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The Radical Nature of the Church

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

February 22, 2015

The problem in America today is found in the fact that the radical nature of the true church is missing within the institutional church. One could say that Christianity has invaded the West, more specifically, that Romanism has settled in, dulling down the truly radical, apostolic church. A radical church, in nature, left the East to settle the West, in order to rid itself of the religious controls of empires, whose rulers governed in cahoots with national religions.

“We have no king but Caesar,” are the same words, which can still be heard coming from a compromised, church system not unlike the temple system of Judaism in the days of Jesus. Judaism was about as much of a plan of God for Israel, with its Roman-appointed high priests, as is Roman Catholicism, with its Roman-appointed pope and high priest or, as is any other Christian denomination, with its own high priest of sorts elected by man.

This is the problem. Our modern, western society and institutional churches unite to call us to tolerance for religions, a cry directly in opposition to the radical nature of Jesus and the early church. As one church in the body of Christ, it had no tolerance for religion. It had nothing to do with Christianity, which only came into being about three hundred years after Christ.

We try to separate the radical nature of Islam, which produces terrorists by nature of being a destructive religion, but this is the true nature of the Muslim ideology manifesting itself in its fundamental form, which ultimately will allow no other religion to exist in the world. Its goal is a world-wide, Islamic, super state, whether spoken by the terrorists or by the Imams of the mosques located all around the world.

If Christianity had any of the fervor that fans the Islamic terrorists, it would present one, strong voice for truth to rule these nations of America, as it did at the time of their founding. Such an outcry for truth needs to be heard loudly, around the world, drowning out the death cries of radical Islam. Oh yes, the Muslims are silent in America concerning the Muslim atrocities being carried out throughout the entire world!

They are merely biding their time until they have a majority in the West like they have in the East. Then we will suddenly wake up to face their radical nature on the home front, when we will discover that our complacency has led to killings and death advancing in the West, in the same manner it is happening in the East. We will then hate the foolishness of the Political Correctness, which has kept the West deceived about the truth of radicalism among Muslims and moderate Islam. By nature of their religion, no Muslim can be moderate and still be a good Muslim.

Never believe for a minute that mosques are not breeding grounds for religious massacres. They are necessary, religious, training grounds for an ideology bent on ruling the world by the process of Jihad. What do you think Jihad is? The Muslims can lie about it, but then that, too, is part of the doctrine of Islam, which allows for lies whenever necessary to further their cause of Jihad. But then, too, the liars are sons of their father, the devil, who provides them with a false god, called Allah. They are not sons of the one and only God of truth and life.

When God Almighty calls for killing, it is to set the captives of this world free from religion so they might have life and have it more abundantly in a kingdom on earth where all things were created good. Why in the world would you want to add the knowledge of evil to the knowledge of just that which is good? To extend that question to its fullest form, why would you call for tolerance of evil and a respect for a false, apostate religion, which holds its people in the grip of death?

In contrast to this thinking is the radical believer who, like Christ, is a radical of the faith. He believes only in the fundamental doctrine of God and is diligent and outspoken in his defense of it. The modern, institutional church has lost all sight of such a radical nature in its fear of being anything other than politically correct or, in other words, it is afraid of not defending the liars for fear of being labeled intolerant.

This false church has become very sophisticated in standing with governments as the guardian of a Charter or Bill of Rights, which has replaced the Law of God in the nation, with these charters empowered to criminalize the work of God and His calling on His church to oppose the lies by preaching the gospel of truth about the Lord. It means challenging the evil of rebellion to His truth wherever it may surface, and religion is the problem, not the solution.

Under our politically correct regime, it is okay for Islam to be radical with its radical nature not being stopped in the face of even beheading innocent Christians, who are offered no trial to prove their innocence. There is no trial among religious fanatics whose religion promotes killing or Jihad. But it is not okay for believers in Jesus to be radical, also, by granting the right to stand on the truth in opposition to this beastly religion regarding the true nature of it.

When is the real church going to wake up to the understanding of both its radical nature and the radical nature of its Cornerstone and Leader, Jesus? Jesus preached a radical message, which was very different from that which would have been preached by the religious leaders of His day. They believed Him to be demon possessed and of the devil. The true church of today, in its radical approach, will arouse the same kind of anger, mockery and abuse from the comfortable, traditional, institutional churches complacent and dead in their good works and building programs.

Those who call the nation back to its heritage in biblical truth will be spat upon, mocked and eventually called to accountability as the key holders to the kingdom of God on earth. The church, which Jesus, and not Rome, established, is called to set the captives free of religious doctrines, which kill. In this day and age, it is a calling, which will come against a giant as big as Goliath and bigger, to hurl the stone of truth to his forehead, hitting him right between his eyes so that the head of lies can be cut off from the people to prevent them from being deceived into believing that the power of God is not available to them.

It is unfortunate that so few will have the ears to hear what the Spirit and the bride are saying. In a world of trillions, there will be only 144,000 true church witnesses who come in the spirit of Elijah and Moses. They will call the church to separation from religion, much as Elijah called the nation to separation from religious idolatry and Moses called for a complete exodus from the religious, empire system before the spiritual waters of the sea would cover over Israel’s enemies, taking them down to their watery grave.

“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).”

Get radical before judgment comes upon you and He whom you rejected will then reject you. Everyone today is sitting complacently on a spiritual Titanic, where the radical love of a woman for a radical young man set her free and gave her life apart from the controls of the devil and ruler of this world. Many are searching for the stone-cold heart of the ocean, when their real, true love is knocking at the doorway of their hearts, begging them to let Him in. Once they have given way to being radically loved, there is no turning back to a loveless, world arrangement, which will kill them.