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The Fundamental Transformation of a Nation

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

February 20, 2015

Have we any doubt left as to what President Obama means when he talks about the fundamental transformation of the United States of America? We are talking about an apologist for the nation over which he was elected to be president. This means he was elected to carry out his job within the parameters of the Constitution. It means he was elected to work with Congress and not write new laws, which are in opposition either to the Constitution or to the will of the people, which should be the primary concern of Congress and the Senate.

He has not been given the mandate to be lawmaker, but rather to see that his government carries out the law to the best of his ability, and for the protection of the liberties of the people. From the President, all the way down the line, the government today is acting exactly as the judges of Scripture in the book of Judges. In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes (Judges 21:25).

The President of the United States is not above scrutiny. It is important to scrutinize and judge the man who is elected and hired to carry out his job, according to the law and according to the will of the people. Is it not appropriate to say that, no matter what he does, the people should assess whether or not he is acting forthrightly and honestly in carrying out his duties as president, in view of the importance of the office? He is not on a pedestal that sets him above the law to which other men and women are subjected.

Where does it say that those holding any public office have immunity from having their actions scrutinized and judged by the ones who pay their salaries? Are the Republicans going to move into the same tongue-tied mode of phoney Political Correctness as that of the Democrats, the liberal element of society? Will they, too, endorse the lies by covering up the truth, in the name of tolerance in a don’t-say-don’t-tell sort of mode for granting respect when there is no justification to do so?

Barack Hussein Obama is a man whose political sins have far, far exceeded those committed by former President Richard Nixon who finally had to leave office over a little wire-tapping. Obama’s government is presently spying on the private communications of the American citizens, whenever it chooses to do so. Who is he trying to fool? He makes former President Richard Nixon look like a choir boy beside himself and the tactics he has been using to fundamentally transform the nation.

He has instituted the lie, or rather has legitimized the lie, which his liberal forerunner, President Bill Clinton, implemented while formerly holding office. These are the men who not only show disrespect for the office, but they also diminish the stature, which the office should offer to future presidents. The critics of presidents are not the ones who show disrespect for the office by criticizing them; they are the presidents, themselves, who disrespect the office by dishonoring it with dishonorable behaviour.

When they deceive and mislead the people as liars and cheats then they should be exposed for what they are and ultimately be held accountable for their dishonesty and for dishonoring the office. Once they are caught in lies, they cannot be trusted in anything they say. Therefore, one is compelled to judge this man by his performance and not by his declarations, as to who he really is.

Thankfully, there is such a man of integrity as the former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, who calls a spade a spade when he sees it. Why should he call it anything else in order to preserve the feelings of a liar and abuser of the office? Why then not judge the action of one who represents his nation abroad before the eyes of the entire world.

I would trust former Mayor Giuliani any day, having no evidence to do otherwise, but I would not trust President Obama, having all the evidence necessary to prove he is untrustworthy. Are the Republicans going to choose to indicate to the world that they accept lying as a common practice in their culture and that liars are to be held in respect? Let us never forget that such characteristics are the mark of the beast and the distinguishing features of the devil. Jesus said it, not I.

“You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it (John 8:44).” Jesus went on to say that because He tells the truth, the people would not believe Him (see John 8:45).

Rudy Giuliani told the absolute truth about his assessment of this President who has made it a practice to apologize to the enemies of America for the very principles she holds dear, concerning government, lifestyle, economic practices and military action. There can be no other conclusion by reasonable people about this President except that he is a man who is ashamed of his country and its policies. In fact, as Giuliani suggested, he does not appear to ‘love America’ as the leader of this great nation should.

Obama’s problem appears to be exactly the same problem as that of the religious priesthood of Jesus’ day, when He claimed that their father was the devil and author of lies and there is no truth in him. Jesus demonstrated the same forthrightness about the priesthood as did Giuliani about the President. There is absolutely no question about the truth. He cannot be trusted any more than former President Bill Clinton could be trusted before him. Every patriot of their country should be saying that this man, Obama, needs to go before the damage done in his attempt to transform America, is beyond repair.

