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…The Greatest Apostasies of Our Day, Part 2

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

February 04, 2015

The first apostate message was delivered to Eve in the Garden with the lies of Satan and the innuendoes spoken into her heart. The truth of God, mixed with, and twisted by, the lies of the devil, formed a religious belief system, which could never produce a way to life. For the truth of God and the religious lies of Satan can never share the same marriage bed.

Herein is found the reason for 6000 years of pain and suffering for the human race, caused by man’s separation from God. Man’s role in the garden government changed when his will superseded the will of God. The perfect rule, perfect worship and perfect provision of God were rejected for the religious empires and economic rule of Satan.

One apostasy after another has taken its place over the centuries, culminating in a fallen church ensnared by religion. As Abraham had to separate himself unto God to become faithful and obedient to Him, we see the first exodus separating God’s people from the world, but still left in it.

There is a necessary change, which must take place, a crossover blessing designated by crossing over of the Jordan River at the point where Joshua crossed, Elijah crossed, Elisha crossed and John the Baptist offered a baptism by water, leading to Jesus fulfilling all righteousness for man at this same point.

It is here that the national, Levitical priesthood turned over the reins to Jesus and His church of witnesses to the truth. The nation, at this point, gave way to the spiritual nation through a rebirth in the Spirit, signified by going into the waters of this world and coming out of them to receive the waters of the Spirit from above. There would be only one way for this to happen, and it is through Jesus, the truth made flesh and the life. In Him, the kingdom of heaven becomes a real possibility again.

Daily, we are facing the lies of Satan, which he is trying desperately to plant in our hearts, in order to remove us from the Way and place us on the broad road to destruction. These lies fill the workplace, the home, the media and yes, even the institutional churches of Christianity.

Here is a partial list of some of the most common apostasies being propagated today.

1. Religious systems and denominations of Christianity, birthed by Rome and called the church, are one and the same as the apostolic church of Jesus Christ.

2. The elected high priest of Roman Catholicism, the pope, shares his position of a high priest on equal footing with Jesus.

3. The elected pope is not a sinner like other men; he is inerrant.

4. The spiritual stone foundation of the apostolic church is one and the same as the natural stone structures called cathedrals and churches.

5. Man’s tower-building programs for ‘churches’ have no ties with the building program of the tower of Babel.

6. The structures of religious Christianity were commissioned by Jesus.

7. Good works can get mankind to heaven, around the Way of Jesus, on an alternate route, which runs through Christianity.

8. By doing good deeds, we can elevate our standing before God, whether or not we believe in Jesus for salvation.

9. Believers in Jesus should promote the linking of the two religions of Judaism and Christianity.

10. The true Christian is of a superior, special status in comparison to other, religious, inactive Christians, deemed to be less true or less religious.

11. Doctrinal error can be ignored for the sake of the unification of Christianity and the building of a One World Religion.

12. Peace can be achieved by handing over national sovereignty to the United Nations.

13. Religious unity, as a goal for peace, becomes more important than spreading the truth of the gospels, which, by their intolerances for evil, become a hindrance to such unity.

14. The congregants and laymen are not responsible for spreading the gospels of truth; the priesthood is.

15. The practice of religious legalism supersedes the biblical teaching of the truth.

16. Prophecy makes up only a low percentage of the Bible. It is in the area of about 25 to 35 percent.

17. Old Testament prophecy is no longer relevant or necessary for biblical understanding.

18. Judaism is a religion given to the nation Israel by God.

19. The gates of hell cannot prevail against Christianity.

20. The nation Israel is still God’s chosen people who will take possession of the Land even though they continue to reject the cross as a means of salvation (see Jeremiah 31).

21. The nation, Israel, as the house of Israel, has been returned to the Land today as promised in the Bible.

22. Israel, as a nation, is exempt from God’s judgment no matter what she thinks of Jesus. After all, her people are the real Jews.

23. Jesus likely secretly married Mary Magdalene.

24. Jesus came to feed the poor rather than the poor in Spirit.

25. Jesus came to heal the body rather than the soul.

26. Jesus’ love for women was a fleshly love rather than spiritual.

27. Jesus was not born miraculously of the Spirit of God, as was Adam.

28. The theory of evolution is more likely to be true than the story of creation.

29. God cannot use women in the apostolic ministry of the church.

30. It is not quite true that Jesus is really the only way to heaven. Various religions have their own ways and so Christians should respect them.

31. It isn’t a life and death matter concerning what children are being taught about Jesus, as long as they receive one form of instruction or another.

32. The church is a building with priests in authority over it.

33. Only men and women qualified by theological colleges have the authority to preach the gospels.

34. The church is a place where pews are provided for congregants to sit quietly and listen to the minister and the worship music.

35. The church is intended to be a Sunday meeting house, with business as usual in the world the rest of the week.

36. Bible teaching is not an important part of the traditional church. It should take a back seat to church programs.

37. Prophetic understanding of the Word is not all that important.

38. The church should spend more time on cultural understanding in order to fit into the changing times.

39. Tax exemptions are needed for the life-blood of the church.

40. The commission of the church to spread the gospels of truth, was only meant for the time of the early church.

41. The Spirit-filled woman of the New Testament times is no different from the woman of the Old Testament times.

42. Separation of church and State is the same thing as separation of religion and state.

43. Satan’s attack on Jesus was a mere figment of His imagination. There is no such being as Satan.

44. The Bible is not true, but rather is a good moral guide.

45. The Bible is a book of religion like other religious books.

46. Prophets, led by the Spirit, are not capable of human error.

47. It is a good idea to go to a church of your choice, as long as you attend one church or another.

48. Look for an entertaining and comfortable church, which will suit your lifestyle and not force too much religion down your throat.

49. Jesus would endorse the Judaic and Christian, religious leaders of today, much more than He endorsed the Pharisees of His day. After all, He kept the Feast Days like all good Jews.

50. Jesus will not return or set up His kingdom here on earth. Satan will continue as the ruler of this world eternally.