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Global warming Under the Sun

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

March 06, 2014

You have all heard about global warming, but what do you really know about it? There is the Gore-Clinton-Obama version to which few, real scientists adhere; but then all three of these men have been proven to be liars and cheats. What reason would we have to believe them on a subject having such political ramifications for them as this?

The problem is that these men have no moral credentials to offer the public, which should, in itself, preclude them from leadership in a land under God, as would-be kings who never would be acceptable rulers in His kingdom.

Good, godly leadership requires that the two – moral credentials and public office – run side-by-side. Without such credentials within leadership, we will see another type of partnership rising up, side-by-side, which is that of a growing, demonic culture and the demise of the nation.

God has a message encoded in Scripture for us, concerning global warming and the cultural change in which we will see a decline in morality and an increase in demonic activity; He shows us exactly where we are going in America and how these two will lock themselves together as God turns the global heat up on mankind.

It all begins with the story of the sun, whence we derive our heat and light on earth. The Word is truth, coming from a God of truth and it can be trusted, when evil men try so hard to come against it. In the long run, they will have little success in doing so. We must look back to Genesis, to the beginning, when God put into effect His 6-day creation plan, with a day of rest after His work had been completed. In that plan He created signs in the heavens of the sun, moon and stars, the greater light and the lesser lights.

Follow the path of the sun through Scripture and you will discover the path upon which the world is moving. It is infinitely more trust-worthy than the words of lying and cheating politicians who never stop politicizing and using their words loosely. It is not the Garden path of Scripture upon which these politicians take us; they are leading men onto the broad road of destruction, set before him by Satan and his deceitful politicians.

From the beginning the lights of heaven have pointed to the coming universal kingdom when God’s will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven with the sun of light being only the symbol of the Son of light who will rule over heaven and earth. The moon and stars, as a reflection of His light, will inhabit the universal kingdom.

The last days of history are described to Abraham, a man with whom God covenanted because of his faith and obedience (see Genesis, chapter 15). It is the time of the end he sees in the spirit, when the sun goes down and Abraham’s people of faith, with the last witness of the church, have blessed all nations with their witness to the truth, as the reflecting light of the Son.

In so witnessing, they become a torch of reflected light from the Son, bringing liberty to the captives of death. Without the torch, the darkness of evil will fill the earth. It is then one will either be prepared for the judgment, having been part of the torch, or they will be headed for the smoking oven of hell where the bodies are burned. As we near the end, could we ever have a better picture of the fulfilment of the Word of God than that of Hitler burning the Israelite people who were chosen to be the light to nations, but rejected the light of the Son to say they had no king but Caesar? “So be it!” said God. “Don’t think you were not warned from the beginning about blessings and cursings!”

Then Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, the inheritor of the Abramic blessing, began a journey to seek a bride, stopping along the way at a place to sleep because the sun had set. It was a moment that spoke of the sun setting on history many centuries ahead and down the line of history, when the light was about to depart from the world. Because of a dream he had in this place, he believed it to be the house of God, therefore calling what was formerly known as Luz, Bethel, meaning the house of God.

With his head on a rock, which speaks of Jesus, he had a dream in which he saw a vision of a ladder set upon earth reaching into heaven. God spoke to him about the covenant promise of the national blessing given to Abraham as spreading like dust throughout the world, through him and his Seed, who is represented by a ladder reaching between heaven and earth as the promise of Jesus to come. God’s promise is that He will bring the inheritance forth, with the certainty that His kingdom will come to earth as it is in heaven. It is not the happenstance of an evolving process; it is all part of the Creator’s plan, long before the nation of Israel was ever formed. Only through Jesus, as the ladder, will heaven and earth ever be joined together again.

In Joshua 10:12, Joshua, the symbol of Jesus fighting the battle against evil nations to reclaim the land rightfully belonging to the Lord God and establish it for His kingdom on earth, calls for the sun to stand still for a period of time. This represents the time of the dark ages of the extended church era during which time many fall away under the long period of religious dominance by Rome. This is the horror of religious captivity as felt by Abraham in his dream. Jesus, like Joshua, His namesake, wants to use that same time to save as many people as possible from the fire, and Job tells us that God, being in charge of all events, can command the sun at will so that it will not rise (see Job 9:7).

