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Progressive Liberalism

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

February 10, 2015

Liberalism is progressive and creeping by nature. It is not by chance that there are strong, moral differences philosophically between the proponents of liberalism and those of conservatism. Liberalism is, in reality, the counterfeit of liberty, masquerading throughout history as a liberating force, while, in fact, being the very opposite.

It lays the foundation for big government, government control and, ultimately, a complete loss of freedom by leaving the individual without control over his/her life and actions. In the extreme, it results in a one-world, government-controlled society, which finds its being in mind control.

It is the antithesis of the creation of God, whereby man was given free will, along with the opportunity for partnership in government. The Law of God was codified and absolute; the judgment for breaking the Law was a matter of life and death. God had created a kingdom, which would not and could not fail. Liberalism from Him was the source of the cancer on the face of the deep, which had to be obliterated in order for God to light the entire universe. The poison must come to the boil stage before it can be lanced and cut out.

History shows God to be the Master Healer bringing His children of creation from their sickly condition of rebellion at birth to a healthy condition at maturity. They have a prognosis for life, because they choose to obey the Master Healer’s course of action for the cure to this disease of sin. So many people ask the question as to what in the world happened to America in this day and age, when she had it ‘so good’. The answer to that is very simple; she decided that she would not follow her God and Master Healer’s plan for the cure.

She was doing so well when she accepted the Doctor’s rules and moral code, which, in fact, can be equated to His Law in the land. But then, the devil sent his serpents, the demons, in force against this godly society, a force the likes of which the world had never seen before. God had done exactly what He said He would do when He established His nation, making Abraham’s descendants a great nation, which would become a blessing to all nations for liberty under God. By separating her from the liberalism of Satan, which would destroy His people, and by making Himself Ruler over this people, He would make her a great nation and a free people in liberty.

America achieved what Israel failed to achieve and so that wily serpent climbed into her strong tree and began spewing out lies, and with the lies came the appeal to the lusts of the flesh in a full-blown, wilderness testing, the likes of which had only previously been experienced by Jesus. However, Jesus had the mind and heart of God in the Spirit to overcome the devil, but we humans, given free will, are only capable of acting as the Master requires of us, if we are to have victory and power through faith in Him and by being obedient to His Commandments or codified Law.

We truly need to be born again of the Spirit of Life to interpret exactly what it is that is required of us. Throughout history man has always decided to forsake the Law and listen to Satan, the enemy of God. This antichrist spirit came against the Christ who listened to the Father and did His will, as opposed to listening to the lies of the devil and following the lust of the flesh, to which he appealed.

What Jesus actually managed, in obedience to the Father, was to perfectly align His flesh with the Word of God, His Father. Hence, He was able to say, “Eat my flesh and drink my blood” for, in so doing, relationship with God as the bride of Christ in a one-flesh union could be established. It meant that man could return to God, to find eternal life once again being offered to him. It has been lost in the judgment upon Adam and Eve and all their fruit, which were born into this world, corrupted from birth, as children of a corrupt, rebellious union.

Man was blessed beyond words by having a merciful God, but also a perfectly fair judge of the law, to which He is faithful to see that it is fairly executed. God does not lie and His Word is truth. Man was judged guilty and was doomed to die. There seemed to be no way for man to escape the looming judgment of sin.

But God had established the way to a second trial to which we might refer as being the ‘appeal’s court’ for perfect justice. Man had had no experience in the Garden, and was like a newly created child in God’s eyes, who had touched the forbidden stove and, as a result, he was burned. The Father established a way back to life in His kingdom rule, which could only be restored by His own Son who knew the Father in every way, before being born into the human race. He would come to earth and pay the blood price placed on the head of man and then He would die in his place, taking man’s well-deserved judgment. Yet Jesus would be resurrected because He, Himself, had no sin to claim Him in death.

His offer to mankind was nothing short of a miracle, as was His birth a miracle birth by the Spirit of God and not by the corrupted seed of men. What a glorious gift from above from the Father of humankind who offered His Spirit again to men through His Son! Now, I ask you, how stupid can one be to reject such an offer and then ask the ultimately stupid question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Well, you fools, so aptly described in Proverbs, it is because you choose to listen to the lies of liberalism when you will not listen to the truth of God. You actually want the lie when you can have the truth. So, God tells us that this is the equivalent of blaspheming the Holy Spirit and for this there is no antidote. God, the Master Healer, has provided the cure to man’s, spiritual sickness through His Son, the Christ. Satan is presently trying to destroy such a cure with any number of falsehoods and swords flashing in every direction.

Week after week Fox News commentators have been exposing and attacking the lies and the liars of Progressive Liberalism. But they fail to realize that God has given rebellious America exactly what she deserves – a leadership that does not lead, but rather stagnates in lies. How is it that we cannot see the simple answer to the problem, for a nation called out by God? Why do we keep asking what is going wrong that the world is becoming so unstable and so unsafe? Are we not the fools of Proverbs, when the answer is so simple?

One only has to look back to the tower building of Babel. Man believed that he could do whatever he liked within the one world ruled and ordered by the religious lies of Satan. He believed that he could build his own tower to the heavens, under his own self-rule on the east side of the Garden, outside of any access to the tree of life (Jesus). He believed that he didn’t need the Way; he would build his own, broad road and his own temples to heaven, apart, in liberalism, from the one, true God. He would do whatever he liked without any Commandment or interference from God. And such secularism is still doing what it likes apart from God.

And God looked down on the evil works of man, saying, “I will put a stop to this before they succeed in establishing a One World Order before the fullness of the time of the gentiles. They must be able to see the difference between Progressive Liberalism under Satan’s ruler-ship and My people who live by My rule and My code of Law, in order to see what real liberty looks like in the perfect rule of law and in My perfect justice. No one is condemned unfairly and all are rewarded justly.”

There is nothing but wars among Satan’s crew. There is absolute peace in the Prince of Peace and the Son of God. Joshua was prophetic of the victory of Jesus over Satan; the Lord had Joshua drive the gentiles from the Promised Land. Had Israel obeyed, she would have known peace today, but she chose multicultural living among idol worshipers over God’s separation from them. To this day she is grappling with the problem of not having carried out God’s commandment regarding the cultic nations in the Land.

Wake up America! The answer is simple and right in front of you. If they are the liars of Progressive Liberalism you want along with a lack of moral code, which comes with Satan, then that is what you will get as the cults take over this land of America. But the true church of Christ will separate from the religious world and become God’s final prophets to witness to the truth of the gospels before He removes them, as He removed Noah by calling him into the ark before the rains began.

I wish I could say that only the rain will fall as it did in Noah’s day, but this time the fire will come down from above and lance the boil once and for all. Pray that you have the protection of the ark of the covenant that originated with the covenant promises to Abraham so that God can say to the angels to hold the wind back until His own people of the house of Israel have His mark of protection on their foreheads. Continue to be stupid if you like, but liars never prosper in the end. Choose the lie and go the broad way to destruction. Choose Jesus and enter into the Way to the kingdom.

You know in your heart of hearts that airplanes can fly, but you only trust them when you actually enter into one to take flight. I prefer to have Jesus, the Author of truth, at the helm in the cockpit to having men there who are liars and serving the author of lies. In which one would you prefer to place your trust – the One who gives life, or the one who brings death? I would suggest that there is a death culture presently riding in Air Force One.