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The Ten Commandments

 Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

January 29, 2015

Why do you think that 3400 years after the fact, nothing has survived of history as vividly in the minds and lives of the civilized world as the giving of the Ten Commandments at the time of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt?

It was only in this past century that one of the first and biggest, extravaganza movies to come out of Hollywood, and play throughout the entire world, was the movie called The Ten Commandments. It has since been refilmed and finally was produced as a cartoon blockbuster for the children, called The Prince of Egypt, built upon the story of the Exodus of Israel, her wilderness journey and the giving of the Law called the Ten Commandments, on top of Mount Sinai.

Do you believe it has been by chance that this story has not been forgotten and remains in our minds as if it happened yesterday? Or, on the other hand, do you believe that God had something to do with the message remaining to this day as originally given? His Word tells us that nations will rise or fall depending on what they do with His Law, given from before the foundation of the nation Israel, yet intended for the people of God.

With the giving of the Law, as God’s word to Moses, and ultimately to the people, the message was very clear. The Law would mean one of two things for His people; it would be either a blessing or a cursing. With the blessing, would come life, and, with the cursing, would come death.

Of course, to a dumbed-down world God had to give an in-depth picture – one, which would be pretty simple to understand. The rebellion of man in relationship to the one rule he was given at creation, determined whether or not he would be blessed in spending an eternity with God or, on the other hand, through disobedience and lack of faith in what God commanded, a curse would be brought upon him and all subsequent generations to follow him. Henceforth, mankind would bite the dust and eat it with the serpent only to spend an eternity in darkness, which was found on the face of the deep before creation.

As at creation, at Sinai God was looking for a bride from mankind to share in the light with His Son, to become His sons and daughters through marriage. The marriage vows were the Ten Commandments known as the Covenant of God. He would not have undisciplined children for a family, something Adam and Eve never grasped in His marriage covenant with them. Neither did Israel understand God’s intentions any better than they had.

It would appear that America is falling into the same trap Satan continually sets while trying to break the covenant between God and man in order to destroy humankind and return him back to the darkness on the face of the deep. But then, the Son of God came to earth and extended the Covenant, which God made and would never break by renewing it in a new form, which would ultimately see both God and man keeping it between them. Jesus assured His church that the gates of hell would not prevail against it, because as the Cornerstone, He, and He alone, was going to defeat Satan at the cross and have victory over him.

The Law was given in the form of a marriage covenant, which we know to be the source covenant of all covenants beginning with the first human being. It was only by the breath of the Spirit of God being breathed into Adam’s nostrils that he became a living, moving, human being, carrying within him the seed of the fruit of all future beings, who would be created in the image of God to live eternally with Him. That is to say, until the need for a New Covenant became necessary, because of the rebellion of Adam and his choice for a life of sin instead of righteousness, in a garden kingdom where all things were created good, including him.

He would be Jesus, who willingly ‘would bite the dust’ to take our sins, die in our place and keep man’s part of the covenant for him. But, there would be a condition to it all. Man had to tithe a tenth of the Law, that is to say, he had to love the Lord his God with all his heart, all his soul and all his mind (see Matthew 22:37). This means he would have to repent of sin and love goodness more than evil to depend on Jesus who loved him and the rest of mankind enough to die and shed His blood so that man might live free of the curse of sin and death.

Jesus reversed the curse on mankind and became the only way back to eternal life. He is the Son of the God of love and truth. If you want to become a part of the inheritance, there is only one route and it is through the inheritance established by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The famous ladder of Jacob’s dream pointed to Jesus, and it was there Jacob laid his head upon the rock of his salvation and he called the place Bethel, meaning the house of God (see Matthew 22:32).

What is this house of God? The answer is found in the Song of Solomon. It is all about love for the Beloved and not the kings or things of this world. Solomon ruled by lust, but the Beloved ruled by love. He wanted His Shulamite because she loved Him, the same One who had created a garden for her, not because she would carry out religious practices in order to please Him. He wanted her love and faithfulness.

Her mother’s house was very important to her, for she must birth in the same line as Mary had birthed Jesus, the line of spiritual Israel. In other words, she must be born again into the spiritual family, of which Mary became the first mother of all living by the Spirit, in the role from which Eve, as a harlot, abdicated for Satan who already was separated from God. The bride would be to Jesus as Abraham was to Sarah, sister and spouse, having a different mother, but the same Father, God.

Are you able to understand what I am saying? Probably, it will not be possible, if you go to church and hear the Word, but do not have any understanding of it. How can blind guides lead the blind? The prophet, Isaiah, was actually told to go and tell the people their condition, which was then exactly as it is now. They “keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive (Isaiah 6:9).”

And these were the words of warning before Isaiah was told about the coming final judgment for the Covenant breakers, when nothing but the remnant of the true bride of the church will remain. The church is as a garden kingdom, dwelling in a Garden on earth, just East of heaven, for it will be on the same plain as heaven. How could it be anything else if the throne of Jesus is there and His city of the New Jerusalem has come down to earth?

It will all depend on what we do with the Covenant of the Law. Will we keep our marriage vows with God and tithe the real tithe of a tenth, as did Abraham to Melchizedek when he gave a tithe of all – his complete commitment to God and not to man? His full love and faith in God demonstrated what God is looking for in the name of works. It could mean giving up or sacrificing the blessing of a son or daughter of this world, in order to receive the lasting blessing of being a son or daughter of God.

Abraham offered a tenth of the Law, unwittingly or otherwise, and yet, at the same time, he offered all of himself, for he had taken none of the spoils of war. He had lifted his hand to the Lord, God Most High, the Possessor of heaven and earth. He knew what so few know today, that none of our riches come from men.

The poor, pathetic blessed of America are giving up the blessing of the Law for the laws of men, and the curse of them, leading to beheadings and death. It is all done for the ‘liberalism’ of the lustful, immoral, murderous lifestyle we now offer to our families, as they watch endless hours of such on television, piped into almost every home of the nation. The Law of God prevented such a perversion, but the charter of religious rights protects the perversion, at the expense of sacrificing the child.

The coming One World Order with its One World Religion will lock mankind into the perverted curse in exactly the same way that the breaking of one law locked Adam and Eve into the curse of death. How much easier the last 6000 years would have been if Adam and Eve had loved the Lord their God with all their heart, soul and mind! We could have been living in heaven on earth, instead of in the immoral, perverted, ugly world in which we find ourselves caught today.

One can only imagine what it would have been like now, if Israel had loved the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls and minds. There is still time for America, but it is becoming less and less likely by the day that she will actually do so, as the nation moves deeper into rebellion against God in sin. Jesus took the judgment of the Law for us, asking only this one thing of us. We have failed miserably in rendering ourselves to Him, and so we will receive the curse of the Law rather than the blessing.

Do you demonstrate the changed life in the Spirit or do you continue on with your religious programs of good works, which are like soda water that has lost its fizz? Few have the understanding or the willingness to hear that works will not get you to heaven; only Jesus is the Way and the truth and the life. Love Him with all your heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself, enough to share the truth of the gospels with him!