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Will God Bless an Immoral Society?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

April 12, 2015

The decline of America’s greatness as a nation is directly proportionate to her decline as a moral society. In the same way, it can be said that her greatness has been due to the fact that she was a moral society. The only two nations of the world ruled by God and His moral Law were very ancient Israel and early America.

Neither of them were religious states in the beginning; they were moral societies where God’s rules applied and not those of men. Their constitutions were as covenants with God, based on His Law of the Bible and its truths, with ancient Israel producing the Old Testament. Spiritual Israel, the church, built upon this gateway of the ancient tribes to bring forth the New Testament as the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecies.

“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10).”

At the cross, Jesus provided the crossroads, or the four corners, leading to a New World, a new society and not just a new, moral majority, but rather, a completely white-washed, moral society, where truth will reign in place of religion. In America, one’s word was accepted as being the truth. A written contract was not necessary whenever a handshake had taken place between two contracting parties. It was as solid as gold and as binding as glue.

Was the Christian church responsible for this? Religion is never responsible for the truth, except to the degree to which it is resting on the truth, as found in the Bible. The degree to which religion is attached to state is the degree to which it is separated from the truth of Jesus and moving toward the laws of men with their rulers and gods of this world.

America began in opposition to the rebellion of man to God when man rejected God’s truth for the lies and controls of religion in the Garden of Eden. She was a people seeking freedom from religion and a return to the rule of God and His moral Law, with Jesus being King over the nation, and the Bible being the source for truth among her people, in an attempt to produce a moral society.

De Tocqueville, the great French philosopher who came to America in the early 1800’s to try to discover what it was that made her great, recognized all of this. He saw the importance of church pulpits aflame with the message of sin rather than messages about man’s inherent goodness, which pour from out of the pulpits today and into the comfortable pews. Such are religious lies from the pit of hell.

Unless man understands his need for salvation and redemption, he will never be able to grasp the truth about himself. Only the Bible can deliver that truth, and de Tocqueville saw it as the light dawned before his very eyes. He would have seen the early stages of an educational system in America, which had been established in complete partnership with the moral teachings of Jesus and His Word.

He would have seen a government, which could spend as much time as three hours in prayer to God, and never to any false gods, before beginning the day’s work in the legislature. There was no multicultural trash in the nation. There were no Muslims, for they recognized no such values of truth in their religion. There was no separated plan for native, Indian children to remain uneducated in paganism. They were to be educated in biblical truth like all the other children of the nation.

This did not mean that the religion of Christianity did not have its own problems as a divided religion. The true church has been held captive to the religious system, which came from out of the Roman Empire where it was birthed. America, especially in the United States, was trying to break free of all religious controls, especially those of the Anglican Church of England, which was, and continues to be, a state religion of the Roman Empire. Less than two percent of the population of the early settlers in the United States was Roman Catholic, which should give us cause for alarm to see how much of a foothold Rome has gained in America since her founding.

We are presently witnessing the increase of immorality rising proportionately to the grip Rome is acquiring on the government of the United States. We watch from the sidelines, as the Pope and high priest of Roman Catholicism makes it his agenda to push Christendom towards the coming, totally immoral One World Order with a One World Religion being very much a part of his religious agenda. A new religion is about to be birthed, which will have no room for the Bible in it, yet the Christians will flock to it.

The Dark Ages of history came about by the Catholic Church denying the Bible to the people. It became the sole possession of the priesthood, a very corrupt one at best, which believed it had the right alone to interpret this Book. They considered it to be their right as men of superior intelligence and education. Keeping the masses biblically illiterate has helped to maintain the priesthood’s position of authority and control over the people, which has been ongoing to this day.

It was not the Catholic Church, which saw to the education of its people; they were the men of America, such as clergyman, John Harvard, of Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Methodist pastor, Egerton Ryerson in Canada, who set about to educate the masses, They used the Bible as the foundation for teaching in order to create an informed and moral society.

