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The Dangerous, Religious Pew

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

March 15, 2015

Do you sit, week after week, in your church pew bucking the devil? Most likely, your answer should be “Yes”, but you probably do not know it. It could well be that your Christian institution of organized religion is one of many across the country, which are actually, or spiritually, taking down the cross in order to become more tolerant and more cultural-friendly with other religions.

‘Tolerant’ and ‘multicultural’ are the descriptive words, which liberalism is trying to inflict on society from cradle to grave. The sadness is that older people who should know better, have become brain dead when it comes to understanding this. Then there is the word ‘bigot’, which is used as the whip to keep those in line who might digress. Also, there is that favorite word ‘racist’, which left the suggestion of color behind long ago to include a multitude of sins coming under the broad term of ‘inclusiveness’.

These are the words enslaving mankind, more than he has ever been enslaved before. Yes, my friend, it is more than likely that your friendly, run-of-the-mill church minister or priest is partner to all of this, and you are sitting in what you think is church, but it is not. It is just another religious system, not unlike that of Judaism, with its religious Pharisees, by whom Jesus was continually challenged in His day.

He made it very clear to them when He said, “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it (John 8:44).”

Don’t think they didn’t preach about God and the Law! They did, but you might note that they did not hold office in accordance with the Law. They were not a Levitical inheritance in those days; they were Roman appointed. Their ties were forged together with the Babylonian empire system of government, just as Christianity was the brain-child of Rome with its Roman-appointed high priest, every bit as much a Roman appointment, which forged the ties between the newly created, religious system and Babylon.

The main difference between Judaism and Christianity is found in the cross. Take away the cross and consider and ponder where Jesus would stand on the issue! Would He likely enter a religious system of so-called churches, or would He look for the cross and upon not finding it, pass by the building and its adherents?

Not only will the cross be missing from the cultural-friendly, religious organization, but very few of the congregants will ever consider the importance of the Bible enough in their once-weekly gathering to bother carrying it along with them to their pews. In fact, if they are fortunate, they might have a preacher who actually prefers to use the Bible from which to teach, but more likely, they will receive a social gospel about works and how to be good people, lest, heaven forbid, they might be considered sinners.

The peace offering of the United Nations sort is far more important to most of these congregants than is the peace, which only Jesus can give – Oops, I lost my head for a moment, for His name is a most exclusive one, and I must not appear to be a bigot, or racist or something like that. After all, Jesus was that unspeakable word “a Jew”. But then, I forgot – we watch the Jews being attacked daily and killed by their Islamic enemies and those in their Christian pews are barely aware that it is going on. They often blame the Jews for Muslim aggression while, in fact, Islam is a religion, which claims that all Jews must be wiped from the face of the map.

We are more concerned with offending ‘those peace-loving Muslims’, the killers, for it is not politically correct to hurt their feelings. Even the military was advised to burn Bibles, while never, under any circumstances, were they to destroy the Koran. Perhaps you can see that there is no sense or logic to such truly negative, unintelligent, bigoted thinking, which calls black, white, and white, black.

Doing whatever makes one feel comfortable is a good thing by which to be governed, with the word ‘feelings’ becoming the buzz word. If we take no stand on right and wrong, then there can be no hurt feelings anymore while the killing and crimes not only continue, but grow. Who are we as Americans to be bigoted and say anything, which might hurt the feelings of those beheading Christians? Take your cue from Obama – he has this offense thing and politically-correct stuff down to a science.

Something happened this past week, which puts this all into perspective. A young eighteen-month-old baby was found strapped into the seat of an overturned automobile, which had plunged into freezing water, after the baby’s mother had driven the car over the edge of a bridge, plunging to her death. The car was not discovered until the next day after the baby had hung there, between life and death, for 14 hours.

When the car was spotted, the police were called and immediately went to the scene, not realizing there was a child hanging upside down in the car. Unknown to this day as to where it came from, a voice was heard by the rescuers to say, “Help me!”

The mother was found dead and, upon further inspection, the child, who was not noticed at first, appeared to be lifeless. After working on her, they began to see a flicker of life. She could not have spoken those words any more than the mother could. She was revived and seems to be fully functioning normally now after what could only be described as an impossible situation, with a miracle that changed everything for the child.

Our world and our children are typified by this disaster. We are driving the car of civilization over the edge and placing our children in this upside-down world where their lives hang by a thread. Unless we take ‘the crap’ out of their lives and out of ours, beginning with religion and secularism, which together add up to liberalism based on lies, and return to the truth, then they will never, ever receive the help for which they cry out and, which they so desperately need from us, the reckless drivers.

We care little or nothing about what we are taking from our children as we sit in those pews disregarding truth. Christianity is as surely strapping our children into Satan’s death grip as are Judaism and Islam doing to their children.

The light began to go out in America when leaders of government like Obama began the assault on the Bible, only to replace it with the slippery, crooked road of Political Correctness, which surely will plunge us into the icy waters, just as it did the Titanic. Wake up, America, and ‘make straight’ the way. You had better get that cross back in place, and do so quickly, for we are at the crossroads of civilization – either going up or going down, with our children hanging in limbo.

“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).” And we are talking here about Babylon the Great, the mother of all who are harlots to our Lord and, at the same time, religious sons and daughters of the devil, as described by Jesus, in His own words.