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Prime Minister Netanyahu vs. the Samaritan Woman at the Well

 Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

March 03, 2015

In so far as the Titanic went to her dead, sea-watery grave, it was only a few, short years later when the Isaiah Scrolls, written some 2200 years previously, arose out of the area of the Dead Sea, to come to life again. They had been preserved in the potter’s vessel hidden away in the caves of Qumran only to be resurrected, as was Jesus resurrected from His cave-like tomb. The apostle John tells us that Jesus is the Word made flesh. It is interesting to note that both the flesh and the Word experienced a resurrection, all in God’s perfect timing.

I have had the great privilege of gazing upon this resurrected Word in the form of a small scrap of the parchment belonging to the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was a very small segment of the book of Isaiah. The book is, in itself, like a mini Bible, with the first thirty-nine chapters corresponding to the Old Testament and judgment, while the final twenty-seven chapters soar into heights of hope like that offered in the gospels of the New Testament.

Did the Scrolls reveal that the Hebrew Bible has changed over the centuries? The answer is “No”. There was virtually no change whatsoever, other than the spelling of the name of a city, which has been changed from what it was called at the time the Scrolls were written.

What these Scrolls tell us is that cultural changes over time have no effect on the Word of God. It is as true today as it was yesterday. But then that should be no surprise to us, for God declares that He changes not; He remains the same eternally. The truth of His Word is everlasting, as cultures come and go, and is never outdated at any time in history. How grateful we should be that we can trust in His Word to be abiding and everlasting.

God chose His people from among the gentiles (see Ezekiel, chapter 16), beginning with one man, Abraham, whom He separated from them and their idols, in order to take him from the East and move him westward to a Promised Land. There was no special blood running through his veins, which did not run through the veins of Adam and every human to follow him. Was God, in fact, not laying down the principles for a restored Garden life for which He had created man, one beautifully described as a garden in the Song of Solomon?

For it was on the east side of the Garden that God closed it from fallen man whom He drove out to the East with their newly acquired, religious, belief system from Satan. It had replaced the truth of God in their lives, separating them in the harlotry of sin from God and His Spirit of life to embrace the spirit of death in its spiritual seawaters.

The spiritual river from heaven that surrounded the Garden no longer surrounded man. He no longer had the protection of God from the evil on the face of the deep, which the light had dispelled. The spiritual seawaters of death were no longer separated from the dry land. The disobedience of man to God’s commandment allowed them to return with the newly acquired knowledge of evil offered to man by the devil who spoke through the vile serpent. He is the destroyer of all things created good by infiltrating them with the lure to man to do evil.

God had, by the power of His hand, separated east from west spiritually, but by the will of man, the separation was replaced by a reuniting with the darkness to bring the two together again to form a new culture, no longer good and life-giving. God’s plan did not include any such thing.

There was to be no other culture living within the boundaries of the Garden except that which He had created as the inheritance of the Land for His sons and daughters. It had first been created for Adam and Eve and their inheritance, to next become the Land inheritance of Abraham and Sarah, with their inheritance finally being transposed into the kingdom inheritance for Jesus and His bride and the spiritual fruit of their union. There could never be a third party in their marriage bed.

To this day, the cults want the Land and they want the city of Jerusalem with it. The battles of the eastern world are religious, cultural battles raging over that little nation of Israel, which Satan and his religious people want wiped from the face of the earth.

But the Lord’s appearing brought with Him the New Covenant of God, which, through His Son, the Word made flesh, brought forth the apostolic church. It was commissioned to go out to all nations and preach the gospel of truth in order to bring whosoever desires to be in the family of God into the spiritual house of Israel. It is the same house of which Jacob caught a vision when he saw the ladder to heaven (Jesus) in a dream.

He saw the only way to the kingdom, for no one can go to the Father except through Jesus. Abraham couldn’t go there, Isaac couldn’t go there and Jacob couldn’t go there without the ladder or Jesus (as He revealed to Nathanael in John 1:51). And this understanding was given to Jacob before he was called Israel, in the place where he covenanted with God to make the Lord his God. He named this place Bethel, meaning the house of God.

Eventually, God moved His people further west, after the nation had lost the Land in rebellion to Him, where He ruled over His nation of America, free of the controlling religious ties, which always bring evil with them. God and His Word ruled, once the church was as far west as it could go in separation from the East. The high priests of religion had no place in His government.

The Bible, the truth, which the Dead Sea Scrolls authenticated, was established as the truth of the culture in government, in the educational system and in the court room. All officials were sworn into office on this book because it was deemed to be the truth of God. Not even liars would want to put their hand on the Bible and swear falsely before Him. There is no religious book of its kind.

America was called to be the light to the world of liberty from the lies of religion that hold men captive to the religious empires of man. So Satan got himself busy, from the day the settlers first arrived, to try to bring down America in the same way he used the cultures of the world and their religious idols to bring down Israel.

This very day, the Prime Minister of a re-settled state of Israel has come to America to speak to Congress later this morning. He is here to try to awaken the American people to the fact that they now are also the target of Satan’s deadly, eastern cultures, which live by the sword. No amount of appeasement and treaty signing will change their agenda for carrying out the Islamic doctrine of Jihad, with its resolve to wipe the nations of Israel and America off the face of the map.

Israel did not listen to Isaiah, the prophet; in fact, she killed the prophets called to be the voice of God in the Spirit, sent to warn the people. Will Prime Minister Netanyahu deliver the only message for America that can save her? Will he call the nation to return to God and honor His Son, something, which Israel failed to do when she declared that her people had no king but Caesar?

To this day, the people of Israel do not honor Jesus, nor can they see the prophecy of Isaiah who declared some 700 years before Jesus was born that He would be born of a virgin. There could only be one thing as validating as the prophetic words spoken by the prophets, which point to the coming of Jesus, and that is the resurrection of the Word in its perfection from its tomb in the vicinity of the Dead Sea, all these centuries later.

What is the likelihood of a commander-in-chief who orders the burning of Bibles by the American military, of listening to this man? What is the likelihood of a Congress acting to stop the foolish, foreign strategy of an incompetent president, when they have refused so far to do anything that will stop him?

Like Israel, America is divided into two nations. To the surprise of the Jewish people, the prophet Jesus came to the northern nation of Israel to bring the Word of God. Will He do it again? Will He find a priesthood in the south, which understands that spiritual rebirth in the Spirit of life is necessary before one can enter the kingdom, as He tried to explain to the priest, Nicodemus? Or will He find a woman in the northern state of America, called Canada, like the Samaritan woman at the well, who understood what Jesus was telling her about the changing of the waters?

Upon hearing, she dropped her water jug containing the waters of this world to embrace the water, which Jesus had to offer her and rushed to tell the others about Him. Without understanding the waters, one can have no understanding at all; for Jesus said that one had to be born again of the water and the Spirit before entering the kingdom of God.

This is a momentous day in world history. Prime Minister Netanyahu will try to call America to understanding. Is it possible for the spiritually blind to do so? Prime Minister Netanyahu is like the apostle Paul before he saw the light and before the scales of religion had been removed from his eyes. His potential is enormous, like that of a Paul, but, at this moment in history, the Samaritan woman at the well has the answers for the nation, which he cannot supply. Oh, for ears to hear what the Spirit and the bride could tell the nation!