Psalm 19:1-6 describes the heavens as declaring the glory of God, showing His creative handiwork. Day unto day, in light, utters speech and night unto night, in darkness, reveals knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their line goes out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world for all nations and peoples to hear. In them, God has set a tabernacle for the sun, which is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, rejoicing in running His race, the circuit being from one end of heaven to the other.

Nothing is hidden from the Son’s heat of judgment. This is the only true, global warming about which the Gore-Clinton-Obama triumvirate should really be concerned. They are more likely to be feeling the heat of God’s wrath, about to fall on them and the rest of mankind who have rebelled against Him, than to feel the heat of any other kind of global warming.

Were Adam and Eve not given the good things only in the Garden of creation from God’s storehouse of heaven, which included a perfect temperature for life to exist under certain conditions? God is a God of truth, and, likewise, His testimony is perfect in every way. When man attributes mother-goddess-earth with being the source of energy and heat, then he has a real problem.

Such a pagan, cultural belief should be setting off alarm bells to give warning that it is God’s wrath, and not the earth, which is really heating up. The sun will surely cause the flesh to burn as it breaks its way through the broken ozone layer, all under the control of the Son and not that of any earth goddess, best known as the fictional Greek goddess Gaia. As myth would have it, she was supposed to have given birth to the earth and the entire universe, according to Greek mythology.

What a slap in the face is such foolishness to a God who has loved mankind and given him only good things! Of course such myth comes straight from the religious empires of the Babylonian system ruled by Satan. Psalm 84:11 tells us that the Lord is a sun and a shield. To the righteous in their walk He will give grace and glory and will withhold no good thing.

Psalm 113:3-4 states that, from the rising of the sun until its going down, the Lord’s name is to be praised; for He is higher than all nations and His glory is above the heavens whence comes victory. Obama has become the pathetic picture of a leader running wildly to the East for his support, with no support at all coming from anywhere, home or abroad, because of his spiritual weakness. Our witness, like that of Jeremiah, should be one of calling the nation back to God, if we want victory to be a part of our daily lives.

Psalm 136:6-9 tells us that He laid out the earth above the waters of which He hovered at creation, just as He hovered over Mary before His Son was conceived of the Spirit. He made the great light of the sun to rule by day. In the darkness of night, He provided the witness of the lesser lights of the moon and the stars. His mercy endures forever, so it is never too late to get understanding of these things.

Ecclesiastes 6 is composed of the words of King Solomon who lost his godly inheritance to the throne of his father, King David. He sees nothing but the futility of man in his existence under the sun, that is to say, after a life lived satisfying the lusts of the flesh for the things of this world to their fullest until, one day, he awakes to discover he is an old man and none of it really matters in the bigger scheme of things under the sun. Having known the evil of man, he sees nothing but darkness when the sun of light and life has departed without man having ever embraced them, as God had intended for him.

He concluded that judgment will come to all. His advice, as the wisest of men, was to fear the God who created all things and to keep His commandments, for are they not like the oil that greases the wheel? Wisdom goads us and the words of scholars are like nails given by a shepherd.

Isaiah 30:25-26 brings us to the dawn of a new century and a new millennium, in the day when the towers fall at the beginning of the seventh millennium (9/11/01). With the terror and violence beginning again, as it was in the days of Noah, the light of the true church (the moon) will be like the light of the sun (Jesus), and the light of the sun, sevenfold, as the light of the seventh day (a day is as a thousand years), when God’s people will no longer be harmed and their wounds of persecution will be healed.

Woe to those who go through the real global warming! Foolish ones of the liberal gene, you who have rejected the Son of Light, you should have seen that this day was coming, burning like an oven, and have planned for it. How is it you could read the signs in the weather from heaven above, but you could not read the signs of the times so visible in the rising and setting of the sun in the heavens?

In the final chapter of the last book of the Old Testament prophets, Malachi 4:1-3, the prophet quotes, directly, words spoken by the Lord of hosts to those who fear His name. Malachi tells us that He will arise as the Sun of Righteousness who always was the brilliant light of the heavens, imparting His light of life to men beneath as an incredible gift. But man rebelled against Him and rejected the gift, in refusing to witness to the light.