Jesus was recognized as the Way, the truth and the life and no man could come to the Father except by Him. So, why would a moral society teach otherwise to please those who are part of immoral societies? Thank goodness our Founding Fathers cared more about America than pleasing idol worshipers or religious men of other nations.

But then, somehow, Satan managed to twist the meaning of the Christian religious system to cause it to be confused with the word ‘church’, which led to the interchangeability of the two as if they were one and the same. The true church would no longer be identified as being separate from the religious system.

Americans, along with the rest of the world, believed that biblical truth was a religion, and ‘church’ became the building in which it was housed. So easily, the truth was twisted into a lie, which will be responsible for bringing down the entire foundation of American liberty, with a mantra increasing for the sake of what are perceived to be ‘religious rights’.

They were always the religious who challenged Jesus while He was on earth and they are the religious who will, again today, challenge Him and His Word, which was written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit, which gave life to the living being. It was the spirit of the belief system of the serpent, that spirit of religion, which brought death to man when Satan took religious dominion over him in the Garden.

Take a very close look at Judas. He was one of the twelve whom Jesus would have called His own. He was there for a reason, which was to betray Jesus, the Man of truth and the Cornerstone of the church, by allying himself with the religious, so-called holy men of the priesthood. What happened was a demonstration by him that an alliance with the religious system can be considered tantamount to committing suicide.

One could say the church, itself, walked into an open tomb the day it walked into the trap of Romanism and its pagan baggage, which came with its new high priest, called the Pope. In his new position, he would push Jesus aside as the true High Priest and only inerrant Man who ever lived. And the people would believe the lie about the authority of a Roman-appointed high priest, when they would not believe the truth about the authority of the Man, who was the Word made flesh and birthed of the Spirit of God the Father.

Thank goodness the tomb of Jesus became an empty tomb, which opens the door for His own to also exit from the tomb of religion in victory. America began her existence by separating from the controls of the tomb of religion of the empires. Though queens and kings of this world reigned in Canada, they had no religious affiliation with the nation and her people, nor did the Pope of Rome have control over American governments, although Rome has been trying to regain control, ever since.

Unfortunately, we have been observing the growing revival of the Roman Empire in both nations of America and have become witnesses to the formative stages of the final One World Order of the coming Revived Roman Empire. It will be the last and final empire of the seven, evil empires as described in the book of Daniel. It will be the result of the coming time of the fullness of the Gentiles, based on the sin of rebellion in the Garden. America has been the stronghold, which has been holding it back, in her former rejection of religious rule over the nation.

Now, the growth of religious control is destroying her from within, as she says “No” to the truth of the Bible and “Yes” to every manner of cultic, religious practice of the secular world. She is allowing the religious cults to pour over her open borders, which no longer require her immigrants to swear allegiance to God on His Word, the Bible. This new brand of immigrant knows his/her religious rights, which have surfaced by replacing the moral code of the Law of God with a Charter of Rights. God does not give rights to sin; He gives a moral law and the liberty that comes with living by it. Outside of it, we have no rights at all.

Truth has given way to the lie, with Americans wanting another Caesar to be their god, rather than God Almighty, just as Israel wanted when she fell under the spell of her Roman-appointed, religious high priest who made sure that Jesus was taken to the cross. Without a Judas from within the little band of twelve apostles, the course of history might have been very different. Is the religious church not facing the same problem, with her own Judases firmly ensconced within the religious system? Is the church, today, not unlike Judas of yesterday, playing footsy with the religious authorities? Is the church not like Judas as it remains tied to the religious system of Christianity?

“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).”

There is only one moral society, and Jesus rules over it in truth, but America has spoken and has chosen immorality, along with the lie. Yes, she is moving toward the great Satan and toward unity with the other nations of the world, as she moves toward a United Nations brand of peace, giving up her sovereignty in God to become like the rest of the enslaved and dying world of religiously-controlled nations. Her light is fading and about to go out.

How can she continue to sing, “God Bless America” while saying “No” to God at the same time? She asks for the blessing as she rejects the Giver of all blessings, who only wanted to give good things to His creation from the very beginning. Foolish man refused His offer and is still refusing Him, in order to play the harlot.