Now is the time of opportunity, and not the time for a stumbling block, when every Republican representative in government should demonstrate their support of the truth and their utter disdain and contempt for the Political Correctness, which is keeping them from being men and women of leadership. They need to demonstrate forthrightness and honesty about lying liberalism, which begins in the Office of the President.

Yes, he has become America’s national transformer and will succeed in transforming her if the electorate and the elected fail to put a stop to it. If you have a bad, worm-eaten apple in the center of a bushel you throw that apple out, or else it will transform the entire bushel into a worm-eaten lot of bad apples. Furthermore, you don’t pick more, bad, worm-eaten apples and throw them in with the good ones unless you want to fundamentally transform the bushel of apples more quickly into an infested container of rotten apples.

Barack Hussein Obama responds to any opposition to his lies much as the priesthood responded to Jesus. The President employs the liberal tactic of name-calling and ridiculing the enemy, after having sat for years under the ministry and tutelage of a liberal preacher who claimed his hatred for the United States, before him. His entire party goes after that most decent group of people called the Tea Party, and especially its famous woman of integrity called Sarah Palin, who values the principles, which have made America great.

He calls for tolerance for Islam, constantly lying about the nature of this very destructive, killing ideology, which in turn produces a priesthood, which calls Jesus a liar. Muslims and the Jews have one thing in common, as seen in the question the Jews asked Jesus: “Do we not say rightly that You are a Samaritan and have a demon (John 8:48)?”

Obama calls for “tolerance” for the liars and demon-possessed of the ideology of Islam. In fact, he says we should bring them to America, rehabilitate them and, finally, fundamentally transform them with the rest of the ideological melting pot he wants America to host. With this, he calls for America to make sure that there is no offense to those who have traditionally been her enemies.

He cannot call the Fort Hood tragedy what it is. It remains to be seen whether the knife hacking of the two people who were not Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan will initiate the breaking up of that nasty, little enclave of Christian haters right in the midst of America, which demonstrates exactly what ‘peace-loving Muslims’ of America both tolerate and encourage in their mosques. We should be totally weary by now of listening to the term, ‘peace-loving Muslims’. By the very nature of the ideology of Islam it can never bring about a peaceful state.

Jihad is at the heart of Islam, taught in the mosques and carried out by the sword. If and when America is fundamentally transformed, she will only have begun to see the sword of Islam at work. It will cut into her so fast that it will make her head swim. If a Muslim wants peace, then by such nature, he should walk away from the mosque, never to return again. In turn, Americans never should allow the construction of such mosques where killing the American people is taught as an ideology. How is the President carrying out his vow to protect the people, when he allows their safety to be threatened by Islam from within her own borders?

Wake up, America! Deal with Political Correctness, with kudos going to former, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for first having done so. The Republicans should stop allowing liberalism to use the tolerance of Political Correctness as a hammer to silence them and then begin to use the truth to describe what Obama’s fundamental transformation of the nation really means.

It is all about one thing, and one thing only. It is about the transformation and death of a free nation under God, at the hands of the sword of Islam. Let her begin to fight back by removing a president who is so very undeserving of respect, and replace him with a man America can respect. Either the nation gets rid of him or he will get rid of the nation by transforming it into just another Islamic state, ruled by the sword, with liberty being lost forever. Put away your comfortable, light, cool clothing, ladies, and get ready to wear a dark, full burka covering, something, which could happen in the very near future.

He is a liberal president who tried to make the country believe that the Republicans do not have the interest of women at stake. I tell you, he is a liberal, Democratic President who will take away all rights of women, and return them to slavery, by the simple stroke of his liberal, presidential pen. He is on the road to transforming the American nation into an Islamic state under Sharia law.