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Source of the Greatest Apostasies of our Day, Part 1

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

February 02, 2015

The source of all things is found in the book of Genesis; our spiritual roots are laid down and planted there. All matters concerning life and death, blessing and cursing, can be understood by going back to the first chapters of the first book of the books making up the whole, called the Bible.

Trouble began for mankind when the woman opened the door for Satan to place ideas in her mind concerning the commandment of God to Adam that he could eat of all the trees in the Garden except the one tree, which was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (pointing prophetically to Satan). The tree of life (pointing to Jesus) was also in the Garden. Satan won the woman over by catching her attention long enough, once the door had been opened and he had her ear, to hear the first, religious belief system ever presented to man, in lieu of the truth of God.

As she looked upon the forbidden food of the forbidden tree, Satan asked the woman, “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the Garden’?” By speaking spiritually-guided through the serpent, note how Satan slightly reworded what God had said and was able to raise a doubt in the mind of the woman about every tree of the Garden. What God had actually said was that they could eat of every tree with the exception of one – the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Of course, the answer to Satan’s question would appear to be correct by agreeing that God had indeed said that they could eat of every tree. And the serpent stopped there, leaving the woman with only part of the message.

Thus it was that doubt was placed in the mind of the woman and her response to the doubt was reflected in her answer when she changed God’s words from “you shall surely die” to “lest you die”, with death no longer being a certain outcome. And here comes the secular lie that denies the truth of God – “You will not surely die (Genesis 3:4).”
When the serpent spoke these words he laid the foundation for the religious denial of the truth of God, with the first belief system being birthed in the woman. “For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil (Genesis 3:5).”

Here we have the first message of humanism or liberalism, pitting man’s will against the will and mind of God. This is the basis for all religious compromise, the mixing of religion with truth. The cults were introduced based on religious compromise from the beginning, which is rooted in lies coming straight from Satan, or the devil, the author of lies. On the day that both Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the door to multiculturalism was opened with the first of many death cultures to come.

Satan had gained ruler-ship of the world through the curse of death, which resulted in the religious empires and a spiritual water system from beneath rather than the water from heaven above that surrounded the Garden. The roaring sea with its power, which God had separated from the dry land, was released to mingle with the river waters of the empires to become their final destination. All of this was brought about by lack of faith in, and disobedience to, God’s Word, the two things He required in His first covenant with mankind, if it were to survive and live with Him eternally.

Let us look at the pathway of religion through the deadly, empire, spiritual river waters. They are described in Genesis 2:10-14. Bearing in mind that God had just created the first living being, there were no empires of nations at this time. Still, in perfect prophecy, God described the empires to come as being related to the separate, spiritual river waters. He also described the garden kingdom as being watered from a river that went out from Eden, which, prophetically, speaks of heaven.

It was from the Garden that the waters parted to make way for the rule of Satan and his religious empires. Good gold, representing perfect worship, and stones defining black and white, darkness and light, and the color of manna or truth, defined the gold of the Garden, setting it apart from the empire gold of this world.

The seven empires to come were defined to perfection – the river Gihon and Cush, or the Egyptian Empire, the river Hiddekel and the Assyrian Empire, with the last being the river Euphrates and the Babylonian system of five Empires (the Roman Empire being divided into two parts). The final empire cannot be defined by nations, for it will encompass the entire known world today. We will not be finished with the Babylonian system of empires until the return of Jesus, when He will put an end to the works of Satan.

Today, all hell is breaking out in religious fervor, which finds its source waters to be the Euphrates. These waters will carry their spiritual victims to their ultimate destiny of the seawaters, out of which the beast rises in the end days (see Revelation 13:1). This is the beast of the final empire – a One World Order of ten super nations. This is the final part of the Babylonian system, completing the make-up of the seven heads of Satan as they have appeared with the empire rulers, imitating the real God-Man figurehead of Jesus and calling himself the Christ in his antichrist spirit of counterfeiting the truth, with lies. He has made himself a god to be worshiped throughout the ages.

This entire, spiritual, water history of the world is pictured in the natural, within the heart of the nation, Israel. We have been given a natural, packaged picture of the tributaries of the spiritual waters pooling into spiritual lakes of water and departing from there into the spiritual rivers, which will ultimately empty into the sea. It is shown in the clear, pure waters from above, finding their source in the depths of Mount Hermon, along with the snow run-off working their ways into the Sea of Galilee. Hence, Jesus came to the Galilee to fish mankind out of the now less than pure pooled water of the world beneath, represented there.

