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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones…

 Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 31, 2014

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” It is an old adage, which applied within the confines of liberty, but where liberalism prevails there is a very different set of rules. Name-calling is the weapon and ploy of liberal, political warfare.

And what is one of the power names used by the world-pack, if it’s not that of ‘phobic’? Phobias are irrational fears. Here is exactly what the name-caller is attempting to do in calling one a phobic; his intention is to classify anyone who disagrees with the name-caller as being irrational. If one can be deemed irrational, one can be diminished to the status of having nothing rational to contribute in dialogue and, therefore, is mentally disturbed, instead of merely holding a different point of view, for whatever reasons.

The truth of the matter is that the real irrationality lies in the mind of the name-caller. He/she, for whatever reasons, cannot tolerate any opposition to his/her point of view. In his/her irrationality, he/she comes to believe that everyone must agree with his/her point of view and that his/her opinion is the only form of rational thinking. He/she believes oneself to actually be a privileged species of liberalism, which sets one free from the moral guidelines laid down by a God, whom one does not accept.

Liberalism began the day Satan said, in so many words, “God does not really mean what He says. In other words, when He said that if you were to disobey Him you would surely die, He did not mean it. You are free to do whatever you like and you will not die. Look and see that the fruit I have to offer is delectable, indeed, so take, eat up and enjoy it!”

And the liberal, today, looks upon the moral man who stands on the Word of God, with hatred in his eyes. This moral man is like a mirror of righteousness to the law-breaking liberal who is forced to see himself as a dead man walking because of the evil that rules his life, and, what he sees is an intolerable picture.

So, in order to break this mirror of righteousness, which threatens him, rather than throw a stone, he will throw out a name. His favorite tool of warfare is the name ‘phobic’. Next, and closely behind, are the words, ‘intolerant’, ‘bigoted’, ‘racist’ and lately, they have been going straight for the juggler, by digging for names in the gutter, such as ‘right-wing slut’ for the conservative, female thinker. It would seem that the deeper into the gutter the liberal digs, the more the public likes it.

Let us take a look, for example, at the word ‘homophobic’. It was developed by a group of homosexuals, the sins of whom are clearly outlined in the Bible as being subject to the fire judgment at the end of the age. Who, in their right mind, would endorse something that will bring down fire from heaven upon one’s life?

Is it not a page straight from the book of our father, Adam who suffered from a disturbed mind as a result of his rebellion to God? Who really is the deranged phobic, if not the homosexual, himself, who insists the world must endorse his death culture? Who is the fool, if not anyone who attaches any importance, whatsoever, to name-calling by cowering in face of the devil’s antichrist spirit where all such irrational behavior begins?

Of course, the word ‘intolerant’ is intended to have the same lethal power as the word ‘phobic’. After all, if you do not accept all religions as being equal, then you simply are a threat to the cults. In their antichrist spirit, they cannot stand anyone defending the superior claims of the Christ who declares there is no other way to God, the Father, except through Him.

How the cults hate Him! For He denies, in one fell swoop, that there is any power whatsoever in their gods and religions established on the lie, by stating that there is no way to God other than through Himself. No true believer would ever buy into a cult or the very idea that believers should be tolerant toward cultic, false claims. Religion is not, and never has been, synonymous with the word ‘truth’. He would be a fool who suggests that Jesus was either incorrect or intolerant in speaking the truth. It could never be said that Jesus was ‘homophobic’, yet, this would be the very word used by them to describe Him in the culture today.

He who is called ‘intolerant’ has the prophecy of Scripture to back up his ‘intolerance’, but the name-caller has no such backing for his belief system that all beliefs are equal, except the beliefs of those who call homosexuality a sin, in accordance with what the Bible says. But then, this is where the knees of many of the cross-wearers buckle as they run in fear from the name-calling of ‘intolerant’, ‘bigot’ and ‘homophobe’. It is much easier to wear the cross than it is to embrace it, and much easier to deny there is only one way than to actually stand in defense of the Way.

And so the warfare goes through the loops of change to demonstrate that sticks and stones are not the only way to win the battle; names can hurt. Words can truly be powerful, with rational thought giving way under the threat of name-calling, but only if one does not stand on the principles of truth. The good news is that there is ultimately power in truth, for it is the testimony given in the spirit of prophecy. No religion of liberalism from God has any such principle of prophecy on which to stand, or is there any light of understanding in it.

Religion can dictate control, but it cannot give understanding. So, don’t just wear the cross as a garment; stand on it as a foundation! Look the name-caller straight in the face and declare him to be the liar he is, whose father is the devil, the author of lies and liberalism from the Word of God.

If you play in the gutter, then guttural you will become.