It is time to bring healing in His wings, like the wings of a great eagle, which protects its own (see Revelation, chapter 12). The day is coming like a burning oven, just as He showed Abraham in that dream, all those four millennia ago, allowing three millennia (3 days) to pass, from David to this time of His second coming in judgment when He will turn the wicked into ashes, leaving neither root nor branch of that forbidden Garden tree.

How could anything better portray what can happen in one hour of one day than the falling of the twin towers (9/11)? Those towers of man came down like the tower of Babel to become nothing but ash beneath the feet of men, filling their lungs into which God had once breathed the breath of life, a breath so easily rejected and for what, says the preacher (see Ecclesiastes 5:16).

Now, let us move to the New Testament and the timely teaching of the Son of God who teaches a parable about Himself. If you won’t read His story, which is real history as it happens, then go to see it revealed in a theatre near to you. The parable speaks of the Son of Man, who sows the good seed in the fields of the world. The good seeds produce the sons of the kingdom. The tares are as the sons of the wicked one, the devil, who sowed them.

Then He leaps in time to today, the end of the age when all the towers built by man, which began with the building of the tower at Babel, will be brought down – temples, cathedrals, institutional church buildings and all. It is time for the angels of heaven to reap the harvest before the tares are gathered together and burned in the fire of judgment, which will surely be the time of real global warming.

The Gore-Clinton-Obama triumvirate of liberals and the ‘No Godders’ will all be weeping and wailing for their complete and utter stupidity in rejecting God, the CREATOR of all things for a mythical goddess of this earth. As they gnash their teeth, the righteous whom they have mocked, will shine as the sun in the kingdom of their Father because they chose to be His torches here on earth, and, in so doing, gained the inheritance of their father, Abraham.

They are the stones which cry out “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest (see Luke 19:38)!” And this was declared during that famous triumphal ride of Jesus on the colt of the donkey, representing His latter-day church, which He, as the Carpenter and Master Builder of this world, carved out of His cross.

Revelation 10:1 brings us to the summation of history when a mighty angel comes down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow on His head. It is then time, as God told Noah (Genesis 9:12-17), for man will see the sign of His covenant – the light broken for you and me (the rainbow) that we might escape, not the water judgment of the covering over of sin, but rather the fire judgment of complete destruction.

His face will be like the sun, which we should have known from the beginning when God said, “Let there be light.” His feet are like pillars of fire waiting to put the devil beneath them, and in so doing, severely bruise his head. There will be a cry of a loud voice, as when a lion roars, a sound like that when the Lord God roared His messages through His prophets, striking the people as though thunder and lightning had struck. It can be deadly.

There is one little book left to come and it will be sealed until the writings of the prophets are complete with the seventh and last thunder, on the dawn of the seventh millennium, when the voice of God to the world will no longer be heard; for the mysteries of God will be finished. The mystery woman, to whom ‘HER’, the wife of Uriah pointed, whom King David took for himself (see Matthew 1:6), will be known by the little book, which is both sweet and bitter to the taste. It will be the last thunder from heaven to be declared by His servants who wrote His books for Him, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It will be time for the 144,000 witnesses of the apostolic church to prophesy one more time about many people, nations, tongues and kings, and they will do so in the spirit of Elijah and Moses, just as Jesus showed certain ones among His apostles, when He was transfigured before them in a spiritual testimony to the church of the latter days. The spirits of these two prophets are about making straight the way by no longer fence-sitting between religion and truth, and making the final, spiritual exodus from the final, religious empire of the Babylonian system of empires ruled by Satan.

The church will taste both sweetness and bitterness with this little book. It is a terrible time indeed, which lies ahead at the time of its writing. That is the bitterness, but there is also the sweetness of final victory in the Lord, who will come to reign in peace without any religious wars of evil men, ever again.

The glory of the coming of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, shall be seen shining from one end of the earth to the other. It is then that His kingdom shall come on earth as it is in heaven. Will you be there to see it and enjoy it?