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The Humanist Manifesto

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

June 05, 2014

Did you know that there is a Humanist Manifesto? In fact, there are three of them – Humanist Manifesto I, II and III, the first of which was drafted and signed in 1933 by 35 like-minded men. Would it surprise you to learn that the first name on the list of signatories was that of J.A.C. Fagginger Auer, a Harvard professor of church history and theology? The list continues with the names of mostly professors, Unitarian ministers, scientists and media members, the last of which includes one Albert C. Dieffenbach, former editor of the Christian Register.

The drafters saw Humanism as a religious movement meant to transcend and replace previous deity-based systems of religion. In the period of just my lifetime, the objectives of these men have been achieved as our culture and heritage have gone from believing in a Deity who saves man, to believing that man can save himself, as the master of his own fate. The signatories believed that there is neither heaven to be gained, nor hell to be shunned; it is all just an illusion of mind control by religious fanatics.

According to the humanists, every child is considered to enter school, in a mentally-ill condition, being in need of ‘values clarification’. The condition is deemed to be caused by love of country, allegiance to parents and allegiance to God. ‘Values clarification’ of our brilliant humanists is simply nothing more than that which the rest of us call ‘brain-washing’. According to them, children must learn that there are no moral absolutes of right and wrong, which, in the past, have been the guide for the educators and for elected government officials, whose job it was to serve the electorate by upholding these moral standards in the work place.

Self-fulfilment is all mixed in with the social justice doctrine, which drives the philosophy behind such nations as Russia and China until all of society becomes poor, with the exception of the government dictators and their government lackeys who live in a completely different life-style from that of the common worker. This is a philosophy, which leaves no room for a profit-motivated society. In other words, rewards for work done can no longer be the criteria used to dictate the money-distribution within a society deemed to be incapable of making decisions for itself. Big-brother-government must take from the rich and give to the poor in order to equalize society.

Equalization is what the socialistic Secular Humanists of the Communist states are all about. It causes the standard of living to drop dramatically, which resulted in the government of Soviet Russia finally collapsing. To the contrary, her sister nation of China adopted some of the economic practices and principles of capitalist countries to become one of the major trading nations of the world. Still, neither nation has the freedoms, which are found only in countries under the divine ruler-ship of, and the moral standard set by God.

The second Humanist Manifesto was written in 1973, with the third one being published in 2003. In essence, the messages were the same old call for a socialist state, pointing out that no deity could save the world; the world must save itself. The theme is the same old stuff – man is responsible for what he is and what he does. There is no room for submission to the will of an all-powerful God.

In the Humanist Manifesto II, John Dunphy wrote: “I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as that of proselytizers for a new faith: a religion of humanity, which recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being… The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and new – the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism, resplendent with the promise of a world in which the never-realized Christian ideal of ‘love thy neighbor’ will finally be achieved.”

It sounds to me like, in the midst of all this garbage, they have made the commandments of God, the divine Deity and Lawgiver, their target for destruction. They want to replace one religion with another. They have chosen the route of following the dictates of Satan who told man he could be like the Most High God (see Genesis 3:5). Herein lies the demonic root of Secular Humanism.

Satan is no fool; he is extremely wily, indeed, and wants to destroy the fruit of the marriage bed by twisting God’s words to suit his own purposes. He has grasped on, and turned around, the godly advice about training up the child in God’s ways, so that when he is older he will not depart from them (see Proverbs 22:6). Satan knows that the same child can be trained up in his ways and he will become an ungodly citizen of society when he grows up.

Is it any wonder we prefer the garbage of the lies from beneath to the manna from heaven above (truth)? Our children are being trained to eat garbage daily; but then the institutional church has aided and abetted in the satanic, classroom program for children. The number of liberal, Christian, institutional churches far exceeds the number, which teaches understanding through the truth of Scriptures. If a man wanders from the way of understanding he will rest in the congregation of the dead (see Proverbs 21:16). There are many more congregations of the dead with their doors wide open to the public than there are congregations of the living, which the public passes by. Thorns and snares are in the way of the perverse (Proverbs 22:5).

When you, as a student, hear a teacher say that there are no absolutes of right or wrong, stand up and leave that schoolroom! It is better to fail Humanism 101 than to lose one’s soul to the devil. When the teacher tells you that it is no longer necessary for you to obey your parents, then you tell that teacher it would be better for you that you listen to your parents, rather than listen to the teacher! Let the teacher know that you will not be fooled by the devil! Let that same teacher also know that there is a demonic, spiritual world coming against the family, fighting to break it up and undo all the good, which comes only with godly instruction.

Use this as your opportunity to explain to an entire class that Satan is a kidnapper who wants to steal young people away! You, for one, will not allow the kidnapper to lure you into his net. Let the teacher know, in no uncertain terms, that you are not up for grabs and will go to the authorities on the matter, if necessary! Parents, take a stand for your children and join them in the battle against Satan for their souls and, ultimately, for all who are forced to sit blindly under any form of liberal indoctrination, which is worthy only of Satan’s dung heap.

Make no mistake! The Manifesto drafters were smart enough not to express a creed or dogma like those of the many denominations of religious Christianity. They like having their house built on shifting sand where nothing is absolute. Without a strong foundation, it is able to shift with the winds of change.

A house built on rock is one built in a prime location and one that is durable when the winds of destruction begin to blow. Truth is forever and it is absolute, and no Humanist Manifesto can ever replace the truth nor will it stand the winds of time, which, one day, will cause it to sink into a sink hole and disappear forever as the Light enters the world again to set up the kingdom of God on earth.

Millions are going to rue the day they ever heard of a Humanist Manifesto, and failed to protect themselves and their children from its dreadful snare of blatant liberalism, which separates men and nations from God. But He is going to have His final say over creation, and no evolutionary monkey or beast is going to take His place on the judicial bench of heaven.