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The Climax – A Day is as a Thousand Years

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

March 13, 2014

History is reaching its six-day climax, with a day being as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day with the Lord (see 2 Peter 3:8).

When God created all things good, He planted man in a Garden east in Eden, which is to say, eastward on the earth in a piece of property where the throne of Salem (Jerusalem) would be set among men. From the beginning, man rebelled against God’s plan where truth was to rule, so he was driven from the Garden further eastward, taking his sin with him. The Garden was closed off to man and his religion, which began with the false belief system built on the lies of Satan. This separation from God of man is what we call liberalism from God.

 For every day God spent creating all things good for man in the light of His truth, there would be 1000 years of judgment for his rebellion, which means man would live out the consequences of his actions for 6000 years. That which would have been a peaceful earth under God’s rule with man being His partner, became a violent rule under Satan, as man’s new partner.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Well, this is your answer. The human being, not God, rejected His good and peaceful plan for mankind, so God simply is allowing the consequences of such choices to work themselves out to their fullest before He destroys all who have chosen the broad road to destruction.

No sooner had life begun on earth than the wrong choices of man, given free will to make them, led to terror and violence with men destroying each other. It reached such a pitch that God regretted having created man and decided to send a flood on the earth to destroy them all, with the exception of one righteous man named Noah. He, his wife and their family of three sons and their wives, would survive in an ark, which Noah would build for them.

The numbers of man grew again, after the flood, with God spreading mankind across the face of the earth from the place where he had built a tower of religion, called Babel. It was a tower built for the purpose of reaching back into the heavens, from which he had been separated by God because of sin. Thus, the Babylonian system took root from religious tower-building to result eventually in temple building, which would be followed by cathedral building, in man’s attempt to pull God down from heaven by means of religion, instead of God pulling man up, by way of truth.

The nation Israel’s first temple was deeply rooted in Babylonianism, with spiritual Israel having its institutional church buildings deeply rooted in Romanism, as the last of the Babylonian empires in which we find ourselves today, at the end of the 6000-year period of history and the end of the 2000-year church age. It is what is known as the time of the fullness of the Gentiles, the completion of the empire building of man when he reaches Satan’s goal of a world empire. The process began in the East, to where Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden. As the process reaches its fullness, the time coincides with that of the re-establishment of the Davidic throne of Jerusalem (Salem).

Around the year 2000 B.C., God chose to covenant with one man called Abraham, promising to him an inheritance for his descendants in what would become known as the Promised Land. It was the inheritance of the promise to come, which began when God led him out of the land of Babylon from a city called Ur and into the Chaldea (modern-day Iraq-Iran territory), and then on to the Land of inheritance, being that occupied by modern-day Israel.

God would call His people by the name of Israel one day, but before that Abraham would meet Melchizedek, the king of Salem, and a type of Jesus, to whom he would give a tithe of all he had. At that time, he had taken none of the spoils from his recent victory over the kings who had attacked Sodom, taking captive his nephew, Lot. Abraham had sworn his allegiance to the Most High God and would take nothing from the kings of this world.

His encounter with Melchizedek pointed to a complete submission of his life to this lord and king, he neither knew nor understood. He could not know that Melchizedek was a type of Jesus through whom he and his descendants would receive his promised, true, spiritual inheritance. The promise would not be fulfilled for millennia until after the battle was over between the devil, with his kings of this world, and God for the souls of mankind, including those of Abraham’s descendants.

This was that moment in history when Abraham fought for his nephew, Lot, who lived in Sodom and had been taken captive, with his belongings, by the enemies of Sodom, before the fire of judgment came down on the city. For Abraham, there could be no compromise with the enemy as he stood before Melchizedek, king of Salem, offering himself in purity to receive the communion of the bread and the wine from the king, which, one day, in like manner, Jesus would offer His apostles and church as the new covenant.

And this was long before Israel was established as a nation. The real story of Abraham is also tied to the story of Jesus prophetically through his encounter with Melchizedek, which speaks of the forged marriage vows between Jesus and His church, which would become His witnesses to the Spirit, the water and the blood, through the Word made flesh in Christ.

This battle of Abraham with the kings was centered around the asphalt pits in the Valley of Siddim near the Salt Sea, the lowest spot on earth. Sodom was at the heart of the battle to save those caught in the devil’s snare. God has allowed three days and three nights (three two-thousand year periods) to bring forth the church in the purity of Abraham when he offered all as a tithe of himself to Melchizedek. It speaks of man’s victory in Christ, who arose after three days and three nights from the grave, to the promise and climax of His story coming together with the promise of Abraham being fulfilled when Jesus rides into Jerusalem with His pure bride of the church to claim Salem for Himself.

The asphalt pits of battle, where Abraham was under God’s protection, will not be a good place for America to be in the coming days just ahead, having rejected Him and His protection. To ally herself with Iraq or Iran has been a gross mistake on her part, as is any unity of God’s people with pagan nations of any sort; she should never have taken their goods, after having pledged allegiance to God and country.

World trade with the East marked the beginning of the end for the American economy when Trudeau first decided he would rather trade with China than with the United States. Obama would rather buy oil from the eastern nations than link to a direct pipeline from Canada, which could not only eliminate shipping from the East, but would also create jobs on both sides of the American border. But then, they are the fools who do not look to the Bible for their political direction, but instead, choose the likes of Trudeau and Obama, men who think themselves wise to rule over the nations of God, but without God, while they embrace the cults of religion. It is called multiculturalism.

The six-day-six-thousand-year period will climax with the same terror and violence as it was in the days of Noah, which all began the day the world trade towers of Babel were brought down to ash. There is a climax coming quickly, when all the towers built by man will come tumbling down, along with God’s shaking of the earth with earthquakes and bringing down fire in judgment for the rebellion of man against Him. Nothing could be more certain than this, before the dawn of the seventh day and the day of God’s rest and of man’s rest from struggling throughout the darkness of nighttime, as did Jacob.

God did not command us to keep the Sabbath for nothing. If we don’t want to keep it, so be it! We will not get to share in the Lord’s 7th day rest and enjoy its peace with Him. It is the surest thing in the world that He is coming and He is coming very, very soon, for the six days are all but over. Either you will be in the inheritance of Abraham who gave himself to Melchizedek, or you will not have any part in the covenant promise. There is no in-between, for all knees are going to bow to Jesus, as He sits in judgment, ensconced on His throne in Salem (Jerusalem).