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New Year 2015 – A Lick of the Tongue from the Sea

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

January 03, 2015

Why was it so important that Jesus was known as the ‘Son of the Living God’? In fact, this was the foundational understanding for the church as given in Matthew 16:16.

Adam became a living being only after the Spirit of life was breathed into him. Until that moment, he was nothing but dust separated from the seawater of which there was none in him. He was not given life through the seed of the human marriage bed. He was created in the image of the pluralistic God according to their likeness – Father and Son living from eternity past in the Spirit of life.

God, the Father, through His Son, was as the Husband and Giver of the Spirit of life to man. Man, as such, became the spiritual receptacle like a woman who births life after having become a receptacle for the seed of man. As the woman is the receptacle for the seed of life, so too, was Adam the receptacle for the Spirit of life. The two aspects to man’s nature, as male and female come together as one in fruitfulness, but, without the Spirit of life, there could never have been fruitfulness, once man involved himself in sin, through rebellion and disobedience to God. He would never accept evil men in His Garden kingdom, in which all things were created good, with there being no knowledge of evil in it. How then can the body ever become a receptacle for human life again, when good and evil are incompatible, and man had become an evil, sinful human being?

Adam had no shame in him, in his originally created form. He was a magnificent temple and creation of God for the Holy Spirit. Shame only came with sin, which opened the door to the evil spirit of demons allowing them to enter into men, bringing death with them. Henceforth, man would be clothed in the shame of the beast, which lured the woman into becoming a sinful creature, like her new father, the devil.

There is no understanding in lies and darkness, for the darkness cannot comprehend the light. The devil hates God who will not share His glory with him. He hates the Light of the world who will do battle with him for the souls of men. He also is known as the beast, Satan and the serpent, and he can do nothing about the curse of death, which is upon him. Adam fell under the curse of rebellion to God, and, in his shame of having corrupted the marriage bed of man, he resorted to excuses, playing the blame game, even trying to blame God for having given him the woman. If he ever repented of his sin, the Bible fails to tell us so.

Man did not take dominion over the beast, as God had told him to do by remaining steadfast in truth and obedience to the word of his Creator, who was Ruler over all. Adam, as the first man, believed the lie that he could eliminate the rule of God, by accepting the first, religious doctrine of the devil, which set in motion the process of separating man from God, something we, today, call liberalism. The spiritual family, which God was creating for Himself, had so easily rejected His incredible gift of life from the Holy Spirit for His first, created son and daughter.

Jesus, the first, begotten, spiritual Son of God, also a Son of Man, in that He was born of the seed of the woman, yet of the same nature as that of the created son, Adam, in that He was born of the Spirit of His heavenly Father. He was the only answer for the salvation of fallen man. He was the Word made flesh in the Spirit of God and of life. He was the Light and bread of truth, who had come down from heaven. He was the only Son of Adam without the seed of sin and corruption in Him from birth. Where Adam failed to pass on the Spirit of Life to man, Jesus would succeed in doing so, by not sinning against God in rebellion to Him.

God intervened in the affairs of men by placing His Spirit in the woman to create a Son of Man and a Son of God who could make it possible for man to be born again of the Spirit of life. It was the same Spirit Adam lost when he listened to the woman who embraced the spirit of Babylon the Great, to become the mother of all harlots. She became full of the rebellious Jezebel spirit, thus exceeding her role as that of an equal partner with Adam. The Babylonian, religious system became her soapbox with the curse of submission to her husband turning her into a kind of second-class citizen, the very role she chose for herself, when she became that foolish, immoral woman of Proverbs 7.

The harlot set the snare and the gullible man failed to realize that it would cost him his life. Her house was set upon the broad road leading to hell. The house of Israel of the Christ Jesus, to the contrary, is set upon the way to heaven and to life with the Father. Jesus came down from above for us and was placed in the manger as the bread of life for the beasts of mankind, in the town of bread called Bethlehem.