No one can deny Jesus’ role as the Fisherman of the Galilee, as were His apostles trained to follow in His footsteps to become fishers of men. Those, which escape the bait and hook, will snake their way down the Jordan River toward the Dead Sea where nothing lives, as they are doomed to death by seawater.

Through John the Baptist, God showed that He was going to give another opportunity to man, by making a New Covenant with him, so he might live again. It meant entering into the Jordan, being covered in the waters and then coming up out of them to be baptized in a new Spirit from above, the same Spirit that gave life to the living being in Genesis, chapter 2. John demonstrated it all by the symbolism of water baptism.

This would pave the way for a last-ditch moment in history for mankind to repent of his evil ways, be washed clean and then invite the Spirit of Life back into his life through faith in what Jesus did on the cross for one’s salvation. He is the Kingfisher of men seeking to fish them from the deadly waters beneath, before they reach their natural destination of death by seawater.

A similar picture of the spiritual water condition in which the world was locked into the Babylonian system of empires, can be found in the heart of North America. It is a spiritual water picture of the five great empires, which continue until the end, known as the Babylonian system of empires, beginning with Babylon being represented by Lake Michigan and finishing with Lake Ontario, representing the final and last empire of a One World Order, called the Revived Roman Empire. There is a massive flow of water into the wide St. Lawrence River, destined for the sea, spilling into it near the spot where the massive, iron ship, called the Titanic, went to her watery grave in a night of terror, just as will happen to the iron empire of Rome.

Niagara Falls represents the power and rush of evil waters by which the world is rushing toward its watery grave. It simply does not understand the spiritual battle going on within the hearts of men because of the door left open when God departed from the lives of a rebellious mankind. Of course, that happened when the source waters mixed again with the seawater after the Lord God had separated the water from the dry land to produce dust free of these waters before creating the living being from that dust.

Man cannot blame God for not doing the good thing for man; it was man, himself, who chose to bring the seawater back over the land when he rebelled in sin to no longer find himself separated from evil spirits. You could say he actually chose to add demon possession to what was once only good.

The fishing waters at Kingston, situated at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River where it meets with the last of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario, are considered to be so polluted that one would not consider eating the fish. Surely, at this point, we are dealing with the entire pollution of the Babylonian system of empires and perhaps the darkest times in world history, when men’s fishing days for mankind are drawing to a close.

Apostasies float over the airways from the cameras into the homes and from the altars into the pews. The air is thick with spiritual darkness, thick enough to blot out the light of the sun, moon and stars of the heavens.

It is all written in the beginning, in the source book of all spiritual truths, the book of Genesis, which begins the story of Christ in a Book, which is His story. Sadly, it is a Book, which describes the falling away from the Lord and the necessity for a New Covenant between God and man, if creation is to blossom and grow into the garden kingdom it was intended to become.

The enemy of creation is the apostate way, or the falling away from truth into the religious system. As we can see, Satan makes his case around truth, twisting and turning it with the binding ropes of religion, spreading it by means of the governments of this world. His aim is to ensnare mankind by appealing to its lust for a different kind of gold from that found in the Garden of Eden, where the good gold of worship in spirit and in truth was found.

And so you have it – the number of the beast, 666, all described within the first two chapters of Genesis. It is the number of the One World governmental, religious and economic order, toward which we are rapidly moving now as America is being eroded to the point that she will fall on her knees to worship the beast.

What was once a nation going to war, willing to die for God and liberty in His Law, has become a nation crumbling in apostasy. It is not as if God did not give us His guide Book intended to lead us to the Way, and to know Jesus Christ, His Son. We have refused to read it, and, instead, in our ignorance of the word, we ask why God allows bad things to happen to ‘good people’.

Surely, by now, we should know that there is no such thing as ‘good people’, for we are all children of Eve, the mother of all living and a harlot to her Lord. She was only capable of birthing the fruit of harlotry, which would produce an unsuitable bride for Christ. A virgin would be required to birth a Son whose seed was of the Spirit of life, and not of man. This is the same Spirit as that which comes from the tree of life that was situated in the Garden producing the good fruit, which was good to eat.

As Jesus said, “Eat My flesh (John 6:53)”, many departed from Him, for they had no earthly idea that He was speaking about truth as the Word made flesh, the good food of the tree of life. There is no apostasy of religion in Him. But the world does not understand this though it all has been revealed from the beginning.

So, what is the greatest apostasy of all? Read the next part for your answer.