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Something for Nothing

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

June 22, 2014

Did you receive life for nothing – which is to say, that, by happenstance, you experienced an explosion of life without meaning to it? Did you then evolve into a human being over a long period of time by evolving from a being of no understanding into a being of emotions and understanding as a creature that can think and create by the thought process, yet happening all for nothing?

Human logic forces us to ask the questions “Where did we come from and how did we get to be like we are? Is there a purpose to our existence or have we become someone for no reason at all?” Are our answers found in the kind of thinking that forces us down a road, which would turn us into nothing more than a cruel joke, or are they found in the kind of thinking that gives purpose to our existence? Have we become people for a reason, or are we merely ‘blobs’ given life without purpose, only to return to the nature of ‘blobs’ with no life as a result of no purpose?

The answer is “Yes” to both responses, depending on what we do with that life given to us, in so far as we have been given the free will to embrace whichever point of view we choose. Both of the alternative positions have been offered to us, but the choice remains with us. If you trust in your Creator, He makes it very clear that His purposes for man, which come with the breath of life, are intended for something, not for nothing.

 He is the God of light and life and wants you to live eternally in the light of understanding. He has given you a guideline on how to achieve this, because man immediately fell into the choice, which leads back to darkness and death, or the ‘blob’ condition, with no purpose.

Man, from the beginning, ignored the nature of his Father Creator, who deals only in truth. He willingly accepted the lies of the devil who, after having been given eternal life, rejected it, only to fall from light into darkness. In pride of self, he thought more highly of himself than he thought of God. At that moment, he fell from heaven with the Potter striking a severe blow to the vessel on His wheel, which was not responding to the work of His hands that had molded him. He was given a new name, no longer to be called Lucifer, the angel of light, but rather, Satan, the devil and author of darkness and death.

God created all things good following the fall of Satan to earth where the devil was given a limited time span to work his evil. It is called the period from the fall of man until the fullness of the gentiles is complete. God began the process of ‘His story’, or history, by taking nothing but the dust of the earth, separated from the evil spiritual waters of death, and creating the living being in His image. He then gave him rules to live by, if he wanted to retain his life, in a world contaminated by Satan.

God gave man his own space, where everything was created good in a Garden, just east of Eden. He also was given the rules to live by in order to keep his eternal life, the gift of the Spirit breathed into his nostrils by God. Once an overcomer of the lures and evil deceptions of the devil, there are no limits for man, or for the expansion of light endlessly throughout the entire universe, so that it becomes aglow with goodness and life.

How is it possible that, when given the choice between life and death and light and darkness, man, the created, will reject his Father, the Creator, by accepting the lies of a destroyer who wants to take him out of the light and back into the darkness whence he came as dust? Adam and Eve actually chose the waters on the face of the deep of a dark universe over the river of life, which surrounded the Garden. They preferred to be the walking dead among the tombs than the living, under the light of the sun.

When we look at our children, do we not see the death culture written all over them, one which will bring down the fire judgment of God’s wrath? Are they not the same culture today, as Sodom was yesterday? Have we not taught them to live somewhat like the hunchback of Notre Dame in an ugly, misshapen human condition, living and hiding from themselves in the religious bell towers of man? They are seeking love wherever they can find it, in their ugly state within families, in many cases, having parents with no time to show them the love they crave; for they love the world more than they love their spiritually starving children.

Parents have allowed their children to come under the controlling hands of the devil who creates ugly, repulsive, misshapen human beings on the outside, who, on the inside, are crying out in desperation for love. It was never God’s desire for His precious sons and daughters to live life, walking among the tombs, but sin has put them there in bodies their Creator God never intended for them. We are the victims of man’s original sin in rejecting his Creator through an unwillingness to listen to the very commandments, which could have prevented the birth of such misshapen children.

God intended man to live by His rules of marriage and produce the fruit of sons and daughters for Him, instead of producing children for the devil. The true Father God looked down on the dreadful situation of these misshapen beings who, in their evil condition, carried out violent acts of terror in their foolish attempts at climbing their religious towers to reach heaven again on earth. 

The Lord God decided to send the waters of cleanup, creating an ark of salvation, or an ark of the covenant, for the purpose of bringing man out of his ‘blob’ state, caught in a quagmire of filth. He was required to listen to the voice of the prophets, sent by God, calling His people to faith in and obedience to Him. God took one person, Abraham, and separated him from his kinfolk who were caught in the quagmire, and set about to mold him to Himself so that his inheritance would become a light to the world. It was a covenant based on a promise of inheritance for all nations from a God of truth.

His will would be done and it would be done on earth when man finally came to the understanding that it would be God’s Way, the high Way, or it would be the low road leading back to the dust of nothingness. In other words, he would return to the ‘blob’ state whence he came, never to know the God who so badly wanted to offer him life within His spiritual house and within the family of Abraham.

Surely, our children are begging for the high Way, when you, their parents are refusing to give it to them so that you can walk the low road in a death culture you love, against which the children are crying out for help. No wonder bad things happen to our little children; we are training them up to take the low road, instead of the high Way of the Lord, our Creator and Savior. Is there anyone so blind one cannot see this?

God gave a land to His people to train up their children so they might know peace under His Law and live under a judicial and government system, which Adam and Eve rejected. They had one simple rule about life and death and a free will to choose between keeping and not keeping it. Did they want something for nothing, to end up dead, or did they want life for life’s sake, itself? What more could one desire than purpose and meaning to life?

What they desired was that which looked better to the senses, and sounding like it was truly something with no strings attached, no rules and no stipulations, all wrapped up in a lie. You might say the lure was an offer of something for nothing, leaving them with nothing as grotesque creatures walking among the tombs and living in the belfry towers of religion. They had the option to inhabit the ivory towers of truth in the beauty of a creation created by a God who created things only that were good (see Genesis, chapter one).

Which is it you have chosen, having been given a second opportunity to choose between life and death? Are you someone who is choosing to be something, or are you someone who is choosing to be nothing? The choice is yours between becoming a ‘blob’ and becoming a shining star of the universe, forever.