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Do Liberals ‘Affirm’ or ‘Put-down’?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

March 10, 2015

How do we choose to interact among friends? The key words are in one manner or another – ‘by affirmation’ or ‘by put-down’. The tongue, swift with the put-down, will soon wear thin, but good friends affirm each other by laughing and weeping together when the other is rejoicing or in despair, depending on which the situation may be. There is a choice to be made between being like a soothing spoon, containing a spoonful of medicine, or a cutting knife, which acts like a deadly sword.

Americans should be friends of each other, not of the enemy. Is it possible to call a poisonous snake a friend? How about a self-centered, un-caring mocker, or a sarcastic back-biter; can any of them be called friends? If one has the intention of using all these characteristics to destroy another, then the likelihood is that that person will prove to be a liberal in nature.

Jesus numbered John the Baptist and His apostles among His friends. The priesthood of His day was a different matter. When did the Pharisees ever affirm Him? There was a very weak attempt on the part of one called Nicodemus, but he did so very carefully, in order to not be seen fraternizing with Him.

Lack of affirmation of Jesus by the priesthood eventually led to a downright cry to kill Him – He who had never done anything to harm them or anyone else. Liberalism works like that. It begins by embracing the lies of religion whether secular or otherwise; then it runs from taking responsibility for one’s own mistakes to blaming another.

In the process, there is name-calling, mocking and the blaming of anyone who might offend the liberal or disagree with him/her, to the point of being a threat to liberal objectives. One thing is for sure; as a true child of Adam, the liberal will find someone else to blame. Have we not watched Nancy Pelosi do so time and time again?

The perfect relationship of Adam to Eve in marriage was quickly shattered by the blame game; for Satan had begun his job of bringing mankind to the point of discord by believing lies about God, and then to live as though there were no God. Friendships and relationships are shattered by ‘put-downs’ and the blame game, rather than affirming each other, regardless of one’s own weaknesses. An attitude of strengthening the good in other people was God’s plan in making all things good. It is not false flattery, but rather the chosen road less followed of building on strength in order to overcome weakness.

Let us take a close look at Hillary Clinton, someone who is, perhaps, one of the most liberal women in the world. The pattern of behavior of this woman quite consistently matches the pattern described here. She wants to be as powerful as her husband was and will use any means she can to gain that power, even if it means blaming others for her and her husband’s mistakes. They will do whatever it takes to hide the truth, no matter what the cost is to others. It could be said that it is difficult to attribute personal integrity to this pair, something, which seems to be of no importance to her. A woman like this will set about to achieve her goals no matter what the cost is to others.

First of all, she blatantly lies when the occasion demands it. As Secretary of State, an office very important to the welfare of the American people, it became common practice for her to hide information, which the public had a right to know, and then deal in untruths when she finally released some of her emails, but only the ones she chose to release.

When her husband, as President of the United States, lied while in office about cheating on her, she absolved him of any blame by declaring that it was all just part of a “right-wing conspiracy” against them. She had invented a better way of passing the blame than Adam, when he blamed his wife, Eve. In blaming the opposition, she made the attempt to lift her husband up, from out of the gutter and, together, with him, it could then become the opportunity for a put-down, which refocuses onto the enemy. It would seem that the public has allowed her to transform her and her husband’s sins into just more harassment from that right-wing conservative bunch.

This became the mantra for a doting media, especially for those night-time television show hosts, who like to turn decency into a thing of mockery. As the accused, she began the process of trying to blacken the political, opposition pot while, at the same time, trying to put a shine on her own black pot.

For the simple-minded and uninformed, it might work as long as there is a media, which will conspire to hide the truth with its leftist, political agenda. It is part and parcel of our times, when the antichrist spirit is being released upon the entire world, which finds itself caught in a sea of liberalism, trying to keep its head above water. The world is about to be ruled by the agents of liberalism with its liars and cheats who are bent on robbing it of all that is good.

The process is being put in place for a she-devil dressed in Prada, better known as the mother of harlots, Babylon the Great, using her Emily’s to pull the strings for her all over the world. It is a con job to get the public to buy into the false front presented to it on the politically correct runways of liberalism, with all its falseness concerning politics. The Miranda Priestly of liberalism will play her audience to the hilt by finding her particular target and then going for the jugular.

It is very dangerous company to keep, for if one is not careful, one could cross over to the dark side, without even knowing it has happened. America is in the process of doing exactly that. She is laughing and playing all the way, as she indulges herself while ‘right-wing heroes’ defending liberty are being slaughtered by the religious killers of the East, who are those whom the liberals of the West claim to be the friends of America.

We are taught now to believe that we must not offend this peace-loving, religious group of people. It seems to matter little, or not at all, that they are decapitating and mutilating men, women and children, all treated alike, without any opportunity whatsoever to seek justice and a fair trial. Such does not exist in Islamic countries.

Generally the Right is blamed, with George Bush still being the favorite target, while the killing goes on unimpeded, until the day arrives when this nation will collapse around itself without ever understanding what is happening. We are on the brink of it and it will be interesting to see whether God’s mercy will be extended, or His wrath will fall on mankind. Is it ‘time-up and game-over’, or is there time for one last round of witnesses to the truth?

Watch Hillary and keep your eye on the bouncing, Clinton ball. Will it remain in the Clinton camp linked to that of the lying, Obama, Feds’ camp, or will friction arise between them who have only endured each other at best? With any luck, one will destroy the other with their mouths, full of sharp teeth and tongues, which appear to have been put through pencil sharpeners. Watch out, Obama! A woman scorned may well become your match, knowing you have already squelched her ambitions once.

I would not rule out the frightening possibilities of the role of Michelle Obama in the next couple of years, for she can be every bit as poisonous as Hillary. Throw in a few television, night-time, show hosts into the picture, along with some Hollywood propaganda, and it will be as formidable a bunch of liberal liars, mockers and mind manipulators as this world has ever seen.

Buckle up folks, for it could well be one of the bumpiest, final elections this fair America will ever see. She has chosen the liars, and now we all know what it means to have them in office at this time. If it is liberalism that she wants, then it is liberalism that she will get. But liberalism and liberty have no place together and we have complacently sat back while the liars are stealing our liberties and are doing nothing. Not even that group labeled the Right Wing seems to show any gumption, a group, which has been about as far from right as left can be.

We have a nation of cowards well-groomed by a religious system, which dares to call itself church. It has no idea it is sitting in the eye of a storm, which is going to get much worse before it gets better.