He would give His body as the bread of life and His blood as the drink of life. No other man before Him, other than Adam, was born of the Spirit of life until that eventful, holy night we call Christmas. Time changed at that moment because the light again entered the world and real time only begins anew with the potential for life for those who choose to be born again of a new Spirit of life, a very special birthday, worth celebrating over all other birthdays. This is the amazing Christmas gift of God for all mankind who will accept and acknowledge what His Son has done for us. But then, we also must recognize that we can never be anything more than sons and daughters of the beast, without Him. I guess, after all, that makes us little beasts. Could there be any better place from which to feed us than from a manger?

This is what makes the coming New Year a time of hope. Will He appear with the rainbow around His head – the symbol of the light broken for you and me, which will cause God to remember, when He sees it? Our dreams and hopes really do rest over the rainbow, and not with the Law of Moses, which could give no hope through the practice of animal sacrifices. What good does the blood of a beast have to offer man? We are the ones who need to give up our beastly natures.

All of us have been in need of the sacrifice of the Christ, the only Spirit-filled Man, who was pure light broken for you and me. Only He could take away our sins. That is why we can celebrate the New Year immediately following the birth of Jesus, when our heritage in life begins anew and ends with the cross followed by Pentecost. Beware of rejecting Christmas, and allowing the merchants, governments and the religious system to steal it away in order to make it just another ordinary holiday! 

We are at the crossroads of history – either embracing the cross or rejecting it. If we embrace it, we will go through it for a special victory celebration in Christ or, if we reject it, we will tear it down to embrace other gods in our lives. As the Lord keeps covenant with His bride, all the Dagons of this world will fall away, taking their worshipers with them. The light will depart from this world, to allow the darkness to overcome the sons of darkness and its gods, which they loved. The disaster will be severe for man as the Lord shakes the heavens and the earth to the point that the earth will move out of its place in orbit around the sun (see Isaiah 13:13).

How secure we have been in God’s placement of our home on earth, with respect to our relationship to the sun! If earthquakes have shaken us and brought dread to our minds, imagine the earth’s departure from its orbit around the sun and our loss of gravity, which has kept us safely in place! It is then that we will know who holds the stars of heaven in His hands and who has been the Creator of the entire universe. We were given the light of the sun and life. Man’s response has been a resounding “No thank you”. So God will take from us that which we have rejected.

Finding joy in this New Year has become a much more dubious thing as we begin to spin out of control without God and His Son. We don’t want God in our political life, and we don’t want His Son in the celebration of Christmas. Religious churches want the holy-day, but they are content to say Happy Holidays, without Merry Christmas. We do not like to be reminded of our sin for which the Father sent His Son.

The religious system tells us to go to church and find one to our liking, which means we can sit there comfortably, and not be required to think about our sinful nature. Such foolish advice as to lead anyone to a comfortable church that will not talk about our desperate need for being born again of the Spirit of Life! It prefers that we feel good about ourselves, get busy with the building works and projects and rarely, if ever, look to the Bible for any answers to modern life, in this dusty old book. Sorry, but you will be deceived again by that same serpent of old which deceived Eve.

Jesus is the real sacrificial Lamb, whose blood sacrifice really does make the difference between life and death. Darkness, as opposed to the light, has always been the choice of man. Choose carefully whether it is the beast you want or the Lord of light and understanding. They are the sheep on the right, and the goats on the left. On the right, are truth and life; on the left, are the lies of deception and death. May you make the choice for life in this, the coming New Year?

It has begun with another, ominous loss to the seawaters, without a trace left behind. It is like another lick of the tongue from the sea (see Isaiah 11:15), which, once more, has snatched away its victims. In all likelihood, they will never be seen again. Like those who went down with the Titanic, they will soon be nothing but dust at the bottom of the sea, to be remembered no more.

But over the rainbow, dreams can come true, where dreams of a heavenly home will become a reality and you will be remembered because the light was broken for you and me. God will look upon that light and will see the sons and daughters He has always wanted as the fruit of His creation, and the future lights, which God will use to light up the universe, along-side of His Son.

Reference: The Last Toy, written for a Canadian Heritage Christmas.