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The Key to Peace – is it Possible Through any Treaty with Iran?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

March 11, 2015

When have treaties made with enemies ever held together in the face of adversity? By the very nature of the two going into an agreement, failure is written into it; there is no place for agreement where there are different belief systems and different moral values. That which one values, the other will not, or there would be no need for a treaty without the presumption of future conflict over potential differences.

A treaty does not change the fact that liars are not beholden to agreements they make by their very nature of their being liars. They do not change their colors, any more than those who live by truth are willing to bow to a lie. Eventually the treaty will become useless, when a crisis surfaces.

When God makes covenant, it is done by lining up the goals to be as one between two separate parties to make a partnering agreement between them, which is binding for both parties, according to the words of the agreement. Israel covenanted with God regarding the Law and relationship of the two parties to each other, man to God, and then, to one another, man to man. With that covenant came blessing or cursing according to whether or not Israel would either keep covenant, or would choose to break it.

God is a God of truth who cannot lie. Man is flesh and could reject the truth at will from the day he was created. However, rejection of God and the Law, after having committed to it, would lead to the curse of defeat and separation from God and His life-giving power for good in our lives. In fact, the curse led to death and the end of life given to man by the breath of God’s Spirit.

The covenant of the marriage bed is between one man and one woman, in the blessing of a potential one-flesh unity, which can result in fruitfulness. God created marriage for mankind, a union in which man is spiritually aligned with Him so that the fruit of the marriage unity results in sons and daughters being born in the Spirit of life, in order to share in a never-ending, spiritual, fruitful marriage of the souls to God.

Truth and faithfulness are the prerequisite for such a melding to produce life, while the religious lies of Satan lead to the curse and death in a different spirit of lies, deception, controls and, ultimately, destruction. War and the sword are Satan’s tools for carrying out the destruction of man, coupled with the worship of those who are not God, but rather, are the idolatrous gods of their lusts. This is why the number one requirement of God in His Ten Commandments clearly states that we shall have no other gods beside Him. He rules alone and supreme in our lives.

The result of this is to say that a nation under God can never make a treaty with other nations. The problem in doing so is one of religion, with the gods and practices of other nations having been put on equal footing with our God, who is a God of truth and never of religion. We are forced into keeping a contract with those under another god, placing that god alongside of our God to break our marriage covenant of the Law. Such a treaty is to suggest the equality of the gods.

Now we can see the absolute insanity of a treaty being forged between America and Iran, or between any nations, which choose to live by the sword, by war and the mutilation of the human body including men, women and children who can be murdered at the whim of government or husband under Islamic law. It is totally incompatible with the western standards of the two nations, the Constitutions of which established God’s Law and His Word as the supreme rule in America.

We could never have any guarantee whatsoever that the Iranians will honor any such agreement. In fact, the premise of their religion is to destroy America and remove her God, to the point that they are instructed by the Koran to kill anyone who might get in their way of doing so. What good could any written agreement have in the face of such an ideology. It could only serve to give them time until they tear it up and laugh in our faces.

Liberalism has been progressing as a disease in this country, which is pushing to reject God, His Word and His truth. Take a close look to see how it is working for us. It is becoming clear that we are in the position today that Israel was in yesterday when she more or less shot at the headship of her Messiah/Teacher/King/Lord and declared that they had chosen Caesar of the Babylonian/Roman system, and not Him, to be king over their land. Israel was refashioning herself to become a harlot, inviting the full-blown curse of death to come down on the nation. It resulted in the expulsion of God’s chosen people from the Land, promised to Abraham’s inheritance.

America, having covenanted with God in her two-country Constitutions, has broken faith like Israel and has moved across the line of a faithful bride into that of a harlot to her spiritual Husband. The day she said “yes” to multiculturalism and to all manner of cultic gods, including Allah, she said “No longer” to God. She would end her marriage agreement spiritually with her Father and Creator.

God’s answer is merely this, which I will paraphrase: “It is and always has been your choice as to whether or not you will be faithful to Me and our constitutional covenant. You cannot do so and make treaties with other nations who worship other gods. You cannot serve truth and the lie at the same time – with one being a life culture and the other, a death culture, which survives by war and the sword.

Until My Son, Jesus, came to save you from the captivity of the religious empires, you lived by the sword to rid this world of evil, not to depend on it in any way, any more than Abraham depended on it as he stood with his offering before Melchizedek. Abraham fought to set the captives free, not to keep them the victims of poor choices, nor to keep the booty offered to him.”

The act of war was used by God, as was the enslavement of Joseph by his brothers, an act intended by them for evil, but used by God for good. God used Satan, himself, and his tactics of war to rid His people and His Promised Land of all evil gods and cults so that she could be victorious as a godly kingdom ruled in truth.

So, how are you enjoying a nation now ruled by liars who make up lies of Political Correctness and call them truth, who prevent our children from growing up in truth to instead become part of the killing ideologies of religion? They want to live by their own man-made laws as rulers not required to stand on truth anymore after having created a dulled-down society, which will accept the political-correctness garbage now, as if it were truth.

The way has been made crooked, not straight, to usher in the antichrist leader of lies and evil idolatry, someone who will be forced upon the entire world. It is what the Bible calls the fullness of the gentile nations and their gods. There will no longer be a nation under God, for a One World Religion will be forced upon all nations by the mother of all harlots, Babylon the Great, the religious mother of the empires.

The only adversary to this fullness will be the truth of a true, apostolic church, which will make her exodus from the religious systems of the one world Babylonian system that began in Rome with Christianity. She will refuse to stand on any other foundation than that of truth. She will need to have enormous understanding as the true church, which was given the keys to the kingdom from Jesus, in order to give her an open door to the kingdom.

She will travel only the straight way and never the crooked road among the liars. She knows that these keys are the secret to the way of victory over the raging seawater. Do you remember, from the movie Titanic, how the seawater roared into the ship engulfing Rose and Jack, nearly preventing their escape? In the turmoil, they had to retrieve the keys from the rising seawater in order to open the gate to freedom.

Jesus says that He is the way, the truth and the life and, as the Good Shepherd, He is the Door of the sheepfold (see John 10:7). He has the power over the seawater, which represents the spirit of the religious empires that come to steal, kill and destroy. For one, the key to kingdom living is the truth of the Word; for the other there is no key, for it was lost when man refused to covenant with God in truth, choosing, instead, to accept Satan’s lies, which cannot prevail against the gates of hell.

Truth is the foundation of the true, apostolic church and she would never share her marriage bed with God by making a treaty with the enemy, which would force her to embrace his lies. The covenant of God with Israel guaranteed that she would be doomed for rejecting it when she declared in the face of Jesus that she had no other king than Caesar.

America can rest assured her future will see her closed in by Islam, every bit as much as Israel is today, for having rejected the God of her Constitutions and His rulership, in order to enter into an agreement with a killer nation like Iran. So be it!