifies the clear delineation between right and wrong. There is no nice, comfortable, grey zone called compromise or tolerance for uniting black with white to produce grey. God is a God of truth who will not tolerate the lie. The lie always surfaces among rulers seeking to establish religion with any and all of the empires. The last of them will be a world-wide, religious, governmental and economic order to bring forth the time of the fullness of the gentiles in a world ruled by one satanic leader. With it comes the restoration of Babel tower-building attempting to reach into the heavens through the religious works of man.

All religious men and religions will unite to bring forth the long-desired One World Order, with its satanic ruler called the Antichrist and his false prophet of religion, who will deny the truth of Jesus for the sake of religious unity. This unity will complete the job of bringing all religions, including Christianity and Judaism, under one roof with one super religious high priest. This high priest is the counterfeit of Jesus who is the anti-religious, super Ruler of the truth among men as the super Prophet of all the prophets who came out of both the nation Israel and spiritual Israel. There were no prophets from any other of the nations, such as those of Islam.

There can never be a unity between these two powerful trees, which rule over our lives whether we like it or not. One rules in truth and one rules in religious lies. One offers eternal life, while the other offers only the here and now with dust to follow in utter darkness. Unfortunately, Jesus has about as much in common with the religious, Pharisaical priesthood of today as He had in common with the Pharisees of His day. I find it amazing that our choice between these two trees is a difficult one for the world, which seems to love war, pain and suffering more than it wants peace, joy and a pain-free society.

The empires are birthed of Eve, the mother of all harlots to their God; for this was exactly what she became as the beloved bride of God who turned away from Him for another. She is the mother of all living, birthing Babylon the Great, for that great beast, the Antichrist, who will rise out of the entire earth from out of every nation. Now, you have the wisdom to know they are she and her offspring who sit on the religious mountains of the seven empires, each with one’s own spiritual riverhead – the last, being the Euphrates, not fully defined until the symbolic 400 years of captivity are over.

Ten, separately-ruled divisions of the entire earth will come under one headship of the Antichrist, a headship of lies, which hates the truth. It has not yet happened, but it is coming for a brief period. This is headline news before it happens written in the book of Revelation, chapter 17. All religions will be of one mind to worship the beast and believe his lies. At the same time, they will hate the Passover Lamb of God, who prepared the way for our exodus from the death sentence upon this world when He offered to us His saving blood for the doorposts of our hearts. This is the real Passover of Abraham’s true inheritance, which will possess the land where there is only good gold and the truth of bdellium, along with the judgment stone of onyx, separating purity and sin.

The world is looking the harlot in the face as she gets ready to sit before the ten horns, which rule over her. However, once in power, the Antichrist will no longer need her to accomplish his purposes, so he will leave her naked, kill her and burn her with fire. Herein rests the difference between the Antichrist and the Christ. The Christ loves and protects His pure bride, who has washed herself clean in the Word of God.

He died for you, thanks to the pluralistic nature of God who could remain judge over mankind while, at the same time, send to us His Son, fully God and fully Man who would become that Passover Lamb whose blood God can look upon like He looks upon the broken rainbow and say, “It is finished!” My Son has paid the price of the death sentence for all men who could work their hands to the bone and still never become a perfect, sacrificial lamb, acceptable to a God of truth. He will always reject the lie and man’s harlotry toward Him.

His Son has earned for Himself the perfect bride of mankind who will make the true exodus from the religious system of the empires to enter into the kingdom of spiritual Israel. It is like the Garden on earth, again ruled by truth under one pluralistic God – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, all working as one, yet, understandable as one regards the egg divided into three parts coming together to make up the whole.

Thank God this Easter for the pluralistic God who instituted the Passover for all three parts to work in such perfect harmony and with such divine reasoning as to create a Passover for us, His people, and then divinely judge us in grace and mercy, according to what we do with His Son, who took the death sentence for us.

Do you really understand Passover and are you reading the headlines glossed over by the media, which verify the truth of God’s Word? It is either as fools we ignore the signs or, as wise men, we are able to see the Pishon River in the distance beginning to flow again as it gets ready to water the kingdom just as it once watered the Garden before mankind became a harlot to her God.

At the very least, if you want to share in the victory of His people of spiritual Israel, you could become like the harlot Rahab who chose to be a help to the cause of Israel in possessing the Land, an act, which began with the overthrow of the city of Jericho. There were many other cities to be conquered before the victory was complete. It never was completed by the nation as it became the harlot while, at the same time, the harlot, Rahab, traded places with the Israelites to enter into the lineage of Abraham leading to the birth of Jesus. Though a foreigner, she took the Passover and the miracles of the Exodus very seriously, while God’s own people thumbed their noses at their Liberator, and what He had done for them.

On this celebration of Passover, thousands of years later, are you like Rahab, or are you like the ungrateful Israelites, who so quickly could forget the meaning of that incredible night? Are you a Christian, and so-called church of Jesus Christ, which cares more about Easter eggs, rabbits and Easter sales, than it cares about whether or not Jesus rose from the dead? A woman like Rahab would be snubbed at the Sunday social-gospel-meetings of the modern institutional churches, if she were to appear declaring her position of having the blood on the doorpost of her heart, just as the Israelites had the blood on the doorposts of their houses in Egypt, that night of the first Passover.

What do you really know about Passover? If you were to know anything at all about it, how could you ignore the fact that Jesus is the Passover Lamb? How could you not see that He was a man who ate no leaven of religion, and in perfect truth was able to offer His blood, to set you free from your captivity to death, something you could never do for yourself? What does the Resurrection really mean to you?

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Luke 11:2).”

Likewise He also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood, which is shed for you (Luke 22:20).”

But one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out (John 19:34).